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  1. Thank you that is a thought to do pre and or post-cruise Edinburgh Southampton. What would be the most efficient way to investigate which itineraries utilize the interport system? Thank you
  2. What is an easy way to find out which itineraries around the globe have interport itineraries? I've never heard of them before reading this post. For example we are Outlander fans and I am very interested in somehow getting over to Scotland either by a land trip or possibly by Cruise. Not much time is spent in Edinburgh on a cruise. If I could join a cruise Edinburgh to Edinburgh instead of whatever the real in the ebarkation/ Debarkaton Port is that would be ideal.
  3. I think the library is a great suggestion. If you enter through the cabin hallway, the white double doors leading to the library is not readily marked as such so you have to be on the lookout for it. There's also an elevator from the first level of 270 up to the library level that might be useful for him as well.
  4. Whether you have reservations or not my suggestion would be to arrive if possible 45 minutes ahead to get four seats together at a spot of your choosing. Otherwise you will have to be wandering around trying to grab. That was our experience if we were there 30 or 25 minutes before the show.
  5. No, Respect as valued customers is not too much to ask for it all. I see no evidence of that yet.
  6. Wow! Cruisers on successive cruises with same HVAC malfunctions are readily receiving much more generous compensation? I really do hate to say it but sounds like there's a bunch of knuckleheads running the show. Such poor public relations.
  7. Can we not automatically assume that someone is going to try to cheat and grab a lawyer? I was on that ship and I heard the alpha alpha alpha in stateroom 11255, I think, and I prayed for them. I hoped that they were not among those without air conditioning along with an ongoing cardiac or respiratory condition that no air conditioning could exacerbate. I have also seen some comments on CC that it wasn't all that bad to not have air conditioning. We personally had no problems, but I can sympathize with those that did have a problem. You never know when it can change affect your health.
  8. Anthem had fresh squeezed orange juice in the main dining room and Windjammer bar and the solarium pool bar. We loved it!
  9. We have been to St Kitts three times. We have taken Thenford Grey and he gives an awesome Island Tour I highly recommend. We have been to Carambola Beach Club 2 times now the last being this last week. I highly recommend this beach spot as well. Consider reserving ahead to get guarantee of lounge chairs and umbrellas. As others have stated very clean facility with nice restrooms and outdoor fresh water to rinse off. Bucket of beers for a $15 was a nice touch as well! You can find them online to reserve online as well. Just make sure that you are on the Saint Kitts Carambola website. Tell them the time that you want to arrive and they will reserve the umbrellas for 1 hour after then. The taxi tour was only $4 each way very convenient and beautiful ride.
  10. Thank you for the update I'm glad that you're getting something extra from them and I hope it continues to improve. We were on the 9th floor and had no problems with AC in our stateroom but felt bad for everybody else that did.
  11. We fortunately only experienced no AC in some public areas. OUR cabin was 9540 and we never lost AC thank God!
  12. Yes I'm curious as well as to how things are being handled with new set of passengers
  13. Hi, we already changed back to Bayonne time a day or so ago. I've lost track when. We are told 9am arrival.
  14. Bring some foam ear plugs to use when you know there will be noise.
  15. We are due in Bayonne at 9am instead of 7am.
  16. On the Anthem praying for the patient. I believe we are starting to move. 11pm ship time (Bayonne time)
  17. Also praying for a passenger needing a medical evacuation. Anthem in now heading to Bermuda due to arrive by 930pm to evacuate the passenger. Glad they will get the medical attention they need. FYI for those boarding next, this Friday, we are expected 2 hours later due to change in course.
  18. We too are on this sailing. Fortunately for us on deck 10 forward starboard and our traveling companions on deck 6 forward port, we have had AC. We both have balconies. I am sorry to hear about so many passengers and crew without AC. It can ruin an otherwise awesome cruise. This is our 1st time on the Anthem and love it.
  19. So, which # bus did you take to English Harbour? Then how did you get to Nelson's Dockyard from there? Then a random taxi to Shirley Heights? Did you then retain that same taxi driver at Shirley Heights to take you back to ship or beach? THANKS!
  20. Also, is is cost efficient to just get a taxi from pier to Nelson's Dockyard, stroll around and then catch any available taxi to Shirley's Heights, have that taxi wait and go back to ship?
  21. We have been to these areas before years ago, but our travelling partners haven't and we want to enjoy the day with them. We don't want to walk up to Shirley's Heights 😊. We don't think we want to go to a beach afterwards, just the attractions. As I recall, the taxi drivers are regulated, right? We won't get ripped off if just hiring a taxi at the pier, right? What would the cost for 4 ppl be each way/round trip? Also, thinking of Lawrence of Antigua $ price? or Scenic Tours Antigua for $38. Hoping for comparisons of your experiences of each method. Which have you done? We arive 7am and all aboard 4:30pm. I would want to be on board by "3:30" for peace of mind. 😎 Thanks.
  22. We took the public bus #2 to Nelson's Dockyard. I have seen on a much older post that it is bus #17 that goes to Nelson's Dockyard. Do they both travel that way?
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