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  1. Without a doubt you should definitely wear it! Where else would you have the opportunity to get all dressed up? Plus then you can get some nice pictures of you and your husband. Enjoy.
  2. Ya learn something new every day! Great tip.
  3. Oh so you are assigned when you purchase a Bogo? You do not get to choose prior to the cruise?
  4. Beautiful!! So happy for your Blessing. I didn't see the story heading that way! Now I feel invasive asking.:o
  5. Thanks. What makes Fort Lauderdale more convenient? What do you like about Solstice class ships?
  6. May I ask you about your son being a souvenir? I get the idea it's a wonderful story.
  7. The ABC Islands are on my bucket list and we are not necessarily tied down to a particular cruise line, but have cruised on RCL, HAL, Celebrity, Princess and Carnival. Carnival is my least favorite as we are not into flashy decor- we like a more sedate decor. the destination is what's most important on this future cruise! That being said, we are curious what you liked about: Cruise line Itinerary ports included ship you sailed length of cruise ( aware 9+ days) Port sailed from Thanks in advance!:cool:
  8. I have been to all of the islands you mentioned (and liked them all especially St. Lucia) except the ABC Islands which are on my bucket list. After reading your post, I started googling the ABC Islands and found this PDF link to the ABC islands. I haven't read it yet, but it looks like a keeper for information. http://freecruisingguides.com/sites/default/files/abc_islands_2.0_2015.01.31ad.pdf edit- The PDF seems to have a lot of information regarding boating there.
  9. I'm hoping I can convince her not to bother. I don't know where they would even permit her to put it so that it wouldn't be in the way. Thanks for your serious answer!
  10. Yeah I know very bizarre. She is aware that it can be difficult to get a seat in Solarium especially on sea days out of Bayonne on Anthem. She said that she is going to bring her own little beach chair so she know she has a spot. Do they even allow such a thing?:o:confused::eek:
  11. Thank you. Any other good spots on board to sit and gaze out in a super comfy chair with a book?
  12. Sounds heavenly. Some other ships we've been on there have been recliner type chairs that's face out the windows. Any of this type on board on Anthem?
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