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  1. Great review thank you very much. We will be sailing the Anthem on a 12 nigher this upcoming February and are very excited.
  2. So only those who have somewhere on their Royal Caribbean's profile checked that they are willing to have upgrades will be considered? If so how does one go about choosing that option? You will not automatically be upgraded without cost will you? I say that in case somebody really likes the actual cabin that they have booked originally.
  3. Clever you! Curious if they offered the special ingredients or did you request them?
  4. Woohoo! We plan to make the Solarium our hang out spot, so perfect. Thanks. Did you have a favorite?:tropical-drink:
  5. We will be on the 12 night Anthem of the seas in January. I have purchased the refreshment package. Will the bartenders have the ability to use fresh fruit for smoothies and frozen Virgin cocktails? Or is it strictly pre made powdered or fake syrup's?(yn)(yn):tropical-drink: If so, are there only particular locations that would have this availability?
  6. So, there are free speciality coffees? Windjammer is no charge. So now I am confused. My refreshment package offers specialty coffee's. If I can get them free why would anybody want them through a refreshment package?
  7. Harleysville/ Kulpsville here! We have sailed the grandeur and absolutely loved her. We went December 2013 with a great deal the 1st week of December. We now have anthem lined up for this January out of Bayonne. I'm excited for anthem so I think either ship would be good for you.
  8. Which beach do you recommend (of these) that has the best shade or umbrellas?
  9. Refreshment package doesn't include Starbucks and I see this: La Patisserie (Deck 4); a la carte pricing: Set on the main promenade in a bright, open space, this cafe serves genuine Starbucks coffee -- but at a price. A tall latte will set you back $4.50. It also serves divine hot chocolates from $4.50 and a lovely selection of pastries (from $1.95), cupcakes ($2.95), truffles ($1.25), macarons (called "stackarons," $1.25 each) and chocolate bars ($3.75). It's open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. So, is there only Starbucks at La Patisserie? Or, also free specialty coffee?
  10. Yeah, It's a question that I would have thought others were curious about.
  11. Wondering if the Anthem has decaff coffee specialty drinks. Cardiologist wants me off Caffeine, but I cheat and have 1 regular coffee in morning. ;p I'd like to treat myself throughout the day and *pretend* with decaff lattes etc. If so, where on ship? Thanks!
  12. We are just now communicating with them to reserve chairs &umbrellas. reservations@carambolabeachclub.com Here is the reply: Thank you for your interest in Carambola Beach Club. We are delighted you have chosen us as your relaxation spot. We will be open and would love to host you. Please note that beach chairs and umbrellas are available for $10.00USD each, and love seats for $20.00USD; reservations are held for up to one hour after the time indicated on the reservation. Please see our hostess upon your arrival to Carambola. Additionally, we are approximately 10 - 15 minutes away from the main port Port Zante depending on road conditions. Please also feel free to peruse our menus here as rentals do not come with food and beverage selections: http://www.carambolabeachclub.com/lunch-menu/ ; Where there are any challenges with completing a reservation online, please feel free to email us with the details of said reservation, and your authorization to complete same on your behalf; we'd be happy to enter the reservation for you. Thank you once again for choosing Carambola and we look forward to hosting you. Where you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. Warmest Regards, JPL RESSIES LINK: Please feel free to visit http://reservations.carambolabeachclub.com/booking.php to make your reservation for your beach rentals, lunch and dinner.
  13. Hi! I'm going better right now. How have you been? Cruising a lot in retirement?
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