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  1. Corrected tof info on the bus trolley. The rail trolley unfortunately is no longer running: https://sanpedro.com/community-information/san-pedro-downtown-trolley/
  2. Another option in San Pedro is the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. If your husband loves ships and the sea, this would be good for him. It is a short walk from the pier, or you can take the rail trolley: https://www.lamaritimemuseum.org/
  3. What do you want to shop for? Old Town Trolley Tours has been around for a long time. They have 10 stops and the complete route takes about 2.5-3 hours, without getting off. Good way to see some sights, although it is not cheap. Would be best if you had a whole day to devote to this; risky taking this and hoping to get back to the ship on time the same day. https://www.trolleytours.com/san-diego
  4. Add the Farmer's Table to that list. Great breakfasts.
  5. Still don't understand how you are claiming that this makes any difference when going through Immigration.
  6. Check out "vacations to go" and check on the little icon at the top of the list of cruises you are considering for "Single supplement". It will show you the %. While it is usually 75-100%, sometimes you will find deals. I booked a Panama Canal trip that way on HAL and got "only" a 30% single supplement for the 15 day cruise. Also check out river cruises. Lots of single supplement deals on Vantage, AMA, Gate1, etc. (not much on Viking).
  7. I travel a lot by both cruises and flying, and never once have I been asked this question.
  8. Yes, but those are singles/hook-up focused cruises. Not what I am interested in. VTG also lists lower single supplement cruises. There are rarely any 0% though. One of the reasons I have lately been doing river cruises, where you can find both single cabins and no single supplement rates if booked far enough in advance.
  9. Certainly. Not discounting this. But adults considering a Disney cruise just because they offer more accessible tours should know what they are signing up for!
  10. Well, as a phone Ludite (I only have a flip phone, no smart phone), I don't/can't use Uber/Lyft. Perhaps this person is in the same situation. She asked about a shuttle (Supershuttle and Primetime are the best in LA), not to be preached at about shared ride car services. To the OP, you can make a reservation and pre-pay for your shuttle with Supershuttle on-line, and there will be tons of Supershuttle vans available. A dispatcher is on the curb to assist you to get on one going to LAX.
  11. Did you check into getting your rental car at Long Beach Airport? Torrance is in the opposite direction from San Pedro than Orange, and the airport is closer, and right on the 405 freeway. Shared shuttle there runs about $15/person.
  12. I personally would much prefer to eat dinner ashore than on the ship. Lots of great restaurants, with cheaper but better quality wines, in the nearby Little Italy area. Walking distance.
  13. It has indeed been my experience that many foreign nationals don't heed the announcements and instructions to report to CBP onboard. Have been delayed numerous times in disembarkation in SD due to this. I have had several cruises where I was unable to get off the ship before 9:30, which would make it impossible to get a 10:30 flight. Not sure what difference it makes that the cruise is a "round trip" (only if you are going back-to-back) from Florida. Because it has foreign port stops, you have to go through CBP upon disembarkation. This is true of any ship/cruise disembarking at any USA port.
  14. Same port; two piers, side by side. From the airport, about 2 miles.
  15. Disney is an expensive line, and frankly, I don't want to go on a cruise that caters to families with a lot of rug rats running around. Wish the other cruise lines would do the same though.
  16. I believe the LAX-Bergen direct flights are in the late spring and summer only. Sorry.
  17. I took a few excursions...the "Breakfast at the Nordkapp" was a good one, and I absolutely loved the "Sea Eagle Safari". Many people like the midnight concert in Tromso...I did not take it myself. In Tromso you can walk or take a public bus to the Arctic Chapel, and the excellent Polar Exploration Museum is a short walk from the ship. If you are a good walker, you can also walk to the cathedral in Trondheim, although I did take the tour which included the musical instrument museum (I really enjoyed that). Many places, like Alesund, I just walked around on my own.
  18. Hurtigruten is not for you if you need to be entertained all the time. For me, it was heavenly, as I am not generally a big fan of big cruise ships with shows, bingo, art auctions, etc. For me, the entertainment was meeting people, and sitting in the observation lounge or out on the deck watching the gorgeous scenery. I also got a kick out of watching the efficient shore-side workers at those 15 minute stops. I traveled in May, and we only had 2-3 hours of dark. Most of the few educational programs, films or lectures offered were not in the evening; they were in the late afternoon. TV was poor. I did a lot of reading in the evenings that I wasn't in the observation lounge, and also worked on-and-off on a jigsaw puzzle in the library. Dinner was usually a leisurely event, and I was fortunate to be at tables with interesting people. I was never bored.
  19. I was a little too warm inside with bulky sweaters and thermals. Better to wear turtlenecks that you can then layer over with a sweater for shore trips, and I took my fleece lined raincoat with me to sit in the observation lounge so I could put that on easily to run outside and take photos.
  20. Just keep in mind that the ocean temperature in San Diego in December will be in the 50-55F range. I don't swim much after October! There are some great beaches for the kids to play in the sand and for everyone to walk...I would recommend either Coronado Beach just north of the Hotel del Coronado, Mission Beach, or La Jolla Shores to Torrey Pines State Beach. Daytime air temperatures that time of year also range in the 50s to low 60sF. Whale watching will be in full swing in late December, and there are many different companies (often with Groupon tickets) that offer half day trips, which might interest the kids. Gray whale sightings are common, as are a lot of dolphin. The San Diego Zoo is wonderful for kids any time of the year, as is the SD Zoo Safari Park (but the latter is 40 miles north of downtown, so you would need a car to get there). Of course there is also Legoland in Carlsbad, again about 30 miles north of downtown.
  21. I wouldn't risk it. San Diego port is notorious for long delays in disembarkation, often due to foreign nationals not following directions for clearing US Immigration on-board the ship. No one can get off until all of these passengers have cleared. It is common to not be able to get off until after 9 or even 10AM. In addition, TSA in San Diego is not very efficient, with not enough stations for all the passengers, so you may have to wait in line for 30 minutes or longer. I wouldn't book a flight before noon.
  22. If her scooter comes apart and can be loaded in a car trunk, just take a cab to Chankanaab Park. The locker rooms there are wheelchair accessible, so you can change into your suit there, and if she is unable to get down to the water (it requires walking over some rocks), the botanical garden behind the beach area has a paved level path. She would be safe doing this on her own while others in the party are swimming, if she desires.
  23. While my Norwegian Air flight from LAX was on-time, it was late leaving for my return trip. Due to the limited number of flights from LAX to Bergen, I chose to fly into Oslo, stay overnight there, then take the beautiful train ride from Oslo to Bergen and spent two nights there. Returning from my cruise, I also took the train back to Oslo, taking the spur from Myrdal to Flam and back, then onto Oslo. It made a long day, but it was wonderful. I stayed 3 more days in Oslo before flying back to LAX.
  24. Your title says you are cruising out of Long Beach, but your text says LA. The Port of Los Angeles (San Pedro) is different than the Port of Long Beach; they are about 10 miles apart. What cruise line are you on? Carnival goes out of Long Beach, while most other cruise lines go out of San Pedro. Be sure you are looking at the right port.
  25. Traffic across the bridge can be an issue if there is a big Navy ship (like an aircraft carrier) departing or arriving at North Island that day. If that is the case, take the passenger ferry instead of a ride-share.
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