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  1. If he is tech confident like you say, a useful app can be a 'park your car' where you set it when you get of at the drop off point as if you had parked your car there, then when you want to return, it gives you directions to your 'car'.
  2. I have used this company before, https://www.romeinlimo.com/rome-civitavecchia/ They guarantee getting you back to the ship, and I believe they do shared tours where you can join a tour with other people to keep costs down.
  3. Yes, on sale at select bars and the duty free shop if it is open, but purchasers must be or legal age.
  4. Liking food and wine, the money you save over the cost of a Celebrity cruise, you could eat in the select dining areas every evening. I am a little older than you, but I enjoy P&O, the ships arn't full of people who have escaped from the nursing home, well not the larger ones anyway šŸ˜‰ . Does not have the flashiness of some lines, but I like it.
  5. Slippers are added too, are these not included once you get to a certain level anyway?
  6. I see it is Ā£140 at the moment, how much was it before they included the robes?
  7. Yes you can spend it in the bar, no, loyalty discount is not taken off.
  8. Dont know if it still is, but The Poseidon Adventure was one of the films you could watch on your in-cabin TV on P&O.
  9. Pah! I knew it, and I have 2 cruises booked on her...Never mind, sure I will get over it. Someone should invent something like those shower hoses that used to fit over taps, but to fit over a fixed shower head. Any budding inventors out there?
  10. Shower curtains are bad, but what I find worse is the fixed showers. I much prefer a removable shower head. Cant remember if it is Ventura or Azura with the fixed shower heads. (Ventura I think)
  11. Thats always the problem. I like a formal night, but love the Indian buffet more, yet my companion likes the restaurant on formal night. Edit: They should put a couple of decent unusual curries (ie not tikka chicken masala) on the menu if the formal night is on Indian night.
  12. I understand the tipping to supplement income, but surely tipping bad service just encourages it. Good or even mediocre, fair enough, but bad?
  13. A post a few pages back confused me. A poster said .....Iā€™m accustomed to tips being increased/decreased (within reason) based on service. My restaurant norm is 20%. Terrible service will get 10-15% (10% is for dreadful); outstanding service is above 20%. So in America, would you still tip if you got terrible service?
  14. No problem with people taking their shoes off, just dont put them on the seats.
  15. Someone north of the border may be able to confirm, but the start of the Scottish school holidays is either that week, or the week after.
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