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  1. Can I ask how you watched it in the UK please, or were you using a VPN? I had a hunt but could not find it in the usual suspects.
  2. This is torture. I would love to book up, but not having had my jab yet, I wont be able to travel. 😞
  3. Looks like there is a big aircraft carrier there helping get that stuck ship out now.www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:169049/mmsi:225357000/imo:0/vessel:CAMPECHANO_I_L61www.vesselfinder.com/?imo=9811000 Edit: To be fair, I dont know what its doing, as looking on marinetraffic, it looks like it is sailing straight through it. Edit2: And the Spanish Navy ship has now vanished from the screen.
  4. You will know better than me, but I thought I saw the Welsh minister on the news the other day saying the English were welcome in Wales once the English were allowed to travel. So sorry to hear about Charlie, I can definitely sympathise with that. I had to bury my best friend and have my beloved dog put to sleep all on the same day when the first lockdown had just started. That was a year and 3 days ago 😞
  5. I did a short cruise about 5 years ago going to Brugge and Amsterdam. Woke up one morning and it was blazing sunshine, warm enough to sunbath. I can only presume the ship must have been going in the same direction and speed as the wind. This was in the North Sea in February!
  6. BREAKING NEWS : Yorkshire holds it breath as main shipping route of pork pies is blocked !!Fred Slathwaite , Captain of the vessel, said “ One minute we were fine , then a gust of wind caught us !!”“Yorkshire is expected to loose as much as £3.45 a day until the carnage can be cleared , which could potentially take weeks to clear “ a spokesman said .
  7. But if lifted to a hospital in France would your travel insurance not consider that a holiday outside of the UK, so the larger amount kicks in? 😉
  8. EEK!!! I bet that catches lots out.
  9. I would love to book, but since I dont know when I will be able to have the jab, I cant. 😞
  10. Get Going have just said they no longer cover over 70's for cruises.
  11. Fred has a 5 night Scotland from Liverpool, £899 departing late August.
  12. Badger, knew I should not have ordered it at the same time as my cruise booking.
  13. Has anyone on here used this that is in the older age brackets with health issues? I am thinking it could be a cheaper option for a relative of mine. 80+ with pacemaker and a previous heart issue.
  14. Thanks, thats what I gathered, so I best just not say anything, as they have me at Ruby with what is on there. Who am I to complain.
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