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  1. I also was on this cruise, and the staff were all excellent. Good in the main dining room was good, only issue I had all trip was what everyone seems to mention, the drinks service. All in all an excellent 4 nights.
  2. You may have got mixed up with someone speaking about the experience in the UK, as we all have to get a lateral flow test before boarding and also be double jabbed.
  3. I am in the same 'boat' so to speak. My advice is to just give up, and let them sort it at the port/on board. Thats what I intend to do.
  4. No luck, has not worked, but worth a try thanks. Only the 3 showing on their phone logging in as them.
  5. They dont have a log in, so just used the booking number to log them in on their phone. I will set up an account for them now and try that thanks. As AF said, Im not going to stress, I will just head to the dock, and it can then become someone elses problem 🙂
  6. Well I set sail in 5 days. Have again just switched phone on/off, deleted, waited, reinstalled the app, switched off on, everything apart from a sun dance…….. and still no where to put my passport details. Iphone 11 (or 12, not sure) and latest ios. (Also tried it on an iphone8, same on there too.)
  7. Reminds me of a funny incident in my local many years ago. There was a bloke in and was a little worse for the beer, shouting about how loaded he was and the like, how he was the richest bloke in the bar...One of the regulars, dressed like a 'scruff' as usual walked past, and under his breath, but just loud enough to hear said, 'no, I think you will find thats me'. At the time, he was rated by the press as 'The most eligible bachelor in the UK', Lord 'X' I will call him. Very down to earth, perhaps even a little tight some might say when it came to rounds 😉
  8. I dont know if you have managed yet, but I have just called them on their normal number (0344 338 8663) and got through in lass than a minute and a half. Might be a good time to ring.
  9. I have never had a problem getting through to Princess, which makes a refreshing change to P&O. I called them just last week and only had a few mins to wait. Not sure if this is the number you used, but try 03443388661.
  10. Guess you could always wait in the corridor.
  11. Cant edit it. So just to clarify. If you upgrade shore-side, they charge you the rate it was when you originally booked. I was hoping it would be possible to upgrade once on board at a cheaper rate. (Which is what the original question was/still is)
  12. Sorry if there is miss understanding. I meant if you call to upgrade before you board you are charged the price it was when you originally booked. It is the same for P&O and Cunard in the UK. I agree, onboard, they possibly would not have that data.
  13. I have the Plus fare, but am able to see the spirits.
  14. I dont know if it works differently, but in the UK, if you want to upgrade your cabin, they charge you the price it was when you booked, not the current price. I want to upgrade my cabin, but wondering, is it possible to do once onboard at all? Many thanks.
  15. I called them last week to ask, as have a Princess booked in a few weeks, and fancied another, but it was a definite no 😞
  16. Taken from another site...When arriving they just asked if pre paid or not. They have mobile card machine. The car park is the same for everyone whether pre booked or not. It's a separate compound just for the marella cruises. £12 per day. I believe you can also pay to part at the premier inn that is a couple of mins walk away, and believe it is a lot cheaper.
  17. Thats shocking. I presume you didn't get anywhere today with them?
  18. Thanks guys, oh well, it was only a few £ wasted.
  19. I believe they are, but I would not think they will be cheap as an extra 20% will be added to prices with it being a UK cruise. (My understanding anyway).
  20. I have been looking to see if anyone made phone cases that hold them, but could not find any, so have just bought an Airtag adhesive mount. If I have to carry my smart phone with me all the time, I may as well just attach my medallion to that.
  21. Not my post, so credit must go to Joanne Monk. Just to give people an idea of what to expect tomorrow. The road entrance was manned and they ask your port arrival time. If you are early, you are sent away so be prepared to sit nearby. Once your time comes, you are directed into a separate Marellla car/ compound. If parking, you park up, if on foot you walk in. Your name/reference is checked off a list on entry. Luggage area, they ask if you want to leave or keep luggage. You get a covid questionnaire. Into testing, it's a longish process depending on how many in your batch/ time slot but totally understandable given the situation . You show 4 things. Vaccine proof, passport, insurance and hand in completed covid questionnaire. You are allocated a number and colour sticker and sent for test. Once all results are available, your 'group' are directed to a bus and shuttled to the check in area. This is not the terminal building but close by. Our whole process from 1hr 20 to board but I know some took over 2 hrs.I would say don't feel you have to rush to be on your exact PAT, if it's 1pm, you can arrive at port road at 1.15 and not feel you have missed out on being on time as you will be queuing together anyway if that makes sense.
  22. From what I have read, people who were meant to turn up at 3 turned up early, and were turned away. But when they returned, 4pm check in guests were let in before them. It was taking about 60-80 mins to get through everything, but that was the first one, so hopefully it will fun smoother this time.
  23. Might be worth sending them a direct message on the book of faces, I have heard of people getting replies from there. They are probably just trying to work out your upgrade 😉
  24. I printed mine off using the link I posted above. I dont think they have communicated this that well to people.
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