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  1. Has anyone found any marmalade in the buffet? We keep looking but never see it.
  2. One problem with using Hull is the main road into the town and docks. Our son lives near there and it is obvious when a large ferry has docked as the roads are a nightmare. There would have to be major road building to make it viable.
  3. A few years ago we paid a deposit for a pando cruise. A little later I was asked to go on a drug trial, during which I could not get any travel insurance. We had to cancel and lost the deposit. At no time were we asked to pay for the whole cruise. The news story doesn't make sense in our experience.
  4. We enjoyed the show on Aurora last year. Unfortunately the young narrator obviously had no idea who it was about or what she was reading out.
  5. We did the P and O trip to Pisa/Florence in a van with three other wheelchairs. We all got out in Pisa, looked around, had loo break then all got back in and drove to Florence. By the time we got there and went through the same rigmarole, including a long walk into the centre and a bite to eat, we had about 2 and a half hours there before we had to retrace our steps back to the van. We found this to be very expensive for very little reward. However the tour guides were very nice. Luckily we had been to Florence some years before.
  6. Are you talking about the accessible tours where you stay in your wheelchair the whole time, or tours accessible enough for someone who can climb the steps into the bus and stow their wheelchair?
  7. Keeping receipts to check doesn't always work. We weren't offered receipts on Ventura as the serving staff had Pads.
  8. The art classes themselves are free. If you know they are likely to be on, you can take your own stuff. Otherwise you buy paper and a small box of watercolours.
  9. We have just been charged an extra £4.07 since leaving Ventura. After questioning this we were told exactly the same ' a turn around error'. This is the second time this has happened.
  10. If there are 6 sea days they put on an art class.
  11. Yes Silversurf1, we did get on the accessible Golden Circle and Belfast/Titanic trips. Both enjoyable.
  12. Everyone we talked to who did the Golden Circle like us, really enjoyed it. Mind you the weather was good.
  13. We really enjoyed this cruise. It was nice to bump into Silversurf albeit briefly. The weather was unexpectedly good and the sea was like a mill pond, bearing in mind we travelled over the North Sea, North Atlantic and the Irish Sea. Iceland is quite remarkable and the Faroes unexpectedly beautiful. The only downside about the ship for us was the incessant loud background music everywhere. There was no escape to read, have a quiet drink or chat apart from our balcony when the sun was out. Despite that, a great holiday.
  14. We sail on Sunday. Really looking forward to it. If anyone sees me tootling around on my little blue scooter, give me a wave.
  15. Thank you. We have not eaten there before.
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