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  1. Its hard to predict how this will pan out. I would likely stay onboard if we are required to do only ship excursions.
  2. I have and liked it. Nice property with a great pool, nice bar and a lobby restaurant (just okay) plus nice rooms.
  3. If anyone is interested and it saves any $$ feel free to use our group info to book at Radisson Resort at the Port Rate is $149 for Friday 10/8. (If you are planning to arrive Thursday the rate is $129 for 10/7.) (This rate is for King or Double Queen rooms which include complimentary Wi-Fi and shuttle to and from the ship for up to 4 guests per room. It will also include complimentary parking during the cruise if you need it. You also would have the option of upgrading to the two room, two queen suites for $20 more per night. 12% tax is added.) You can use this link https
  4. Our group will be staying at the Radisson Resort st the Port.
  5. Susan, welcome! There is a good-sized group of Navy vets booked on this sailing...RTC Orlando grads. You might run into some shipmates!
  6. I was planning on waiting until after final payment. Not sure how best to get in touch..thought there was a place on his social media page but now don’t know if that’s really optimal.
  7. I definitely plan to do that..just waiting until it’s closer to the sail date. 😉
  8. So you are actually one of us!!! If you haven’t already checked us out on our face page rtcor.ch2v dot com is the reunion website.
  9. Where did you go to boot camp??? This vet group is RTC Orlando Reunion (we have pages on most popular social media and a web page.). Our membership ranges from late 1960’s to Mid 90’s when the base closed. The years you served are well represented....You might run into old shipmates, or make some new friends!
  10. Welcome to the very quiet (so far) board! I’m part of a good size group (50+ cabins) of Navy Veterans previously booked on Elation Oct 2020 but now rescheduled on this sailing. This will be my first Carnival cruise, and for many in our group their fist ever cruise.
  11. It’s been challenging to get adjusted to doing things differently and I think participation has suffered a bit. But, I use my iPhone and iPad and learning to work with it. Good luck!
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