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  1. Howdy y'all, We're considering a cruise out of Galveston next summer as part of our vacation time. We'd like to incorporate the cruise into a land vacation where we'd be pulling our 20' travel trailer. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with port parking that allows trailers in Galveston?
  2. Sailing on Adventure of the Seas in a week. Am I able to prepay our tips online?
  3. We're taking two of our daughters' friends on our cruise vacation next week. Adventure of the Seas, March 15th. Each friend is bringing spending money. Some will be flagged for buying souvenirs at each port of call. They'd also like to be able to spend some money on board the ship at Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, etc. My question is can the two girls deposit their on board spending money and draw against it using their sea pass cards? Or is all money lumped together per cabin and drawn down equally?
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