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  1. We did this last summer. We stayed at the Marriott in Hollywood Beach and took an Uber to the POM the morning of our cruise.
  2. We were there in July and did not make advance reservations for the solarium bistro. We walked up and they were able to seat 3 of us no problem. My husband ordered off of the menu, and it was a small up charge.
  3. We had almost the same issue in July. We took an Uber to FLL and spent the day at a resort on the beach. We had lunch there and used the pool. I purchased the resort for a day passes from the cruise ship. We then took an Uber to the airport.
  4. Is this the same Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach?
  5. We had the same issue in July. We ended up staying at the Marriott in Hollywood beach and took an Uber to the POM! I would definitely recommend this!
  6. I actually forgot his name! Was Simeon the opener?
  7. It’s probably the same show and we enjoyed the opening comedian much better than the main act!
  8. We also had a 530 my time and found it to be much too early! We ended up usually eating around 6:00, which was perfect for getting to the shows at 8!
  9. I didn’t write a review. This was our first time on this class and first time taking our 2 teenage boys. We had ocean balcony cabins next to each other on deck 7. I don’t usually take the elevators, so it was convenient for the dining room, but a hike for the buffet and the pools! We really liked the shows and the variety of food options that were included. The pools were very crowded, so if you want chairs together you need to get down there very early!
  10. We just sailed on the Symphony in July. I’d be happy to answer any questions!
  11. We had a 5:15 flight out of FLL. We Ubered from the port to The Atlantic Hotel, and spent the day there.
  12. I was just surprised they didn’t have more of the umbrellas!!
  13. We cruised on the Symphony in July and I felt it was very crowded at all of the pools on the sea days. I wish the beach pool had more umbrellas. All three of the umbrellas were pretty much taken by 8:30 every morning!!
  14. We this in July and it was very crazy and hectic waiting for an Uber at the POM to FLL. It was also expensive, $102 for an UberXL!
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