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  1. Looks like Millie will be doing the winter Caribbean cruises from PR in 2023.
  2. I posted a link above from an article that states what I originally posted. It says that passengers will be allowed to disembark on their own in addition to Celebrity offered excursions.
  3. I KNEW I read it somewhere! This article states that passengers can explore on their own, but that Celebrity will also offer sponsored excursions! Celebrity will cruise this summer from St. Maarten for vaccinated guests: Travel Weekly
  4. Was surprised to read that you will be allowed off the ship to do as you please, not tied into a cruise line only sponsored excursion! This is great news going forward! We're all vaxed and hopefully looking forward to our Reflection cruise in Jan! *UPDATE* I know I read the above in the first release, I think they may have changed it since I first saw it. I c&p this from the article, so my above info is probably wrong Celebrity will offer a range of curated tours for all interests and price points at every port of call. Private Journeys and Small Group Discover
  5. The “hot tubs” on the balconies of the higher end suites are not really a hot tub. They are oversized jetted bathtubs that are suitable for one person to fit comfortably.
  6. So with this new “all inclusive” has anyone heard if the higher end suites still keep the other amenities like stocked mini bar, 2 bottles of liquor for the suite and unlimited speciality dining?
  7. We enjoyed the Hyatt Place 17th St also. It is within walking distance to a big shopping center with a Publix and several restaurants that were great for breakfast, an Outback located just up the street and a lovely Italian restaurant right next door (name escapes me right now) Rooms were very comfortable and clean and the hotel had a nice little pool area.
  8. Can’t even get Celebrity to put a ship in Bayonne for winter cruises to the Caribbean! (I’d be on it every year!) I doubt they would commission a ship for a world cruise!
  9. Hope all have full recoveries! https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/07/articles/disease/covid-19-crew-member-infections-confirmed-on-hurtigruten-cruise-ship/
  10. Included in Royal Suites or higher are two bottles of liquor plus mixers. You can tell the shoreside concierge your choices and they should be in your suite when you arrive. As far as the mini fridge, it is beer, soda and water, which you can also request your preferences. These items are replenished by your butler as you use them.
  11. We have sailed in the PH several times with the pianos, IMHO, a huge waste of space. For us, they are where we keep our sunglasses and I line up what we need to put in my purse/ hubbys pockets when we are heading out for dinner and our evening!
  12. All of our cruises on Celebrity have been in Royal Suites and the Penthouses and I have never made a “ list” to give our butlers. We don’t really request much to be done for us. I do let the shoreside concierge know our preferences ahead of times for certain things (water, beer, soda stocked which is an upper tier suite perk) and the butler has always made sure it’s restocked without asking. He automatically brings room service, but we usually only do one breakfast en suite and have all other meals out. We usually host a cocktail party if we are sailing with family and friends at some
  13. So glad Dominick was able to see how much people appreciate what a wonderful person he is and how much he has enhanced many of our cruising experiences! Thank you for sharing all of our comments and pictures with him! Now I'm off to check out sailings on the Silhouette, hoping to snag something for 2021!
  14. Jeans are acceptable in any of the dining rooms. My husband and son wear them to dinner in Luminae several evenings during our cruises with either a button down or polo shirt.
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