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  1. Can’t even get Celebrity to put a ship in Bayonne for winter cruises to the Caribbean! (I’d be on it every year!) I doubt they would commission a ship for a world cruise!
  2. Hope all have full recoveries! https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/07/articles/disease/covid-19-crew-member-infections-confirmed-on-hurtigruten-cruise-ship/
  3. Included in Royal Suites or higher are two bottles of liquor plus mixers. You can tell the shoreside concierge your choices and they should be in your suite when you arrive. As far as the mini fridge, it is beer, soda and water, which you can also request your preferences. These items are replenished by your butler as you use them.
  4. We have sailed in the PH several times with the pianos, IMHO, a huge waste of space. For us, they are where we keep our sunglasses and I line up what we need to put in my purse/ hubbys pockets when we are heading out for dinner and our evening!
  5. All of our cruises on Celebrity have been in Royal Suites and the Penthouses and I have never made a “ list” to give our butlers. We don’t really request much to be done for us. I do let the shoreside concierge know our preferences ahead of times for certain things (water, beer, soda stocked which is an upper tier suite perk) and the butler has always made sure it’s restocked without asking. He automatically brings room service, but we usually only do one breakfast en suite and have all other meals out. We usually host a cocktail party if we are sailing with family and friends at some pt, they handle that. On a few occasions we have sent out some pressing, he’ll handle that for you as well. Only other thing we ask for on day one is that he leave us an afternoon snack each day and tell him some of the things we enjoy ( my favorite is the chicken salad on mini rolls) He can make speciality dining reservations for you, but most times we just ask the Michaels Club concierge. They work very hard, and I know they are available till around 8-9 pm in the evening, but I have never bothered any of our butlers once they deliver our snacks around 4ish.
  6. So glad Dominick was able to see how much people appreciate what a wonderful person he is and how much he has enhanced many of our cruising experiences! Thank you for sharing all of our comments and pictures with him! Now I'm off to check out sailings on the Silhouette, hoping to snag something for 2021!
  7. Jeans are acceptable in any of the dining rooms. My husband and son wear them to dinner in Luminae several evenings during our cruises with either a button down or polo shirt.
  8. OP asked these same exact questions over a year ago, nothing has changed when the questions were first answered.
  9. How wonderful is Dominick!? We sailed with him this past March on the Silhouette on a 12 nighter and as soon as we entered Luminae for lunch when we boarded he came running over to say hello and tell us he remembered us from a Summit cruise! Whenever we dined there we requested him and couldn’t have had better service! We have a special needs adult son and Dominick treated him so wonderfully, always making sure he had everything he wanted and was happy with everything he ordered. He got a kick out of calling my son “my king” because it made my son feel so special. By the end of our cruise, they were FB friends and still to this day keep in touch! He is one of the kindest, sweetest and most compassionate crew member we have ever met! Hope to see him again in the future!
  10. We cruised from FLL back in March and I did the same exact thing, booked the early flight because the next non-stop wasn’t until hours later. Quickly regretted it as all I did was fret over if we would make the flight and I didn’t want that stress the last few days of our vacation. We were on Southwest so changing was simple. I checked out flights from West Palm Beach and was able to switch to a 2pm non stop back home. It’s less then an hours drive to WP and being a smaller airport so much more convienent. We hired a car service to pick us up at the cruise port and it was well worth it! If this is an option that might work for you, I would definitely check it out. Also would look into flights from Miami. I know I would rather spend a few extra bucks to have peace of mind knowing that I won’t miss my flight home and also not have it take me hours to get home with stop-overs for a 3 hr non stop trip.
  11. First off, If you have read the endless threads on dress codes, many people say that Celebrity’s relaxed dress code is a welcome change with one of the many reasons being the cost and restrictions of luggage. Since we usually sail in the PH, the cost to fly is irrelevant to us, but it sure is nice not to have to take an extra suitcase or two just for formalwear. To assume that I “don’t want to dress for dinner” is ridiculous! My family and I dress very well for dinner, without the need for jackets and formalwear.
  12. We have dined in Luminae on our last 4 cruises and very rarely saw men in jackets. A few did wear them on evening chic nights, but they are not required and I did not pack any for my husband and son. With luggage weight restrictions and baggage charges when flying it is a win-win to not have to bring along any type of extra formal wear. The above comment that many men choose to wear them certainly was not the case on any of my cruises.
  13. Dined in Luminae on the Summit, which is a M-class ship and also on the Silhouette, which is a S-class ship and was always given the MDR menu when I was seated. Great options to be able to use both menus.
  14. Quite an assumption by you! My son was trained by 18 mos old as were both of my sisters children.
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