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  1. These are great cabins. Just a FYI that the second bathroom does not have a toilet. I would have preferred it have a sink and toilet instead of a sink and junior tub.
  2. D4


    We've been platinum for many years. Our cabin has not been ready when we've boarded on at least 2 cruises during the last couple years. I think the steward's list is not always accurate, they might have a lot of platinum/FTTF cabins, lots of the prior guests may have stayed in their cabins later, etc.
  3. D4

    Have to cancel... airfare is a nightmare!!

    Do you really want to cruise with all the Spring Breakers? We avoid that chaos. We only cruise during Spring Break season on cruises that are at least 10 nights.
  4. We love B2Bs, but we only receive the shareholder credit for each separate booking number.
  5. D4

    hypnotist on the Breeze

    We were on the Breeze in May. The hypnotist announced as the show was ending that he would sell his CDs for various issues at the back of the theater after the show and take orders for the DVD of the show.
  6. We had an ocean suite on the Glory in that location and hated it because of the loud music until late at night from the atrium. We were on the Breeze for 2 weeks thus year, but I don't remember if their atrium is similar. We always book near the aft elevators (except for that suite on the Glory.)
  7. You mentioned a GS and an Ocean suite. I'm not impressed with ocean suites (we've had one), but I think a grand suite would be awesome. so if it were me, I'd get 2 balcony cabins or a grand suite.
  8. D4

    Surrendering Passport

    We are USA citizens. We sometimes have to surrender our passports on Mediterranean cruises. In those situations, they've kept our passports when we checkin at the port. (Room stewards haven't been involved.). Near the end of the cruise, we are assigned a time and place to pick them up.
  9. I'll offer different things to consider related to trip insurance. Read the cancellation section of your travel insurance policy carefully. (I don't mean the summary of coverages; you need the pages with all the terms and conditions.). Does your policy cover you for pre-existing conditions? If it doesn't and you cancel, they will scrutinize your health records to see if there was a pre-existing condition. Does your policy have the cancel for any reason coverage? If you cancel for a medical reason, you will need a doctor to say you cannot go and be willing to attest to that on your claim forms. If your doctor says you can cruise but you decide you'd rather wait to cruise until you feel more recovered, then the cancellation won't be covered UNLESS your doctor will sign the forms saying he told you not to travel OR if you have the cancel for any reason coverage (which usually doesn't reimburse 100%.) Also, if you're canceling for a medical condition, your policy probably requires you to cancel as soon as you are aware of the need to cancel. For example, assume your recovery isn't going well a couple weeks after the surgery and your doctor says you can't go on the cruise. But you hope you'll improve and decide to wait until closer to the cruise to make a decision. Then you end up not improving enough and finally cancel. In this situation, your policy probably won't cover the cancellation because you didn't cancel promptly after learning of the need to cancel. Every policy is different. Even policies from the same company have details that vary by state, so you need to read your own policy. I hope your surgery and recovery go well.
  10. D4

    Breeze Internet Package Question

    I only texted. It met my needs perfectly for communicating with my adult daughter who was taking care of our dogs and house.
  11. D4

    1995 Carnival Schedule?? Anyone

    Carnival has a record of our family's cruises back that far, but it just lists the number of nights for those cruises under our histories. So the OP probably already has credit for that cruise.
  12. D4

    Vacation Protection

    It's definitely not free so it must be a glitch. If you want that package, call your PVP or whoever you booked the cruise through BEFORE making your final payment.
  13. D4

    Breeze Internet Package Question

    We did a B2B on the Breeze in May. Both cruises (8 night and 6 night) cost the same ($25) for the social package. (You could purchase it for $5 for a day if you only wanted it certain days.) I didn't try iMessage, but I used Facebook messenger fine. I don't think I tried any weather apps, but I was pleasantly surprised that the USA Today app worked. If you bought one social plan, you could use the package on multiple devices, but only on one device at a time. I personally wouldn't use a bank app on a public wifi network. It worked great and saved me a lot of money over the traditional packages that had blocks of minutes.
  14. Some ships allow you to pay $20 per person to have Carnival transport your luggage to the airport and check it in for you. (Plus any airline luggage fees.). I would do that if it's available and do self-assist with just your carry-on luggage.
  15. D4

    Old Internet Plan Question

    This is correct. And you can buy each package multiple times, but it will end up costing you more if you need to buy multiple small packages. Are you using your own computer or Carnival's? Also think about what you plan to do on the Internet ... Email, using websites, uploading photos,... If you're going to use their computers, you'll need a lot of minutes. I always bring a laptop to back up my pictures. And I mainly used email over their internet connection. I'd type my email in Word while offline, then logon real quick, get into my email account, paste my prepared text, and send. Rather than read any emails while online, I'd copy the text and paste it into Word to read offline. I only emailed my adult kids, so I only needed to check for email from them. I use a different email account while traveling. That lets my email page load real fast because the inbox is almost empty. If you want to use email on their computers, you'll be using minutes to type and read emails.