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  1. I've done it twice and recording the event makes it really worth while. The amount of gifts they receive is pretty plentiful in my opinion. I fell in love with the tea and now enjoy it at home. The choices are much better now food wise and tea wise. Some of the food items they retrieve from Palo...like the desserts. it doesn't fill up too fast but again, it's all depends on the interest level.
  2. We actually are considering a cruise next November. We always cruise in January besides other times of the year as well but have to stop cruising in January because my kids are now getting into the higher grades. We love the cooler temps as well.
  3. We were on the Dream when you were docked in Nassau. I couldn't believe we docked right next to another Disney Ship..and The Wonder of All ships. We'll be sailing on her in 44 more days. That day in Nassau was a chilly one. Oddly enough it was 71 degrees but that wind made it feel like 55.
  4. That was the Wonder. We were so excited to see her when we were docked because we'll be on her in 59 more days! Can't Wait!
  5. How does the Photo package work for B2B cruises? I have one coming up in February and Would like to get the unlimited package for both. Thanks in Advance....
  6. WOW!!! Awesome Review! We were on the same cruise as you and you have a picture of animators and you got us in the photo. I'm wearing the Red Santa Hat and then you took a picture during the 5K run and snapped a picture of the anchor and you got my daughter in that Picture.....AWWWW. I absolutely loved the sailing. The weather On Castaway Cay couldn't have been any better. Thanks again for putting a smile on my face, especially while I'm sitting here at work.
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