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  1. Unlike the Fed, cruise lines cannot simply print more money when needed. They have bled profusely over the last year. At some point, it's game over. What will be the value of that OBC and fares paid then?
  2. Love, love, love the Panorama + it's itinerary. Of all the specialty restaurants including Teppanyaki, JiJi's is our fav. The duck + the pork bellies are absolute musts!
  3. We're down to 54 days until our 14 day Journey's cruise outta Baltimore to Panama Canal. We know it ain't gonna happen, but still haven't heard anything from Carnival. How long before your sail date did you get notice of cancellation?
  4. Not a snowball's chance in hell there's been enough time for adequate/accurate testing. I haven't got it, so I guess doin nothing is 100% effective! Use your noodles + ask, would a pharmaceutical company lie?
  5. The CDC isn't allowing anything more than 7 day cruises. This is a 14 day cruise. Additionally, who's gonna cruise out of Baltimore for 7 days in Jan. It'd take 3 days to reach warm weather + 3 days to get home to the cold. You really think that's gonna happen?
  6. We're booked on Jan 10 Pride 14 day outta Baltimore for the Panama Canal. We've known for some time now this cruise wasn't gonna happen. Now, it's absolutely certain not to happen and still no word from Carnival. Wonder how long they're gonna make us wait for our money this time (May Bermuda cruise also canx).
  7. I'd like to volunteer my ex wife!
  8. You're gonna LOVE Panorama, we' did it last January before all this insanity. Great ship, fabulous ports, one of our best cruises to date. We're scheduled again for this Jan 10th Pride outta Baltimore Panama Canal + we're celebrating our anniversary. Doubt the former happens, later should be a go if I behave.
  9. We're booked on the 14 day Panama Canal Journey cruise outta Baltimore sailing Jan 10th. Myself, don't think it's gonna go, especially outta that port. These always sell out, so I'm wonderin how they're gonna determine who to boot off the ship. Also, don't think I even want to sail if it's with masks in all the public places. Check in begins Mon, figure they'll give notice around then whether we go or not. Wife is gonna be REALLY disappointed, our May cruise to Bermuda got canx too.
  10. Oh boy, that's scary! Booked on Pride outta Baltimore Jan 10th. If it does sail, gonna feel like a crash test dummy!
  11. My sources have sent me a transcript of the update, it reads........"Yada, yada, yada!"
  12. Loved Panorama + it's itinerary. We're plat, so can't help with FTTF.
  13. Don't think I'll be shootin up anytime soon with anything Made in China! But hey, that's just me!
  14. CUK is still showing a dividend, where CCL is not (at least on Fidelity). So, since it's about $3 per share lower, I went with CUK strictly to get the OBC on our 14 day Jan Panama Canal cruise. Dividends are never guaranteed, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's canx soon. I own a few other ADRs and there are fees involved along with it bein a pita at tax time (Foreign taxes withheld). Soooo, if you're a buy n hold, think I'd go with CCL.
  15. Hey thanx for the reply + link. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I must have messed up my setting, I didn't get a notification. Thanx again!
  16. I wrote Carnival investor relations + they never answered. Do you rx OBC for owning either CCL or CUK or is it just CCL? I know you can't get both on the same cruise.
  17. I don't see cruises happening in Oct, that's when they're expecting the second wave. Unfortunately, we're already booked on Jan 14 day Journey Panama Canal cruise, it's all paid off, and I doubt it's gonna happen. I REALLY wouldn't book anything else at this time. NOBODY knows what's gonna happen going forward, so I'll keep my money outta that debacle!!!
  18. Absolutely agree! We like it for lunch, but it';s NOTHING like that at dinner. So, don't go for the free lunch to determine if you should spend the extra $15. IMO, it's still a value but not as good as JiJi's. Just our opinion!
  19. We did Panorama in Jan, loved the ship, loved the itinerary! For anyone to say at THIS time whether it'll be safe at THAT time is pure speculation. It would be too early for myself. I'm taking a wait + see approach to future booking. Think I'm more concerned with the changes to the cruise experience than I am with the health concerns.
  20. Yup, did the same thing, got credit the next day!
  21. Filed a dispute with my CC company + was issued a temp credit next day.
  22. Yup, dividends are never guaranteed, + I'm afraid I agree, not much choice but to suspend shareholder OBC also. Long, long road to travel before cruising resumes.
  23. You're gonna love Panorama + it's itinerary, just sailed her in Jan. If you purchase the social media wifi package, you'll be able to post live pics + vid on FB plus use FB Messenger to chat. Only one of you need purchase this, but only one can be logged in at a time if you do that. Free wifi can be found in most ports. Good thing about booking excursiuon thru Carnival, the ship won't leave w/o you. If you were goin to Belize, IMO, it's a must. Your ports are far more developed, so it's not absolutely necessary, but nice. You can't enter the US by air w/o a passport. So if you had a medical emergency, they're a must. That said, we normally leave ours locked in the cabin safe. Make reservations for JiJi's. Best $15pp you'll spend onboard. Try the duck appetizer + pork bellies, mmm, mmm, mmm.
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