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  1. From what I have heard Carnival is not allowing room upgrades on board, because crew has been assigned and been sanitizing according to booked rooms. I think you can try to upgrade by phone ahead of time...but good luck getting through.
  2. I haven't gotten a letter either...sail on 3-21...although I chatted with a representative via twitter who im'd me the letter. I am wondering if the delay is because I booked via costco.
  3. Sailing on the Breeze 3-21. Glad for the update.
  4. I actually don't think you have to worry about full airlines right now...anyone I know who has had to fly for work is reporting planes not more than half full.
  5. I am planning to sail on 3/21 on the Breeze, as of right now. I do not feel I am in any worse danger there than on the NYC Subway. Plus, I am not in a high risk category, I have 520 sick hours accrued, and can work from anywhere with a laptop and a wifi signal. This is obviously not everyone's luxury...I am in an extreme minority here. But I'm holding out till the end here.
  6. I've been to most of these ports, so not worried. Have a balcony room, so can weather a Quarantine if the worst happens. Have 520 sick hours banked (I realize that I am in a very fortunate minority) and also can work from home so not worried about work. I'm also in good health with no underlying conditions. I am the last person who should be cancelling.
  7. I'm on the Breeze on the 21st. Number of people at work today who have asked if I am still going: 8. Number of times I have relayed that I am at no more risk on that cruise than I am taking the NYC Subway on a daily basis: 8.
  8. Sailing in a cabin with my 70 year old sister and 69 year old brother...the chances of us drinking $1500+ worth of alcohol combined in a trip is nil. But a valid point...if I had cheers this is definitely an option.
  9. Greetings all. About to sail on the Breeze and we usually book the steakhouse at least once per cruise, but this is the first time we're sailing with the new menu with the wine pairing option. Has anyone done this? My question is this: it says 1/2 glass of wine with each course, however they have now lumped the salads in with the starters. So is the expectation that you get a wine pairing with one starter and one entree? A starter, salad, and an entree? Is there a wine pairing with dessert? At $18 per person, this isn't much value if it's only for two courses.
  10. I'm scheduled to leave on the Breeze on 3/21. I am still going. I have no idea WHERE I'm going since it sounds like the islands are up in the air, but wherever it is, I will be happy with it. As someone who lives in NYC, I am at no higher risk than I am taking the subway every day.
  11. I am planning on going on the Legend out of Venice in September (not to mention the Caribbean in two weeks). Listening to infectious disease experts, if this behaves as most viruses do (going back to the Spanish flu) the risk will not be there in summer. Viruses like this tend to have wave 1 in winter (December-March) and then do die down in the warmer months. The real concern will be how wave 2 picks up in Octoberish. Wave 2 is often worse than wave 1.
  12. Try clearing your browser history/cookies (if that won't mess up other issues for you).
  13. Heading on this ship in a few weeks...so wonderful to read a first timer's review. I think some of us veterans can get a bit jaded...
  14. Heading on the Breeze on March 21... can't wait! Expecting a lot of kids as well because we chose that week because it coincided with Florida's school break, and we're sailing with my eight year old great-niece. Not worried about her wrecking havoc, however...she's the kind of kid who was able to easily sit through a steak-house dinner when she was five, far better than her uncle did! Wondering if you saw any of the increased sanitation Carnival has been talking about?
  15. Spring Break in Florida is also a completely different beast than, say, in NY. Now that we're booking trips around the great-niece in Jacksonville, I am always surprised by when her break is. On the plus side, it means a cheaper flight for me.
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