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  1. Deluxe Owner's Suite on the Bliss was my absolute favorite. Not just because it's a great size and has three bathrooms and three(ish) balconies 🙂, but because of the position of the bed in the master (directly facing a wall of windows to the ocean.) There are some of the smaller ships that have this bed configuration, but the Deluxe Owner's is the only suite I've been in on the Bliss (or any of the Breakaway or -plus class) that has this!
  2. Adding that you can also get Oceania casino discounts/comps based on your NCL casino play. (Booked for 14 days to Bermuda on B2B Oceania cruises in 2021 based on my NCL casino status. My first Oceania - can't wait!)
  3. Ok, correction on my post above. The offer for the NYE Edge cruise I received via text was from URComped - not directly from Blue Chip! (Still not booking 😥.)
  4. Don't ask me what I did to get so popular with Blue Chip all of a sudden, but today for the first time ever I got a comp offer via text message. Veranda cabin on the Edge for New Years Eve. I might have considered it if I was in Florida, but I don't want to fly.
  5. I asked when making my last booking and was told by the CAS rep that my tier status would continue another year.
  6. Another great Blue Chip offer received today! Offer is for a Veranda cabin on the following sailings:
  7. Even the most promising Covid-19 vaccines are expected to only be about 50% effective, according to Dr. Fauci. This is not unusual since he said that the annual flu vaccine is only about 70% effective. So, while a vaccine is desperately needed, it is NOT a cure-all. What we need with a vaccine is an effective, proven TREATMENT.
  8. As stated in the notes, the code is automatically applied so that you get your tier benefits. The sentence about it not providing Latitude points references certain cruises that offer double Latitudes points. The code show won't award the "extra" points. There is a separate code for that (I think it is LATITUDES but someone here will correct me if it's not.)
  9. Oh no! Yes, I'm in the US and that hasn't been my experience at all. Hopefully these cruises will actually happen! I'm sure they will be expanding offers soon - they need us all!
  10. I'd received an email notification prior, but today I received another one. It also said that they are reinstating me to Amethyst status even though I haven't cruised with Celebrity since 2017. The email contained a complimentary Veranda offer for select cruises. That is the fourth complimentary cruise offer I've received from Blue Chip in the last 2 months and so I've booked a B2B2B (21 days) to Bermuda in June. Again, not bad for not having cruised with them for over 3 years. I am loving Blue Chip these days!
  11. Won't be on the Joy until April, but have been in the DOS on the Bliss and Escape. The murphy bed is definitely big enough for an adult couple, but I'd estimate it as a double (vs. queen/king.) It's a bigger bed than the beds in the second bedroom of a two-bedroom suite. The DOS is definitely better than a two bedroom for more reasons than just the sleeping arrangements! (A third bathroom is one of the pluses.)
  12. I make these all the time at home! A dusting of powdered sugar and they taste exactly the same. Williams-Sonoma also has the chocolate-almond ones. https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/galaxy-desserts-almond-croissants/?pkey=ccroissants-bread-pastries&isx=0.0.444.6666564941406
  13. Didn't help me. I was in the Deluxe Owner's Suite on the Bliss and still wound up with Covid-19. 😥 I rarely left the suite and probably only left the Haven three times all week. (I'm recovered now, thankfully - but was sick for several months!)
  14. I've traveled in the Haven many, many times and the first day there is usually filled bowls of these candies in our suite (which we have removed.) One time there was a broken potato chip and some potato chip crumbs mixed in with the M&M's, so definitely not a fresh bag opened for our suite. At no point have I ever seen an actual unopened bag, but I have seen many open bowls of gummy bears and M&Ms at various places throughout the Haven common areas, so there is no policy that each passenger only eats from a fresh bag. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure why people get so excited over cheap "penny" candy lol. I do like the handmade chocolates that the casino, hotel director or the captain sends - those are nice!
  15. Congrats on your comp! I just booked a comp back to back on the Gem in an Aft Penthouse so I think CAS is just really anxious to get us all back! 😊 I don't want to dash your gummy bear dreams, but I really wouldn't recommend them considering Covid. I know people go on and on about NCL gummy bears and M&Ms, but I've never understood that. I'm not really that much of a germaphobe, but bowls of unwrapped candy never appealed to me - especially since I have no idea whose hands were rummaging in those bowls before mine. Now with Covid, NCL can definitely keep their unwrapped candy! (Plus gummy bears and M&M's are super cheap at the grocery store and are exactly the same as the ones that NCL serves.)
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