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  1. You will get free drinks as long as you are booked via CAS with your certificate. I have never booked with a certificate, so I can't be sure of what level, but it will at least be House level drinks. (another poster described House level above.) It will include canned soda for your son, bottled water, energy drinks and specialty coffees. (On the coffee, don't quote me but you should be able to get at least the espresso and lattes made at the casino bar. I have the Ultimate card so I can get the Starbucks coffee (not available at the casino bar - the attendants have to go elsewhere to get it) but I can't confirm that is available to everyone??)
  2. Also, not a guarantee, but while you will be charged to transfer money to the slots, even if you don't have a play history with NCL the casino host/hostess may remove the charges from your bill at the end of the cruise if (as you said) you run a significant amount of $$$ through the casinos. I think you can easily expect to have "convenience" charges waived with a $5K or more loss. Once you have a play history with NCL, you will be ranked as part of their casino tier system and you will be eligible for zero convenience fees on future cruises.
  3. My guess is that you will start at the House level drinks, but I'm not sure what is included at that beverage level. I'm sure someone can jump in to provide an overview!
  4. It is based on you tier level with Casinos at Sea (Jade, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby or Elite.) I am not sure about the other levels, but I know Ruby and Elite get the Ultimate beverage card. (Can drink any liquor on the ship - no price limit 😁👍) There are a couple of drink levels below Ultimate (Premium & House?) but I'm not sure which go to what level.
  5. Honestly, it does seem that ever since you booked this trip you have been filled with apprehension about MANY things. That is not the way it is supposed to feel when you book a vacation. You may have been encouraged by an unscrupulous travel agent who signed you up for something that is not the right fit for you. I suggest you talk to your family about all of your concerns vs. posting them on the internet to get advice from strangers who do not know you or your personal situation. That said, if this trip is going to add to your anxiety, I also suggest you just cancel and relieve yourself of the stress. Look for a more manageable vacation closer to home that is within your budget. Good luck to you!
  6. Everyone is sharing their perspective, but unless posters also share "who you are" (childless couple in their 40s, single 25-year old, 30-year old women friends on a "girls trip", couple in their 70s with mobility issues, etc.) your take really isn't helpful to either the OP (since they have not shared who THEY are) or anyone reading this thread in the future. I really think who you are impacts what you would like on a cruise/from a ship. JMO 🙂
  7. As others have said, it REALLY depends upon what you most enjoyed about the mega ships and the Haven. If you let us know some of those things, we can better give you an idea of how to set your expectations. For example, one thing I LOVE about the Haven is the private sundeck. No suites sundeck on the Dawn, so that was one of the deal breakers when I recently swapped a Dawn cruise for an Escape cruise. Overall, I like the smaller ships (and their suites experience) however I am 1) disabled, 2) "old", 3) don't really go to shows, 4) spend most of my time in the casino and/or spending time on the Haven sundeck. So I don't miss any of the "bells & whistles" of the megas. If I was younger and more able, I might feel differently.
  8. Although Cagney's is the steak house, I will say that in my experience the BEST filet on the ship is at Le Bistro. It's my favorite meal on NCL ships.
  9. We're on the same page - I don't play at all on land anymore! My "play" money budget is all on cruise casinos now 🙂
  10. Definitely make sure you wait until Day 2 to upgrade as others have posted! You will save yourself that $20 plus!
  11. You need to verify all of this with someone who is onboard a 14-day NCL cruise now. I can only speak for a 7-day cruise (my usual), but I take the WiFi perk and then I wait until Day 2 onboard to upgrade to the BEST package (Unlimited Premium) and it usually costs me about $80-$90 total for the cruise. (On the first day I just use free minutes I get for being Platinum Plus and some other free minutes I get from the casino.) So what you are calculating sounds like ALOT to me. Someone onboard can verify directly with the internet manager. (Definitely wait until Day 2 to upgrade - I am certain that is a savings!)
  12. I probably should stop drinking in the casino, too 😂 (A few alcohol-infused bad decisions have led to those Haven comps 😂😲🤣)
  13. I'm cheap and won't pay the 20% on a package I won't use. 5 of 6 of my future CAS cruises are Haven comps and I STILL declined the drink package on every one. So yes, I'm cheap. 😂 I just have no use for it. I have the Ultra CAS drink card and the casino is really the only time I have alcohol, so the beverage package just has no value to me.
  14. Really depends on how much you drink - it's definitely NOT the best bang for me! I mostly only drink while in the casino (where I get free drinks), but I use ALOT of internet. The internet perk is worth $125 towards unlimited internet.
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