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  1. I've pointed this out before, but for those who have not actually stayed in an accessible cabin, it's not necessarily something you will "enjoy". For example, the bathroom - while larger - is definitely "hospital grade". Even in the Haven, it's nowhere's near as nice as a standard bathroom. (and there's NO cabinet storage - ugh!!!) As far as furniture, in an accessible balcony or mini-suite you will NOT have the furniture that you'd find in a standard room (couch, coffee table, etc.) The floor plan of the room is much bigger, but it is EMPTY space (furniture is removed to allow for wheelch
  2. What you don't understand is that once you book the cabin, it will not show as available for someone who is disabled to book (so how will they ask you to move?) I get that you are over 70, but not sure how that translates to disabled. If you need a simple mobility assistance device (e.g. a booster to elevate a toilet seat so that it's easier to get up & down or a shower seat, etc.) you can easily request those for a standard room. The accessible cabins have the floor space that is needed by people who are in wheelchairs.) PLEASE reconsider your practice since it truly impacts those in
  3. Although you will be able to book online, you will subsequently get an email notification asking you to certify your need and outline your requirements. You could ignore that, I guess - however as a disabled person, I NEED to fill that out because I actually have special needs which are relayed to the Access Officer onboard. I can't imagine someone booking an accessible cabin and not wanting to have the Access team be aware in advance that you are coming. (Also, not filling out the "paperwork" - for some lines it is an online form - also is an indicator to the Access Officer onboard that you
  4. Just saw on Leo's (Leonardo Jostol) FB page that he has also joined the live sessions website and he will be doing his first live concert on February 16th from 8-9pm ET! I loved Leo on the Gem and I know that many others here have also enjoyed him from the Gem and other NCL ships! Hopefully he will be doing regular sessions the same way that Arvin and Emily have been doing! 😊
  5. Actually, this isn't necessarily the case. Once you choose an accessible cabin during the online booking process, sometimes you will get a pop-up notification letting you know this is an accessible cabin and asking you to acknowledge that you need these facilities. Not sure why it doesn't always happen, though.
  6. This is not what the Captain said. He said that when the crew members are reassigned to STAND DOWN STATUS they will be THEN be getting $10 per day as onboard credit (for their incidentals) plus severance pay. While they were on ACTIVE status (prior to this announcement) they were getting their regular salary. When they were on active status it had nothing to do with whether or not passengers were onboard. (The only difference would have been cash tips from passengers.)
  7. Another thing to take into consideration is that while accessible cabins are definitely bigger than the average cabin, what's bigger about it is more open floorspace. So, you may not find the furniture that you expect when you arrive in your cabin. For example, on Breakaway or Breakaway-plus class ships, the average balcony cabin has a bed and a "couch" (which may or may not turn into another bed depending upon the cabin capacity.) Accessible balcony cabins do not have couches of any kind, which is why there are no accessible cabins that hold more than 2 people on those classes of ships (unl
  8. I'm disabled but won't get on a soapbox about why this is wrong. I will, however, let you know that you should be prepared to move mid-cruise if the cabin is needed for someone with a disability. I was moved twice during cruises - once because of faulty plumbing in my cabin and another time for a balcony door that wouldn't properly close. Since I am disabled, the Accessibility Manager onboard had to check the passenger records for anyone booked in an accessible cabin that did not have the appropriate documentation of their disability on file (not exactly sure how they do that.) All I know
  9. Arvin & Emily were entertainers on various NCL ships for many years.
  10. Happy New Year! You may be thinking of Alvin who is an NCL Cruise Director. 😊 Here's a video of Arvin & Emily on NCL https://youtu.be/RXsrQjOYElM
  11. So first let me say that last night I was preparing to go to bed early and miss the NYE countdown for the first time in my life. I wasn't sad, but I was just blah and totally over 2020. While I don't always cruise on NYE, I always cruise in December (my birthday month) and, like many of us, have been really miss cruising. I follow Arvin & Emily on FB, but I haven't been on social media alot so I wasn't aware of what they've been up to. However, last night at around 10 p.m. I saw a post that they were hosting a live NYE online show. Well, it was amazing! The show started at
  12. I think finding a reliable treatment will be the real game-changer. A vaccine will help, but it's no guarantee of anything in terms of effectively preventing the spread of the virus (which is what is holding up cruising.) It's less about not getting the virus and more about when you do get it, you don't die. That will lessen people's fears about traveling, gatherings and lead to getting back to some kind of a normal life.
  13. Are you certain that the people who tested positive gave your name and contact information to the health department? It is on the "honor system" that folks testing positive fully report all their contacts.
  14. Availability of vaccines should not impact cruising. Whether people are vaccinated or not, or whether the vaccine works or not, does not mean there won't be Covid on a cruise ship. What you want is a reliable TREATMENT. You want to know that IF - I mean WHEN - there is a Covid case on a ship, that there is a reliable treatment to prevent that person (and anyone they infected) from dying. Anything else is just a false sense of security.
  15. I have antibodies and even I don't feel safe. There's no guarantee that my antibodies make me immune. 🙁
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