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  1. buck7

    Which class is your favorite?

    Radiance class is the right size for me.
  2. We usually cruise twice a year. Some years three, some years one depending on where else we vacation. If we find a deal we will book a suite or a Jr., but usually it's a balcony for us. Aft if we can get it.
  3. buck7

    "wine" definition

    I guess it all depends on who is checking. I had two bottles of barley wine confiscated and returned at the end of my cruise. They were champagne type bottles with cork and cage.
  4. I always book a cabin we will be happy to sail in, then start watching for price drops to upgrade to a higher category cabin for little or no extra money. Sometimes I just find a cabin in the same category with a better location. Probably we change cabins at least once on 3 out of 4 cruises.
  5. buck7

    Elite, And Elite Plus Lounge

    OK, I reread more carefully and understand where you are coming from. My bad, Sorry!
  6. buck7

    Elite, And Elite Plus Lounge

    Most of the people you talk to when you call "the cruise lines" know very little about the policies and practices aboard ship. These practices seem to be constantly in flux. The people on these boards are usually the source of the most recent and accurate information.
  7. We always bring our cruise playlist and bullet speaker to listen to while we get ready for dinner.
  8. buck7

    First X Cruise:SILHOUETTE JAN 17 2016

    Hi Norris, Loving your review! I woke up early this morning irrationally disappointed that you hadn't stayed up all night posting more! That's not obsessive is it?:D Just to add my two cents, I was just on the Silhouette in December with the premium drink package and had many drinks at Molecular Bar and Martini Bar and everything was included. Single malt scotch was also included in the Ensemble Lounge.
  9. buck7

    Corkage Fee?

    3 bottles, 3 nights. Alacazam!!! I hope you are still amazed!:D
  10. buck7

    Corkage Fee?

    We just got off Oasis Saturday. We carried on two bottles of wine and used RC credit card points to purchase a bottle of champagne which was delivered to our room on the first evening. Our room steward provided us with a second ice bucket to chill our champagne and also gave us various glasses. We took a bottle with us to the MDR on three nights. Each time our waitstaff was happy to open, serve and chill our wine/champagne. We were "my time" so we had different waiters each night. No charge, no fuss, no problem. Of course, you can also open your own and drink it anywhere on the ship.
  11. buck7

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    Don't give Royal any bright ideas! I imagine they would love to charge $40 for a drink!
  12. buck7

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    Apparently the folks in the front office are only allowed on ships about once every ten years or so! And next year they get to cruise. Won't they be surprised by the drink prices?!?!?!!!!
  13. buck7

    First Aft Balcony

    We just got off Indy 4/5 and had JS 1406. It's next door and the mirror image of 1706. In case you're wondering, the balcony is about 14X14.
  14. buck7

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    I understand that Celebrity drink prices are high also, but by including the classic drink package at no cost they offer a better value for my cruise dollar. With Royals pricing games, it appears that every "value" offer they make is preceded by a price increase. You end up prepaying for any cost reductions they offer.
  15. buck7

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    I just got off Indy April 5th and was also amazed at the 12$ cocktails that are over 14$ when they add the 18% auto gratuity. We don't drink enough to make the drink package pay, but do drink enough to run up a few hundred dollars in inflated bar bills. We turned Diamond during this cruise after sailing multiple RCCL cruises a year the last few years. We want to experience what cruising Diamond is like, so we are sailing Oasis in June. But after that, I can't any longer say I'm Loyal to Royal. We had another RCCL cruise scheduled (Brilliance in December), but after the drink prices on Indy we cancelled Brilliace and booked two cruises on Celebrity. Both come with free classic drink packages. And they didn't jack the cruise price up to cover the cost of the package. I have to say the drink prices are not the only reason for my change of heart. But they are the straw that broke the camels back. Since Royal cut the Diamond Plus benefits there is little incentive to stay loyal and spend all of my cruise dollars with them. I will now be looking for the best value for my cruise dollar instead of just accumulating points at any cost for little benefit. OK, my little rant is over. I will now go back to being a happy cruiser!:D