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  1. AKStafford

    ACT Bus Whittier to Anchorage with 2:00 Airplane.

    The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a great stop. If ACT gets you to the airport by 11:30, you'll be fine for a 2pm flight. 2 hours is enough time to get checked in and through security at the Anchorage Airport. There's always the wild card of an accident slowing down or stopping traffic on the Seward Highway, but if that happens the 10:30 bus wouldn't make it either...
  2. AKStafford

    Shipping fish home (to Texas)

    The people I used to fish with out of Homer had a large walk in freezer and could hold your fish for you while your finished your trip and then ship it to you once you were home. So you might look into that. Where will you be fishing at?
  3. AKStafford

    Alaska in August - Some Q's

    In addition to the research you do on Cruise Critic, you might also look at the TripAdvisor forum for Alaska: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g28923-i349-Alaska.html Details that are important: How many days you'll have for the land portion Are you okay with renting a car? What sort of things you are looking to do Any physical limitations?
  4. AKStafford

    Kenai Fjords tours

    Both are great. Either way is a winner.
  5. AKStafford

    Alaska in August - Some Q's

    Instead of a pre-packaged cruisetour, would you consider doing your own trip with a rental car? There's nothing offered on a cruisetour that you can't book independently. Doing the trip on your own lets you see what you want to see at your own pace. Just a thought...
  6. AKStafford

    Sitka - Alaska... Must Sees at this port

    There's not much at the pier, but they offer a shuttle into town, which you should take. Have you looked here: https://visitsitka.org/things-to-do
  7. AKStafford

    Car rental in Anchorage/Seward?

    Rental Car prices are cheapest when booked in November or December and go up from there. So don't wait too long. Hertz is the only rental agency in Seward. And the one-way rental is expensive. A lot of people book it just to Anchorage that night and then switch to another rental. The other option is to take the train or a bus to Anchorage and start your car rental there. No need for a CDL for a 12 passenger or 15 passenger van in Alaska.
  8. AKStafford

    Train into Denali ?

    And to be clear: there is no train "into" Denali National Park. The Alaska Railroad has a depot at the Denali National Park headquarters on their track that runs from Anchorage to Fairbanks. The Alaska Railroad engine(s) will pull their own cars, plus cars owned by Princess and/or Holland America (both owned by Carnival). Holland America is also the Grayline vendor in Alaska. To get into the Park, you use the shuttles: https://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/shuttles.htm If you are doing this trip on your own, I would suggest using a rental car to get to Denali National Park. The highway follows the same route as the rail line so the views are the same. Having the rental car gives you more lodging and dining options. If you still want a train ride, you could do the Grandview day trip on the Alaska Railroad.
  9. AKStafford

    Breweries/Pubs while on Alaska cruise

    There's this in Juneau: https://alaskanbeer.com/visit/
  10. AKStafford

    Princess Alaska 'On Your Own' Cruisetour Q

    Just know that there is nothing that you book through Princess that you can't book on your own and often for cheaper.
  11. AKStafford

    Glacier Cruises out of Whittier vs Seward

    Both are great. If one fits into your schedule better, I'd go with it.
  12. AKStafford

    Anchorage Hotel & Transfer to Seward

    You could rent a car from Hertz and drive down but you'll pay a one-way drop off fee. Check with your cruise line. They may offer a rail transfer later in the day on a chartered train.
  13. AKStafford

    Seward to Anchorage land tour on our own

    The train from Seward to Anchorage is very scenic, and so is the drive if you do a one-way car rental from Hertz. Here's some suggestions in Seward: http://cmdev.seward.com/list/ql/what-to-do-30.htm A Kenai Fjord wildlife cruise is a popular option. You could go kayaking: https://www.liquid-adventures.com/ Or hike on a glacier: https://www.exitglacierguides.com/
  14. AKStafford

    Seward-Anchorage-Denali post cruise

    I've made some comments above in red.
  15. AKStafford

    Best Mount Mckinley flight seeing/Glacier landing?

    I've flown K2 Aviation out of Talkeenta before was completely happy with the experience. Weather: Denali makes its own weather and I don't think there's much predictability to it.