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  1. Thanks 👍 Neither....I am a Dale😉...long story
  2. Fingers crossed then .As yet we have had no contact from a suite concierge
  3. Brill thanks for the reply,may still bring a few Fevertree onboard if still permitted.
  4. So now the PCR test is negative and I can begin to get excited.Is anyone able to tell me if they have slimline/lite tonic aboard and what brand? Thanks
  5. Us too......feel sick, it's like waiting for exam results
  6. This is on the Eurofins portal.. 'Login to our portal to access your QR Code, make updates to your profile, and schedule your Debark testing appoint on the first day of your cruise. '. Looks like there will be some testing before we leave the ship. Communication, communication, communication.....not
  7. I imagine with all the enquires Jack is flagging in every sense of the term . Probably needs a nice relaxing cruise holiday....😉
  8. Might be using your suggestion...been trying to get hold of Travel Agent whose premises we are supposed to attend for Eurofins PCR test .... permanent answerphone message 🤷 Wouldn't like to turn up on 14th and find it closed.Still awaiting reply from Celebrity to confirm whether Boots PCR tests are considered to be acceptable.Im actually now too weary to get excited.If the trip wasn't for a celebration I'd definitely consider cancellation
  9. Thanks for the recommendation,I will have a look .We are in Southport and hubby works in Preston so it is fairly handy .Good to know they do late appointments and if things go really pear shaped super quick tests even if expensive.
  10. We will all be keeping you close for a copy of the tweet incase ours don't come back on time.We have booked ours in Preston on 14th as the available timings elsewhere weren't great for being at work.Im loathe to lose a days leave to spend most of it on the Strand trying to get into town😂.I have also booked an appointment with Boots as it just seems strange having a medical test in a back street travel agent.Im going to ring the travel agent tomorrow to check they are actually expecting a stream of Celebrity customers.Stranger things have happened.Will cancel one or the other. Did you notice that on the booking in site there was mention of booking a debarkation test ?
  11. Thank you Teabear, that's really helpful. I vote you are nominated as head of corporate communications for us staycationers over the next few months.
  12. Be interesting to see whether Celebrity intend to negotiate discounted rates for PCR tests like some of the holiday companies have?
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