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  1. It was surprisingly fun watching people I’ve never met transit the canal and others talk about! Thanks.
  2. Finally got the last increment of my money back from March 29 Cruise that was cancelled March 13 and I requested March 16 or so! Travel agent had to call and RCI had to do a “manual” refund or something like that.
  3. My new “agent” (first I’ve heard from anyone since March) at the online agency I will no longer use misread my email and cancelled both my Allure sailings. My wife wanted this “solution” so I won’t try to undo the cancellation (I wanted to wait and see), but it is frustrating that the agent screwed up and RCI didn’t offer better deal upfront. Good luck to all those trying to get the same deal/room on a different ship/cruise/departure port.
  4. we also have a 1A room. Will be interesting to see what they offer. Unlikely to be please given ship and itinerary change. It maybe the largest suite will change my mind haha
  5. another note, I’ve checked my credit card account everyday, and the credit that showed up today (June 6) has a date of May 30, so I guess the bank sat on it a week.
  6. update. Received 80% of the final payment back now. The part I have not received doesn’t match any number I can figure out.
  7. what ship on March 29? We were going to be enchantment March 29. Still didn’t get our final payment back. Got deposit and taxes/fees.
  8. Summary again: Royal cancelled March 29 cruise around March 13. Requested refund around March 16. April 26 deposit and taxes/fees were refunded. Nothing since then. At what point t should I really be concerned they’ve “lost” track of my big refund???
  9. yes. I posted somewhere that I got my taxes and fees in one transaction and deposit in another. Three weeks since then and still no refund of final payment.
  10. Similar here. Cruise cancelled by them around March 13, refund requested around March 16, got taxes and deposit back April 19th but nothing since (final payment not refunded still). Tomorrow I might ght call them and demand that back (Not that it will help) and cancel at least two more of my remaining three reservations.
  11. FYI: I just received one credit equal to taxes and fees and one equal to our deposit, but not yet the larger final payment. March 30th Cruise, RCI cancelled it around March 13 and I requested refund around March 16. Never received an email.
  12. tcfc424 we had 1400 booked for Thanksgiving at one point but gave it up for connecting ocean views at less than the half the price. That was a tough decision though! Hope we all get to go and your friends enjoy “our” room.
  13. I’m definitely regretting using a big online agent. No responses from them at all. Have around $7000 in cancelled cruise plus deposits over the next two years. Want to get some of that back especially as some are on Allure from Galveston (not happening it seems). Also can’t believe Royal can’t do refunds more automatically on ones they cancelled. Not even email confirmation yet! It really seems they don’t want to refund money or can’t despite credit lines they drew. If travel agent and royal both continue to do nothing, when is it worth seeing if credit card company protest/refund route works?
  14. I hope you are right but the terms and conditions currently on the website say: The FCC certificate’s value may be applied toward the cruise fare due on a new booking on the brand originally purchased. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-with-confidence
  15. I might be having trouble reading but is this stated in the policy or FAQ? Or was it said in the webinar verbally? Or something you did? I hope it is true! thanks
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