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  1. Finally able to book dining as well! Just 2 weeks to go!!!
  2. Hi all! Hubby and I are also on this cruise. Hopefully the app is working by Sunday!
  3. My family is on this cruise as well. Really hoping it’s a go!!!!
  4. Your TA will need to call. The TA will know what number to call & request that the FCC is applied to service charges. You cannot convert the FCC to OBC.
  5. Yes to all of the items but you’ll need to call in order to do so!
  6. Will hopefully be on the sailing on the 26th!
  7. 🥰 Gotta love discounts! This is my first cancellation. I was able to cruise in February and have two more cruises booked this year (both in December). We'll see how it goes. There's a 10-day Mediterranean cruise in 2022 that has caught my eye. Thinking about booking that one.
  8. Somehow it makes me sad even though it was inevitable!
  9. Received the official cancellation email today!
  10. It’s certainly not bookable as of today.
  11. Also...I received another bid to upgrade email for my July 19 Mediterranean cruise today. LOL! 😝
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