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  1. Sunseeker1664

    P & O Baggage Allowance! Disgusted!!

    We have heard the reason for the stingy weight allowance, is so the rest of the flights weight allowance is available to be sold as commercial freight, hence keeping their costs down. Mean!
  2. Sunseeker1664

    P & O Baggage Allowance! Disgusted!!

    Hi, I think you kind of missed the point, our complaint is not about being charged for excess weight, we offered to pay whatever the excess charge would be, to increase our allowance! Our gripe was the number of formal/informal nights on a 14 night Caribbean cruise, with only a 20kg allowance was unreasonable, especially as we have upgraded our seats to premium. Having been before, we know it's difficult to squeeze it all in!
  3. Sunseeker1664

    P & O Baggage Allowance! Disgusted!!

    Hi, It was never about getting rid of 'formal nights', it's about P&O chartering the flight and restricting cruisers luggage so they can use more of the aircraft for freight. On previous Caribbean cruises we've been on, there wasn't a problem as the luggage allowance was more reasonable, (30kgs), but I can assure you all, I don't intend to let it spoil our trip! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment, much appreciated. Happy cruising to you all!
  4. Hi, just booked a 14 night cruise to the Caribbean on the Azura for March 7th 2013, paid to upgrade flight to Premium, then find out P&O baggage allowance is only 23 Kgs!!!! How do they expect people to go to the Caribbean on a cruise with 5 formal nights and 5 informal nights with a 23 Kg allowance. They must have lost the plot! This will be the first and last P&O cruise we'll be going on! Even tried to pay for an increase to the baggage allowance, they won't have any of it...Anyone else got a problem with the allowance? Regards:mad: