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  1. Have managed to book through Haku Tours. would like more cruisers to join as this would reduce cost. Our contact is Alejandra Samaniego, In the 1890s archaeologists first began exploring Pachacamac. They found many enormous buildings and burials that had been previously looted. The first (sacred) section of the site includes temples of religious significance and a large cemetery. The second section includes several buildings which are mainly secular pyramids. In this complex of buildings were mud-brick stepped pyramids with ramps and plazas. These buildings were dated between the late 1300s and the mid-1400s. The three most famous pyramids are all found in the first sacred section. These are the Painted Temple, the Temple of the Sun, and the Old Temple of Pachacamac.
  2. Wow How does one chose the appropriate “Latin America” shore excursion? The first half of the cruise, the ship spends a lot of time in Peru. Therefore, it should be a focus. The second half of the trip four of the places could involve penguins and their summer birthing grounds. So it should also be a focus Cabo San Lucas is our first stop. We have been ziplining and my wife has ATV’d on a previous trip, so those choices have been removed. I would have to flip a coin between Salsa & Salsa or City Highlights, but I have seen glass blowing before. Puntarenas, Costa Rica is our second stop. Our son spent one week backpacking in Costa Rica and we have less than 11 hours with lots of good selections. We have been to a coffee plantation, been ziplining, taken train rides & trams, and we feed hummingbirds at our house in AZ. Through Odyssey Tours, Alvaro Ramirez quoted a price of $75 per person (group rates after 8 people) for the 10 in 1 Highlights of CR’s Pacific Coast Tour. I haven’t booked yet. Callao, Peru is our third stop. It is for two days. Lima has two of the top 10 restaurants in the world. Therefore it must be a gastronomic heaven. Machu Picchu requires it’s own special tour and time is limited. Thus going to the Pachacamac ruins will give a taste of ancient civilizations. Haku Tours offers reasonable choices that interest us. They are Peruvian cooking lessons and tasting ($75) in the morning and the Local Wine Tour ($35) in the afternoon and the next day Pachacamac Pyramid sanctuary walking tour ($50). Pisco, Peru is our fourth stop. Although the national brandy tour interests us, visiting the Islas Ballestas, Peru’s Galapagos islands gets our nod. Las Adventures offers an island tour from San Martin port for $69.30. But the best package is $55 from Rocio of Bahia Tours which also includes Paracas National Park. La Serena, Chile (Coquimbo) is our fifth stop. Many options exist in the valley of Elqui. Carmen Flores Madariaga from Tourism Cochiguaz suggests the $68 tour. They have group rates. Her email is Cochiguaz10@gmail.com It includes the city tour of Vicuna, a Pisco distillery tour and a trip to Vina Falernia. San Antonio, Chile, ends the first half of the cruise. It is the port for Santiago. Take a 3 hour village tour from Princess ($64.95) or visit great wineries. Princess offers a one vineyard package for $119.95 or Jose Salgado from trip sips offers a gourmet biodinamic and organic package for $177. Puerto Montt, Chile is the first stop in Patagonia. Although the private tour to Chiloe Island and seeing the penguins of Punhuil for $123.60 through GV tours is appealing, the sightseeing tour of Puerto Montt through Space Stars Tours for $36.28 looks good. Another choice is Ruta Chile – Whole Saler Tour Operator offer a Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas tour for $52.41. This tour would allow us to power shop on Angelmo Avenue and Feria Artesanal. Punta Arenas, Chile is the second stop in Patagonia. According to Frommer, “go to the penguin colony”. Princess excursion of going to Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve ($199.95) fits this best. Seeing the Fernando Magellan monument and going on a city tour will have to wait until next time. Ushuaia, Argentina, is the third stop in Patagonia. The “end of the world” in Tierra Del Fuego. The one hour double decker bus tour by Tangol for $60 or the guided city tour for $68.54, I find appealing. However the boating to see penguins from one of the largest colonies in the world at Martillo Island for $142.35 by Tangol may be worth it. I decide to use Tangol Tours to get a package deal (Ushuaia and Puerto Madryn) with 10% off. Our contact consultant is Maria Fernanda Rincon Figueroa (email consultas@tangol.com ) Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands is the fourth stop. Almost all the tours of the Port Stanley involves penguins except those doing the city tour. Patrick Watts tour ($165) to Volunteer Point is supposed to be top notch. One can also look on the Falkland Island Tourism website for other guides. Puerto Madryn is the “last stop” in Patagonia. Kayaking with the Sea Lions would have been exhilarating, having a recent hip replacement means no can do. Going to see penguins at Punta Tombo Reserve is enticing. However, Tangol’s city tour and Sea Lions at Punta Loma for $67.19 will give us a quick snapshot of Puerto Madryn. Montevideo, Uruguay would be a wonderful place to visit except on Jan1 as all museums and shops are closed. The locals according to a trip advisor guide spent that day with their families. We will book Princess City Drive for $59.95. Buenos Aires, Argentina is known to be the home of the tango and our last cruise stop. Although the private tours by Liz (liz2arg@yahoo.com )would be phenomenal as she is a past tango dancer, we will be taking Princess tours. Jan 2 we will do the Tango Show and City Drive ($159.95) and Jan 3 Tigre Delta and River Cruise ($59.95).
  3. :D Thank you, I enjoyed reading your links - very informative I could imagine telling stories over a glass or two of merlot
  4. As seniors, my wife and I are taking the Star Princess departing LA on Dec 4, 2018 and disemabrking in Buneos Aires on Jan 3. With at least 15 stops and an average ship excursion at $125, that means the two of us could spend $3750 on excursions. So I am looking for helppful recommendations for private tour companies for our stops and a description of what one sees. Cabo San Luca, Mexico Puntarenas, Costa Rica Callao (Lima) Peru - 2 days Coquimbo (La Serena) Chile San Antonio (Santiago) Chile Port Montt, Chile Punta Arenas, Chile Ushuaia, Argentina Port Stanley, Falkland Islands Puertoa Madryn, Argentina Montevideo, Uruguay Buenos Aires, Argentina Also, we would be interested in attending a premier football (soocer) match in Buenos Aires Jan 2 or 3