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  1. Usually there is a scale in the gym. Somettimes in suites, depending on what cruise line.
  2. They are retesting with negative tests indicating false positive test results. Story is unfolding right now as not all the testing is completed.
  3. This will help the restart of cruising... https://www.travelpulse.com/news/impacting-travel/cdc-quietly-drops-mandatory-14-day-quarantine-after-traveling.html?fbclid=IwAR3CbljA3AQRbjEBRHceKZfx5Czcg-6RGJGQikL68uWxvRyj5brV7zP1zPw
  4. Why??? This would not be a cruise experience. I have a pool at home and better restaurants.
  5. Unless you are a top level with HAL their perks have no comparison to Celebrity. However, HAL's laundry program is much better than Celebrities even if it is a paid option!
  6. Yes, Costa Rivera Caribbean cruise in the early 80's. Paid for the cruise with tabs off cigarette packs. No buffet, all three meals in the dining room and served family style, no menu. No salads offered the entire week (don't Italians eat salad?). One dinner was "toga night" and you had to wear a toga to dinner or you were not allowed in. Togas were sheets delivered to your stateroom with an instruction card on how to fold them to look like togas. Only other food available was pizza, which was made to order and one got the whole pizza - 12" size. Skeet shooting, all drinks paid for with cash, no stores on the ship, entertainment was very simple with the stage not elevated from the floor where the chairs were set up. My husband was a "chicken" in guests being called up to perform "old McDonald had a Farm" song. Every time he had to "cluck, cluck" someone behind him threw plastic eggs between his legs. No daily planner, mostly pool activities. Ship barbecue on a beach in St. Maarten. Tinny, tiny staterooms with no option except twin beds. Best cruise ever because it was the first!
  7. There are a lot of reasons why a ship arrives at a port on a certain day. It depends on the length of the cruise, the distance from the last port and the distance to the next port. For example, it takes two days to get to most eastern Caribbean ports and that would be the ports closer to Florida, i.e. St. Thomas. Some Caribbean cruises of 7 day length leave on Saturday an some on Sunday to lessen the amount of ships in a port that need the dock. When companies plan cruises it is more an issue of dock space than how many ships are in port. Neither the ships nor the islands really care how many people are being off-loaded, but most ships avoid tendering when at all possible.
  8. Pan Pacific https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g154943-d155558-Reviews-Pan_Pacific_Vancouver-Vancouver_British_Columbia.html
  9. I was doing a September 25th/October/ to Nov, 2020 B2B2B transpacific cruise (1st) followed by a 2 week cruise to ports in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, ending in Singapore, followed by ports in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam. I was able to do the Lift and Shift on the transpacific cruise even though it starts 15 days earlier than this year, but could not use it on the next cruise. While it was the same length, the ports were all in Japan except one port in South Korea. My cruises were on the Eclipse, but the Millennium was also over in Asia. Next year it is only the Solstice in Asia. The Best of Japan middle cruise was the itinerary that the Millennium was doing this year. Because the itinerary was so different, they would not honor the Lift and Shift even though it was the same number of days. I was OK with this as I really did not want to do the Best of Japan anyway. We booked the last Alaska cruise before the transpacific and also the transpacific cruise. Lift and shift for the TP, even though I changed room categories and thus had to pay the prevailing rate. For the Alaska one they did apply the deposit from the middle B2B2B cruise that was cancelled. We will get a future cruise certificate for the last cruise that was cancelled. This was all done before final payment, so just deposits were in question. I know this does not answer your question, but I feel that this may be a case-by-case experience and I would recommend you just ask for what you want and see what happens.
  10. Have to wonder how clean the floor is that these entertainers are having to roll around on! 🤔
  11. ts the casino level your at. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/11-22-sp-casino-bcc-chart-update.pdf
  12. Do you know if taxi's take credit cards?
  13. You indicated you wanted to do a transatlantic, but unsure of the direction. We have done both directions, and our vote is to fly over and cruise back. These are the reasons: You lose time going over, you gain it coming back. By the time you cruise back to the US, you will have no jet-lag issues. Combine the transatlantic cruise with the cruise that precedes it. It will give you different ports. I am sure you would rather see sites in Europe not the Caribbean. If you add the cruise that follows the transatlantic you would get the same issue, but... ...by sailing home, the first parts of your B2B will be port intensive, then you will have all those glorious sea days to rest and relax from multi-day sight seeing. It is the opposite if you sail over. Relaxing at first, then port intensive for a finish up. That added to jet lag flying home is going to leave you needing a new vacation. Whatever you decide, I agree to try to get the same room. If you have to move rooms you will have to pack up everything except the clothes hanging in the closet.
  14. This actually might be a good deal, depending on the definition (age) of kids. They often drink part of a soda or bottle of water, then put it down half empty, moving on to other things. Not sure where one would get milkshakes, but just a few waters, juices, milkshakes and/or sodas would amount to $15 a day easily. Could be great peace of mind for parents not to worry about a big bill at the end of the cruise. Yes, they will over-indulge, but so do adults. It is a vacation after all! We shall see...
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