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  1. I protect the paper tags by putting clear packing tape over them and then attach them to the bags.
  2. We did it once. It was with my SIL and she was traveling alone. We didn't have an issue during the day because we purchased the Vibe and so did she. We did have her come to dinner with us in the Haven one night (asked permission and paid for her). I just felt that we didn't get to enjoy the Haven as much because we were always worried about what she was doing. I would just make your friends aware that you will be in the Haven a lot and won't be spending a ton of time with them. They might not mind, especially since they are traveling as a couple.
  3. The one good thing is that they set aside Vibe passes for Haven guests so you don't have to rush and get on line to get them. Just ask the concierge when you arrive.
  4. Is this something offered on the Epic? I've always had to pay for the Vibe even while staying in the Haven. But, that was on the Bliss, Escape and Breakaway ships.
  5. When I was on the Bliss in February, they were not enforcing it.
  6. The Cigar Lounge on the Bliss was allowing cigarette smokers in there even though the sign says they are not permitted to smoke in the lounge.
  7. I sailed Feb 16th week. The first day was sunny but cold. It was okay to be out there with your coats on and they also provide blankets for everyone. The second day was beautiful out and we got to use it all day. We lucked out and had a great week. We hit some rough weather on Friday coming back, but there were people up there with blankets. I don't think it sold out for the week because the weather could be hit or miss but there were a lot of people in there.
  8. I just stayed in 15802 and the noise above was loud. Since I'm and early riser and was tired by the time I got back to the room at night, it didn't matter.
  9. You can contact them on their website for lost items. https://www.ncl.com/about/contact-us
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