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  1. Yes, WhatsApp works great. I was able to send text and make phone calls.
  2. This has been my experience for all three of my stays in the Haven. We sailed in the Breakaway Haven 3/4/18, Escape Haven 7/15/18 and last month in the Escape Haven - 4/14/19. The hot tubs were being used as kiddie swimming pools.
  3. I found out on April 1st that my bid was accepted for my April 14th cruise this year on the Escape. Last July, I found out the week we were sailing, about 5 days before (also on the Escape).
  4. Yes, a Minisuite is the exact same layout as a balcony room but the shower is bigger.
  5. Thanks to this thread I called and received the shore excursion credit and 250 wifi minutes for my Feb 2020 Bliss cruise. I also saved $40 because our fare decreased $20 a person. The $100 onboard credit was also given because we used cruisenext certificates on the original booking.
  6. I was amazed too. I don't know if it's because I paused it allowing it to load or not, but it streamed without any problems.
  7. We sailed on the Escape, April 14th, and had the unlimited premium wifi package. We (my husband) were able to watch the full episode on our laptop without issue. We accessed it through HBO Go and paused it for a bit (allowing it to load). Once we hit play, it streamed perfectly.
  8. You can upgrade the package when you get on the ship. They will give you a credit for the cost of the 250 minute plan.
  9. We were on the Escape on April 14th and we streamed it on my laptop without any issue. It worked perfectly. We upgraded to the unlimited premium wi-fi package.
  10. If you are looking for something different then go with Seaside. If you want the same, go with the Breakaway. I've done the Breakway five times and the Escape twice. The Escape is my favorite ship. It is basically the Breakaway but better! But, I am considering trying MSC Seaside to see how the Yacht Club experience is. We are currently booked on the Bliss for February. I'm looking forward to that.
  11. I've never had a problem calling, and receiving calls, with Whatsapp. The Wifi for my regular calls and regular text messaging didn't work on the last two days of my cruise (not sure why), but I just used Whatsapp.
  12. Yes, I've used it to make phone calls and text. It worked great.
  13. There was a lot of availability. 9 Haven Spa Suites, 8 Haven Forward Facing, and 15 Haven Courtyard Penthouse. There is still availability so there is still hope for anyone with bids in. Last July we won an upgrade from spa mini suite to Haven Spa Suite the week of. At that time there were 5 rooms left in that category.
  14. My bids for the April 14th sailing on the Escape: We were in a spa mini-suite. We bid per person: Haven Spa Suite $900 Haven Forward Facing Balcony $1100 Haven Courtyard Penthouse $1000 We were notified on April 1st that the Haven Courtyard Penthouse was our winning bid. This was earlier than expected! I didn't even have to check my account multiple times a day since I wasn't expecting an upgrade yet. 😁I was checking inventory a lot though!
  15. I'm on the Escape - April 14th. I won my bid on April 1st. I bid last year on the Escape and my winning bid came in the week of the sailing. Both times we bid $1,000 per person. We went from a spa mini-suite to a Haven Courtyard Penthouse w/balcony. Last year we went from a spa mini-suite to a Haven Spa Suite. While it isn't a bargain, it is certainly cheaper than booking it outright.
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