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  1. This is the set up! If you can find Cocchi Vermouth, that is another good option. Knob Creek also has a Rye that is good, but Bulleit is my go to as well. I still prefer Makers in my Manhattan even though it is supposed to be Rye, technically.
  2. I'll own that title! LOL. But you must share some of my taste, you know not to shake it!
  3. I'm normally a Maker's guy, but can branch out. Blanton's is fantastic neat. I'll just need a decent Manhattan somewhere or I'll go insane. None of the menus really feature bourbon or whiskey drinks. Most I see are rum vodka forward drinks. I know I can order standards, but I'd like to see at least one bar/lounge not focused on fruity/sweet drinks.
  4. We are sailing on the Edge next week and I started looking at the cocktail menus for the bars and none of them seem to feature any cocktails with whiskey or bourbon as the base spirit. Last time we cruised on a large ship with Celebrity, we cruised on the Equinox in 12/17 and they had a great bar (Molecule?) by the art and watch shops. They had amazing cocktails. Does anyone know of an alternative or at least a bar that can make a decent Manhattan? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello, I'm having trouble finding a review from someone who has stayed in a sky suite that is along the vertical magic carpet track. I would like to know how much it moves, is it noisy, and anything else you can add that will help us decide if the price difference vs. privacy is worth it. Thanks, J
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