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  1. Is the room service in Aqua Class any different than any other room service items? Can someone post a room service menu if possible. TIA
  2. That was a fun read Scuba Tom! Can't wait for your next cruise ; )
  3. Broke my wrist a few years ago four days before we were leaving on our cruise. Had insurance and was fully refunded.
  4. I never see that for some reason. But I clicked on the left where your name is and tried messaging you and it won't take my message ; (
  5. Don't see the link Mura. Any other way of sending or just the link itself? Thanks again.
  6. Thanks so much. Always enjoy reading your posts on Cruise Critic. Should I put my email address on here?
  7. Mura, If you still have that article, I could use it. BTW, we were on the Riviera last year in the Caribbean. My husband is in a wheelchair and we were in a penthouse suite so it worked perfectly for us. He's able to walk a few steps but not very far at all. I don't remember any instances where we had any trouble on the ship itself. That was our first trip with the wheelchair, so he chose not to get off at any ports. Did the same thing on our Princess cruise this year. I'm hoping, as he gets used to using the wheelchair, he's start venturing off except for tendered ports.
  8. We were on the Panama Canal cruise too. Had a great time. We were in a mini suite so didn't have trouble with the shower as it was in the tub and had plenty of room. May I add that the Internet connection was the best we've ever had on a ship. Even worked great when we were on our balcony. Was our first cruise on Princess.
  9. We had a butler last year on the Riviera. Could've done without him as we really never asked for anything except breakfast in our room. While it was nice, we usually like to have it on our balcony but he said the table was too small and never suggested anything else so we ate it on the table in the room. The only other thing I asked for, which I had read would be available, is for a laptop or Ipad to use while we were on board. He said there weren't any. He did bring our little canapes every night before dinner. In any case, we gave him $40 extra as we would've tipped for our breakfast room service anyway.
  10. We originally wanted Club Class but there weren't any left when we booked. Other than the seating perk and location of the stateroom I'm not really sure what the benefits are. We were in anytime dining and were seated quickly at all times. The ship is not huge so wherever your stateroom is, it's not a long, long walk to either end IMO. So why spend the extra money on Club Class? I thought the condition of the ship was good. Maybe those who've taken cruises on a newer, glitzy ship may find the Coral to be old but we were very happy. I wouldn't let that deter you at all. Didn't go to any shows so can't tell you about them. We're on a cruise mainly to relax and not to be entertained, but there's something going on somewhere every night. Plenty of places to sit and read in and out. The ship never felt crowded at all. Formal nights you see people in full dress and others in casual but more dressy. So whatever you like to wear is fine. My husband wore a button down shirt and dark dockers. I wore black pants and a little dressier top. The service is great and most of the time the staff is very helpful. Hope that helps. Anything else, let me know.
  11. Just got off of the Coral this morning from a 15 day Panama Canal cruise. We were in a mini suite and liked it a lot. Funny to read other peoples opinions. Guess with everything in life some people like, others dislike. That's what makes horse races. This was our first cruise on Princess and like smaller ships like the Coral. I can answer other questions if you have any.
  12. On the cruise now. I find the high setting on the blow drier really good.
  13. juliet


    Thank you all. Was just wondering as far as eggs, pancakes and other hot dishes. I was told (I think) that mini suites and up get more hot selections. Guess I was wrong.
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