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  1. I know this topic has been discussed ad nauseam but since this is our first Princess (Coral) cruise is there a time, early or late, that's better as far as a wait? My husband's in a wheelchair and not sure about where they'd even be seating us. TIA
  2. juliet


    Will be on our first Princess (Coral) cruise going through the Panama Canal in the Fall. Haven't seen anything about the movies they show. Is there one every evening? Different ones? Current ones? I've read that they show them the following night on the TV's in the staterooms as well. Do they provide a list of movies for the cruise or is it just in the cruise paper you receive every night? Thanks in advance.
  3. This is what it says when I checked. Is it really 50% off? Have never cruised with Princess. The cruise will be 15 days. MedallionNet Voyage Package – Save Over 50% Pre-Cruise!$129.99 Purchase an unlimited internet voyage package for as low as $9.99/day and save over 50%! Stay connected like never before with the best Wi-Fi at sea. From email to streaming, enjoy truly premium, unlimited access! *All Internet usage subject to Princess Cruises' standard policies, which may limit browsing of sites due to network security and bandwidth usage. Applications that use high bandwidth may be blocked and offerings subject to change.
  4. I broke my wrist four days before we were to go on a Caribbean cruise last year. Needed surgery but couldn't have it until about 10 days later. We cancelled the cruise ; ( Had a soft cast on. I'm right handed and my broken wrist was my left one. Thinking of everything I had to do before and on the cruise itself would've been daunting to me as my husband is handicapped and can't help much. But, if the doctor said you can go and you feel like you can handle it, go and have the best time!
  5. What did you pay for the Internet? I just need to check emails every day. Will be on the Panama Canal cruise in November on the Coral.
  6. Maybe they can have the captain marry them when they get back on the ship ; )
  7. Have been following your cruise since day one and always looked forward to Bob's posts. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery.
  8. Found what I was looking for.
  9. Can't seem to find anything on cruises to Alaska for someone in a wheelchair. Can anyone lead me in the direction of any posts or how to find them? TIA
  10. Looking into a cruise during Thanksgiving. Does Princess do anything special for the holiday? How's the dinner?
  11. I started reading about our upcoming cruise on Princess. Someone mentioned some upgrade(?) to assure a table for two without waiting too long in the MDR? Can any one let me know what this is about please. Thanks.
  12. No, not particularly looking to have one, LOL. Just heard others say on other ships that they've heard the chairs being dragged along early in the morning by the crew setting them up around the pool or people working out in the gym.
  13. I booked an upcoming cruise in Penthouse 3 cabin on the Sirena. Was wondering as far as noise from the deck above which are not cabins. I usually like a stateroom sandwiched in between two decks with staterooms. This one only has penthouse cabins on the floor below common areas (pool, etc.) Has anyone experienced a lot of noise or moving around very early in the morning from the deck above? I chose one all the way forward under the beauty parlor thinking it might be the quietest. Thank you in advance.
  14. Yes, my travel agent is giving us a very nice OBC too. It's the Oceania perk that is a wash in the end.
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