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  1. Check the Aloft hotel near Jax Airport. I did a park and fly there about 2 years ago. It was reasonably priced and it isn’t too far from the cruise terminal.
  2. In today’s world we have come to expect mediocrity. I, for one, do not accept that, and do not function that way in my business. When I screw something up, I try to make it right. While the weather is beyond the control of a cruise line, when they have a ship that has had engine problems in the recent past, and they don’t adequately fix or repair it to the point it happens again causing many well laid out plans to get screwed up- I do expect adequate compensation. Particularly when they don’t adequately keep customers informed. I don’t expect handouts, but do expect a cruise line to give y
  3. Just got back from a 5 night cruise on the Elation. Departed Canaveral on 1/11. Missed all scheduled ports of call! Missed Amber Cove DR due to engine malfunction. According to the crew the engine couldn’t maintain enough propulsion to make it to the port. They didn’t bother to tell us until about 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival, even though they knew of the problem overnight. They then said, don’t worry, we’ll be in Grand Turk the next day. The next day, the captain called off Grand Turk due to high winds after a couple of failed approaches. On the way out we saw another large
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