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  1. Got off the Enchantment today and had a great time and hope your cruise is just as fun!!
  2. Neither have I... Not a huge deal, but I am cruising with a group of 20 so having a menu order would be nice. Thanks anyway! :)
  3. Hey Bob. Do you think this will be the same order for Allure June 5, 2016? We are sailing to St. Maarten (night 4), San Juan (5) and Labadee (6). Thanks! :)
  4. Thank you for the positive review of the port at Galveston. Enjoy your cruise!! :)
  5. It happens all the time. Travel agents have special rates which are often hundreds less than the adversited website prices.
  6. Never use a TA that charges a booking fee or a cancelation fee. Sorry that happened to you. :(
  7. Answer to this depends on who you ask. Some people say no since the Solarium is for adults only and others (like myself) do not mind the children if they are well behaved. If you think they are going to be loud you might avoid it for lunch.
  8. Agreed! Much calmer than the Windjammer. On Oasis class ships I avoid the Windjammer as much as possible.
  9. Park Cafe is my favorite lunch option on most days, but a close second is Sabor. So many options--you cannot go wrong!
  10. Good question. I think my Harmony Spring 2017 had but not by much. Perhaps that is why they didn't make a big deal out of it.
  11. Book early and book often for the good deals. You can always cancel them!
  12. When I became Diamond this summer I had all of my reservations adjusted to reflect my new discount. I was also very persuasive!! ;)
  13. I love balcony cabins on decks 6-8 on Oasis Class because the Promenade is on deck 5, Boardwalk on deck 6 and Central Park is on deck 8 so you are close to three main areas of the ship. On my last Freedom cruise we were just a few decks below the pool deck and it was nice to be able to walk up to the pools. Either way, you cannot go wrong!!
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