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  1. if you look at marinetraffic.com, you can see all the ships between Florida and the Bahamas (blue icons)
  2. i can only imagine the relief on the bridge when they idle all the engines
  3. https://www.wptv.com/news/coronavirus/cruise-ship-with-sick-passengers-approaches-florida-waiting-for-clearance live from NEWS copter
  4. my understanding was the issue is because the royal class lacks azipods, making her slightly less maneuverable in certain ports.
  5. We just got off Coral for an Alaska cruise, there have been some changes since our last cruise on her a couple of years ago. they have changed the TVs in the room to the larger TV on the wall which was nice, they recently upgraded the internet to the medallion net service, can't say it is much better. Supposedly the beds were changed out but I didn't notice a difference from other cruises. To be honest she is showing her age, there was a lot of rust showing on the metal divider between our cabin and the one aft of us. I would have though they would have ground it down and painted it and rep
  6. Can anyone tell us what movies are playing currently on Movies under the stars ?
  7. With that lens lineup it sounds like you are all canon, my problem has been getting down to what I absolutely need for the trip. I have a Tenba Hybrid 21 bag so I can carry it but I am bringing my 7DII my 6DII my 28-300 and my 16-35 (2.8) along with the 100-400 my friend loaned me. I plan on doing some sunset work while on my land tour hence the full frame. I have Circular polarizers for all my lenses and a set of square filters for those sunset shots. By the way, don't forget your 1.6 multiplier when using the crop sensor.
  8. I have a 28-300 which i use a lot, however depending on the space available in the plane some of the longer lenses can be interesting to use in tight quarters.
  9. The problem is that what once was tipping is now turning into for lack of a better term a service charge. A tip is supposed to be a recompense for good service. When they add it on the bill by default or by law you have to pay it, it is no longer a tip. The problem is that most places it is « expected » you leave a tip regardless of the service quality.
  10. Just checking on how people tip on the land tours? I think I have an idea but thought i would ask. Restauants Porters Hotel maids Tour guides and the bus drivers etc
  11. one of the biggest advantages for FCCs i can see is only paying $100 US$ per person to reserve your cruise instead of 10% of the value and the deposit is fully refundable.
  12. Can people who just recently did the Alaska cruises report on the onboard internet experiences for all ships, medallion net or other. Please indicate ship and whether it was fast or slow, or not working well at all.
  13. I dont suppose someone who is on Island or Coral for Alaska could post the Bayou Cafe Alaskan menus for supper??
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