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  1. mrell345

    A day in Anchorage

    where are you coming from, dont forget the time zone change, we are coming from Eastern timezone so 4AM in Anchorage will feel like 8AM back home. We are doing the Spencer Glacier tour. http://www.alaska.org/detail/spencer-glacier http://www.alaska.org/detail/chugach-adventures-spencer-lake-iceberg-float
  2. Not 100 % sure but i think only island and coral have covered pools.
  3. do they have freshly brewed decaf or do they make you get a decaf americano?
  4. here is a video posted 8 months ago, it has the forward facing seats
  5. From what i have been reading, the internet service on Coral is not very good either.
  6. Got this off the alaska railroad page. https://www.alaskarailroad.com/travel-trade/faqs WIFI on Alaska Rail? Q: Does the Wilderness train offer internet service to travelers? A: I’m sorry but none of the train services have WIFI available on board. The train travels through some remote areas so cellular phone coverage will be sporadic as well. We do not have plugs at the seats for laptop use. Depending on your battery life, we suggest that you charge you computer at night during your hotel stays for use onboard the train. It goes without saying that you will have a better chance of seeing all the scenery without working on your laptop computer. Throughout much of the train route, the train will be out of cell phone range, however, cell phones may be easily used in the major areas that our tours visit. So if you are going to download movies or shows to a mobile device I highly suggest you invest in a battery pack as well
  7. Can someone who has done the cruise tour, starting in Anchorage at the Captain Cook, up to Mckinley lodge on the bus, then to Denali on the Bus and then back to Whittier on the train give a brief description of how it went ? Did they pick up your luggage at the rooms or did you have to drop it off in the lobby for the trucks to take it onward. What type of tags did they give you when going to hotels. I assume we put our ship luggage tags on the last day at the Denali lodge before getting on the train for Whittier ? How did the process for getting your ship room cards go (non medallion ships).
  8. We are doing the southbound cruise tour in July, from what I have read on the boards here, your luggage is sent on a truck while you travel on the train. I have also read the agents come on the train and hand out your ship cards so you just have to walk on. That was from a cruise tour a couple of years ago.
  9. Test picture from Hawaii last year
  10. i noticed that the Coral bridge webcam has not updated since the 28th of May, not sure if that is an indication that they are having problems with the new internet system
  11. such as the slimy snails in garlic sauce 😉
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