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  1. How do you book your cruise? I used to use on line agencies. How do you do it now.
  2. Its been a few yrs since I've booked a cruise. I used to use on-line agents. Then they stopped giving the cut rates. So where and how does everyone book there cruises now.
  3. I can't believe you are asking for advise on how to bumb and grind with your kids around. If you really can't figure it out you should stay home..:rolleyes:
  4. Listening to complaints about the entertainment is like listening to movie reviews. I can't believe some of the movies that are winning academy awards. The best movies I've seen got terrible reviews,lol. Who cares about the ships entertainment, the ship is the entertainment... :D
  5. I'm not going on my cruise for the intertainment, so is everything else about X still OK... :D
  6. This is it...:) its the one that was posted here awhile back. http://www.cruisecal.com/SumDate.html
  7. Gee where are all the flames from the smuggling police. I have never had anything taken from me on any of our cruises. Granted they were alittle easier a 10 yrs ago. But on the last couple trips still no problem. I know the rightous ones out there won't agee but sometimes companys make rules so if the need arrises to enforce them they have the right. Bottom line, if you pass the attitude test you will probably be fine. Serenade 10/30/03 Destiny 6/02 Monarch 5/99 Holiday 4/98 Tropical 6/95 Asure Seas 3/93 Asure Seas 5/91 Holiday 3/88 Ms Southward 5/85
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