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  1. Here are a couple more tips: If you have trouble sleeping when light comes through the window, consider bringing a few cheap clothespins to pin the two halves of the drapes together. They're useful for hanging clothes up to dry, too. 😋 If you like taking photos, then a balcony's a great place for it. You never know what you're going to see out there. If you have a sports camera (like a GoPro) or one with a time-lapse feature, consider getting some kind of mount that you can use to hold the camera to the railing and get some great time-lapse shots of the water and clouds. As others have said, nothing beats the first cup of coffee on the balcony! I like to sit and read out there as well.
  2. We booked through an external company; the excursion is called “Sun Kissed Goff’s Caye Snorkeling & Beach Excursion.” I’m sure you’ll find the company if you search for that online. They were very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. There were plenty of people to assist everyone and they were conscientious about safety and time.
  3. Just wanted to provide an update in case others are interested in the topic later. Just got back from our cruise, and we were in Belize on Thursday 9/19/19. We did an excursion on Goff's Caye and saw no sargassum there at all. Apparently the reef helps keep it mostly clear, and when they do get some the excursion staff go out in the morning to clean it up. I highly recommend Goff's Caye to anyone who is interested in snorkeling and tiny tropical islands!
  4. Thanks for the quick review! My wife and I will be sailing her next week.
  5. Resurrecting this thread, as we're due to be in Roatan in a couple of weeks. Has anyone been recently that can comment on the seaweed situation? Thanks!
  6. Wife and I did this in January 2018. It was held in an area of the kitchen that was mostly reserved for us (though there was activity in other areas of the kitchen). Our dinner was held on day 3 of the cruise (the night after the first elegant night).
  7. I always bring a rolling bag (carry-on size) to hold two 12-packs and a few other things. Once we're on board we just find a table somewhere on Lido and stay there until the room is ready, taking turns going to get lunch or leaving for other reasons. Without FTTF, I think you're pretty much stuck with carting them around or having someone watch them for you.
  8. Saw this post on Reddit about a couple that had a bad experience in Costa Maya and thought it would be good to point it out here. Note that the poster mentions in the comments that they were drinking at the swim-up bar in port. Other comments point out that they were likely served cheap/bogus liquor, rather than being drugged. Alarming information. Be sure you know where your booze comes from!
  9. Thanks for your perspective! Good info. One thing though: I saw this and thought "WHAT?! This is a thing? How did I not know that?!" I'm sooooo doing this on my cruise next month! 🙂 Thanks!
  10. I haven't looked at the Barclay card's benefits too closely, but they seem to be fairly minimal and won't cover all of the circumstances that might be covered by other trip insurance (such as cancellation for weather or work, missed connections, etc.). I'd have to compare a policy side-by-side with the card's benefits to determine whether I could get by on the card's benefit alone. Personally, I prefer to pay a little more for a more generous policy. Edit: Found the card benefits here.
  11. Ship: Carnival Fantasy Deck: Main Stateroom #: M167 Stateroom Category: 4C Starboard or Port Side: Starboard (interior) Quiet Stateroom?: Yes, this stateroom was relatively quiet. I booked it in part because of its location on a deck between two other stateroom decks (so no noise from kitchen, auditorium, engine, or deck chairs), and its location amidship. Nothing bothered us except the usual (occasional doors & talking from other passengers out in the hall), but even that wasn't bad. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom?: Yes, it connects with M171, which is to the left of this room if you're in the hall and facing the doors. NOTE: My wife and I had the king bed configuration and the only logical place for the head of the bed to be is against the connecting door (due to light switches & the TV), which made it unusable. In the two twin bed configuration, there's no problem using the door. Not sure if M171 would have the same problem (it's possible the bed can be placed differently there, but I didn't check and it seems unlikely as they were mirror images of each other). Any specific problems with this cabin?: Nothing major. There was the aforementioned bed placement. The toilet stopped flushing briefly but a call to the room steward fixed that later and it didn't happen again. The shower temp was a little hard to dial in; it took careful adjustments. Everything else worked and was in decent condition when we sailed (May 2019). Other comments: The only possible downside to the room is that being on the Main deck put us a little farther away from most everything (except the doors on & off the ship). This just meant we used the elevators a little more (and one of those nearest us was out of service). There was a hair dryer (in one of the drawers?), and no refrigerator. The room safe let you set a combo by keypad (and did not require a credit card or the like).
  12. I haven't been to Carlos & Charlies, but the Money Bar might be another option. It's another free-to-use area so long as you buy drinks or food there. There's not much of a "beach" given the rocky coastline but stairs provide access to the water and there are lounge chairs on sand. They have pictures on their web site that will give you some idea of what to expect. Here's Trip Advisor's info on it.
  13. Correct. You cannot put them in checked luggage.
  14. If you're bringing soda or wine on with you, this also needs to be in your carry-on.
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