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  1. If you don’t see the offer on the first set of offers(100), go thru and check all the existing offers and then sign out and back in and there will be addition offers. Hal
  2. Offer was on our blur card it not on the platinum. Called ta and applied it to an October(Reflection) cruise. Don’t apply it to a cruise that Celebrity might cancel,and as a refund will go back to the card and you will lose the benefit. Hal
  3. The questions to be answered are: who is administering the test, if the cruise lines intend to test everyone? Don’t stick that swab up my nose!! who/where are the test evaluated, and by whom? are the test done 3-5 days prior really valid if I roam around Florida for a few days prior to boarding? Hal
  4. Today 10/5/2020 NCL has suspended cruises for the month of November, will Celebrity Follow?
  5. Here is another scenario that Princess might be thinking about. Substitute the Enchanted for the Discovery! The build on the Discovery is well behind schedule, and it’s entry into the Market is not scheduled until 11/3/21 in Europe and then transitions to the Caribbean for only 4 weeks. From the Caribbean it begins a 50 day(3 segments beginning on 1/06/22) cruise around South America to Los Angles. Hal
  6. Wish everyone a happy, healthy and sweet new year!!
  7. Not only are other cruisers canceling or l&s in December; the b2b we have 1/25 & 2/5 are also being abandoned. Hal
  8. This is a situation that if booked thru your travel agent instead of directly with Celebrity might never have happened. Lesson learned - always use an agent! We have had five different Celebrity cruises cancelled this year, and only on one did we take the 125%. Travel agent was able to use the untire amount toward an existing booking by just using the old booking number(no waiting for the fcc). Hal
  9. Shows correctly in my cruise planner. HaL Balcony Stateroom A435, Category BA Queen Bed requested Anytime Dining requested Anytime Dining is confirmed
  10. Prices are higher with all the fcc and some of them are 125% more then original payment. Also, it’s a use it or lose it situation which most cruisers are not going to allow that to happen. We have had four cruises cancelled this year and the fcc amount is adding up, and starting to take refunds instead. Still have a cruise booked for the end of January that is questionable with final payment due in October, and another cruise(part of a b2b) in February. My delima, as with many other cruisers is do I make a cash payment(and then take another fcc) or do I use existing fcc and go through the troubles of recovering them. Either way prices in the immediate future will remain high until the abundance of fcc vouchers are diminished and cruising resembles a new normal. Hal
  11. We were booked on the Grand out of Southampton for the 8/21/21 Norway cruise, but last month the Regal was substituted. All the bookings that the Grand was to have done during the summer of 2021 are now scheduled for the Regal. Hal
  12. I’ll ask the ta tomorrow and get back with her reply. Hal
  13. I have a fcc from a cancelled cruise that I used at a different ta. What your saying is that the second ta now gets no commission when I used my fcc? Hal
  14. If commissions were paid on Cruise line cancellation, and a fcc was issued. Then a commission was paid on the cruise that the fcc was used on, the out lay by the cruise line would be unreasonable. The ta then received double commission on the cancellation and then on the rebooking using the fcc. If that was true, no cruise line would be in business very long!! Hal
  15. Anyone who believes that a November cruise is going to sail as booked is really just deceiving themselves. Even Fain, in his interview last Monday, avoided the question of longer(5+ days) when in the future cruises sail again. The CDC has not cleared any protocols for cruise lines sailing out of the US with a passenger capacity of more than 250. Given that some European cruise lines are beginning to sail, look at the results of the crew and then passengers getting the virus. Reduced passenger population, limited ports or no ports, not that desperate to expose ourselves to an isolated ship or a floating hospital.
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