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  1. Celebrity was so confident that the redo would be done early in February 2020 that they did schedule a 3 day cruise. It was to be February 11 - 14, available for booking for 5 weeks(we were booked) then it to was canceled! As others have said, Silhouette cruises have been rescheduled for dry dock and our bookings have been in flux, so right now we are booked b2b for the first post refurbishment cruise(2/14/20 - 9 day) and the following(2/23/20 - 12 day). Hoping there are no more changes as all pre/post cruise arrangements have been made.
  2. I think that's to optimisticly low age group. The longer the cruise the older the demographics, seven day has children - 11 day cruise in September and beyond has very few children(maybe some grandchildren) therefore older cruisers. We did a Baltic sruise on the Silhouette last year in May; I would say the average was over 65+. This past February on the Silhouette we did a b2b(9 day& 12 day) and the average is still 65+, doing the same cruises this coming February (we're early 70s). Hal
  3. At the beginning of this month we booked a 7 night cruise on the Summit out of San Juan RT thru that big box (CC) in NH which wants final payment 30 days prior to Celebrity. Now understand that we need an accessible cabin so we usually need to book way out. Booked an 2A balcony at a reasonable price and by the time we goy the confirmation to sign the price went down $130pp, but the A1 had dropped over $380pp making it cheaper than the 2A. Three days later the agent called and the price went down another $180 with two perks. Last minute or just lucky! that A1 is an aft facing accessible cabin! Hal
  4. We have sailed on the Silhouette in aqua many times, b2b this past February(b2b again in 02/2020, but not in aqua). Locations do make a big difference in the noise from above. A2 Cabins on the even numbered side are under the the shops and Persian Gardens and the odd number side(port) are under the Spa Cafe(prep noise starts very early) and under the gym and locker rooms. A1’s are under the pool area and are noisy from sliding deck chairs and entertainment some evenings. Look at the deck plains before you book. The Equinox is exactly the same Reflection is slightly different. Hal
  5. Donut23, Noise is always a concern! A number of questions: 1. how late into the evening did the music and drinkers stay 2. how early did the chair scraping noise start 3. as a handicapped cabin what furniture is on the balcony - wheelchair accessible I’m assuming 4. to open and close balcony door is it easy from the balcony ( The reason that I ask that question is that we were on the Edge TA and our infinity balcony had a switch to control the balcony divider. The problem was that they never lowered it for wheelchair accessibility.) Hal
  6. Donut23, Glad you enjoyed your Bermuda cruise. We are in that cabin in December(14 - 21) out of San Juan. This morning on another blog there was a comment about this cabin and the music from the deck above. Was it disturbing to you when you were inside the cabin? Outside on the balcony? Hal
  7. After releasing a 3 day cruise scheduled for 2/11/20 to 2/14/20, to which we booked. A few weeks later Celebrity cancelled that cruise! So the first cruise after refurbishment is still scheduled for 2/14/20(hoping). No bookings for the transatlantic from Spain to Florida in February. Hal
  8. We also have used obc to purchase multiple iPads(lucky grandchildren), but not in Spain.Read the post about “Spanish VAT tax in Bilbao”, it might answer your question. Hal
  9. We had booked the Summit for 12/14/19 on the 28th of September with that big box agency in NH, and reserved a 2A with two perks and big box gave us the third. When the new “sale” started on 10/5 the price went down $250 with the addition of the third perk from Celebrity and still the extra from big box. On Friday, the price of a A2(Aqua) was lower than the 2A balcony cabin with one perk. Called agent at big box and rebooked with one perk (drink pkg) and one perk from big box ($300 obc which is more than the gratuities would be). The kicker is, I was told this is a non refundable deposit, but final payment is Monday 9/9, paid in full. Cabin is an aqua, rear facing, with 2 perks and a much lower price then early last week! A Celebrity sale that really worked to our benefit. Hal
  10. We did exactly what you plan to do when we disembarked from the Silhouette in February. Left the ship with the first numbers called(did not do walk off as wife uses a wheelchair), picked up our luggage with a porters help and our global entry got us right thru. The SAS shuttle was waiting and we were at FLL before 9:30. Saturday’s there is little traffic from POM to FLL. Our flight was a 11:10 flight and made it with plenty of time to spare! Hal
  11. miss and others, Travel agents are not always knowledgeable to some of the hidden cruise benefits all lines offer. As you read on these boards, people look frequently at their booked cruises for sales on excursions, drink packages and most importantly price drops. I personally have read on this site of a price drop and quickly called my ta to inform her and got the lower price. Most frequent cruisers could do all of their own bookings, but it’s the ta that gives the perks that keep us with them. Every cruise has numerous cruisers that are doing b2b or longer, and probably have been doing it routinely for a long time. Short cruises become extended by this booking process, but be your own advocate when booking to see if that cabin is available for your cruise duration or book and don’t be shy about juggling cabins till it’s right for you, that’s what a ta is good at(making you a happy cruiser). Hal
  12. Quick Shuttle is not quick! On 7/24/19 we took the shuttle from Vancouver port to Seattle downtown! The shuttle was supposed to leave at 9am, but it didn’t arrive till 9:30. Then there were 4 stops along the way that were not listed on the billing page including another airport. The drop off in Seattle is at the convention center when not going to the airport. All together is was a 5 hour trip including the mandated stop at the boarder, where we had to remove our luggage and take it inside with anyone else touching it. There was a bus that was direct to SeaTac that was inspected before leaving Canada Place and a seal placed on the outside door. Rent a car or take the train if your going or coming from Seattle, it’s easier. Hal
  13. Longer cruises - older the cruisers! We have sailed Celebrity over 25 ( of 60 plus cruises) times during the last 20 years and as we aged so did most of the passengers and the Ships! On our recent transatlantic on the Edge there were over 90 couples married 50 years or more. Silhouette B2B (9 day & 12 day)in February, was the same demographics with “some younger crowd” and minimal children. Next month we’re doing Alaska on a Princess ship with our 14 year grandson, and his concern is that he might have 2000 grandparents!! As has already been posted, destination, length of the cruise and season will determine who has the time and the costs. September to Bermuda is already the no (fewer)children (school) which means fewer school age parents. Hal
  14. In Anchorage, look up the Bait Shack, right in town.
  15. Ipads On our transatlantic cruise on the Edge last month, we got a 128 gig @ $428, back in February on the Silhouette we did a b2b and bought one on each cruise. All were purchased with OBC and at the same price, lucky grandchildren! Hal
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