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  1. There was a couple who were found dead the first week of April, the wife died after a few days in the hospital from mysterious injuries. The husband was found in the sea in their rental car, again under unusual circumstances. They were from New Rochelle, NY and staying in a resort in Punta Cana; and had checked out and were on their way to the airport. Might be a good reason to switch ports! Trouble in paradise! Hal
  2. We are on the Coral in July, southbound. Alaska Airlines has a promotion for their credit card which we took advantage of. You get 40,000 miles, a companion ticket(must pay fees of about $100) and need to spend $3000 during the first three months. So for three of us from EWR(Newark) to ANC(Anchorage), SEA( Seattle) to SFO(San Francisco) back to EWR the total cost was just over $1200. We'll wort it!! Hal
  3. We were on Silhouette b2b this past February and when we boarded there were no iPads available. But, the I lounge person said that they would be delivered later in the cruise which they were. Using OBC on each cruise we purchased one on each cruise, 128gig for $427. Also had some 256s but no laptops or macs. Hal
  4. We got this towel as a prize for winning a deck game on Century 2001. Hal
  5. We booked a 1A(8123) cabin in October 2017, on December 18, 2018 Celebrity informed us that this cabin had been reclassified as partially obstructed and did give a $200 OBC as compensation. I then contacted my travel agent to see if there was an alternate cabin available. On December 28, 2018 Celebrity replied that was all they could do for us as there was a complete booking of the ship. Last night, January 25, 2019, there were about 75 balcony cabins available and 35 Suites also empty and numerous inside/ocean view cabins. Reviews, airfare, price or some other reason, but that is a tremendous amount of cancellations. Will call agent to see if Celebrity is still holding to there sold out line and if the would move my cabin at a reasonable differential. Hal
  6. I take olives with pearl onions inside - no problem; except when others at the bar see them it's pure jealousy! Hal
  7. We booked a 1A on October 26th 2017 and it was never designated an obstructed view.his is the email we received from Celebrity December 16, 2018. RE: Celebrity Edge, Existing Reservations We are reaching out to you with an important notification from Celebrity Cruises that affects your upcoming sailing. Recently, Celebrity has made the determination (after the inaugural sailing of the Edge) that Category 1A and 1B staterooms on the Edge are being declared as partially obstructed (obstructions vary by stateroom but are less than 50% for your stateroom, according to the cruise line). Since you are currently booked into one of the affected staterooms, Celebrity has added a $200.00/cabin shipboard credit to your reservation. The shipboard credit is only valid on existing Celebrity Edge reservations (booked with required payment already applied to the reservation prior to Celebrity’s decision).* We regret any inconvenience but hope this gesture from Celebrity enhances your onboard experience. Should you wish to explore other stateroom category options, please let us know by calling our Customer Service Department at 800-493-6609. One of our representatives will assist you by checking current rates and availability. Guests who choose to move stateroom categories at prevailing rates will not be eligible for the shipboard credit offer. *No other compensation or offers are being extended for this matter. Thank you for your attention to this important notice. When we registered our disapproval with the cabin and the compensation Celebrity was unwilling to change our cabin or offer increased compensation. Our travel agent said that if we change cabins Celebrity would charge us at the going rate and would not honor the previous paid cabin rate. Hal
  8. We are also booked on the Edge TA in April and the Reflection TA in November. One way airfare for both were "sky high" for both transatlantics, but a round trip ticket was unbelievable in price. Purchased yesterday 01/07/19. Here is our route; Heathrow to New York on Virgin Atlantic on 5/13/19 and then New York to Heathrow on VA 11/04/19, onto Barcelona via British Airways. The price for two was less than a Choice air ticket for one from Heathrow to New York. Two birds one stone!! For those who purchased a round trip and do not use the second half, I wonder if there is any future penalty for doing it that way? Otherwise I can see that is the way to purchase tickets for a one way flight in the future. Hal
  9. Last month on the Royal it was held in Club 6 - what a disappointment! The bar there only has eight seats and the room is long and narrow. Seating is mostly low sofas and hard to get out of, but the service was good. Drink menu had the usual "unusual" fare, and the food is the same. No more "chairman of the board" as a choice, but that blue mouthwash makes the list. Not a room for socializing, that is if you can find it. Hal
  10. Warning for 1A & 1B cabins on the Edge We booked a 1A back in October for the transatlantic on 04/28/2019, and recently we received a notice from Celebrity that this cabin category and the 1B are being reclassified as "partially obstructed cabins". The obstructions are supposedly less than 50%, and they just found that out? Did compensate us with a $200 OBC, but when we asked for another cabin that was not obstructed - sorry fully booked no other cabins. Hal
  11. If you are booked in Aqua the Persian Gardens are included! Beyond the Aqua guests, they sell more passes then capacity of the pg can accommodate, so they start limiting usage by timing guests. I believe that elite and above can get a one time use on a port day. Hal
  12. We have a blue card and a delta gold - both worked! Just use two different names if cards are in both names. Hal
  13. This beach gets crowed about noontime. Still, it's very large, long and close to all the shops and restaurants. Get there early and it's your beach! That's Holland House in the background.
  14. Ok, so we just got upgraded from a BF to a BB mid/aft on Carib, and then, we received an up sell to a mini for $129pp this afternoon thru our agent. What to do?? This is all on the Royal sailing December 15, 2018 for 7 days. A little over $18 more per day. Still deciding!! hal
  15. Choice air both phone and online - $1386 - that's a one way form LHR(Heathrow) to EWR(Newark) next May, unable to get the one way for the Reflection, EWR to BAC(Barcelona)next November Hal
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