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  1. Is it a Saturday or Sunday - no way How many ships are in port, more than three - no way Immigration officers on coffee break - no way Any flights prior to 11am are still risky Hope it’s not Southwest! Hal
  2. Everyone laughs at the thought of crank phones(Bethlehem, NH till late 60’s), but I grew up with a “crank” and the operator was May. Our number was 120 and grandparents were 75. Were those the good old days? Hal
  3. We are an the Apex on 11/04/21, with Delta flight @ 11:39(third time change), will come back and report on how fluid timing was. Arrival back in port is scheduled for 7am, but again it’s on a Saturday, and only three ships are in. Hal
  4. Also take into consideration, day of the week, Saturdays & Sundays are extremely crowed, and how many ships are also docked. Last year(3/6/20), the Silhouette docked on time, but immigration had so few officers that we didn’t get of the ship till almost 10:00low number 9 and wheelchair assistance). Luckily our flight was for 11:50, and till arrived at FLL with enough time. Do some homework! Hal
  5. We are doing the Silhouette on 12/13/21(11nights) and Equinox in 1/30/22 & 2/11/22(21nights), both are wonderful. Yes, Silhouette has the lawn club which is a favorite of ours, but other than that there really is no difference. In February(b2b) of 2020, we did the Silhouette right after refurbishment and everything was spotless and new - now that it’s been in service would expect some of that spit polish has worn off. Equinox has had continuous cruises since her partial refurbishment so more wear down time. We enjoy all cruise, and hope you do too Hal
  6. Yesterday(9/30/21), Celebrity made it official that the Silhouette(12/13/21) would not go to the Caymans, but to Nassau. Hal
  7. The pool has steps up over the edge making it mobility unfriendly. At that time there was no hydronic chair installed, but Later on it was retro fitted to accommodate mobility impaired. Hal
  8. In Spring of 2019, we did the Edge transatlantic in an IV cabin, and felt closed in not having the “real” balcony. Did enjoy the four different dining venues, but not the indoor pool area. In the fall of 2019 we did the Reflection(also booked for fall 2022) transatlantic in an Aqua cabin - it was literally like a “breath of fresh air”! We also had the Reflection booked for both transatlantic sails this year, but got cancelled out of both. In November we are returning to the sea on the Apex for a nine day sail in a IV cabin, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy it to the fullest! But, in December we return to the Silhouette for a twelve day cruise in an Aqua cabins; we still favor the S class(also doing the Equinox b2b in February). Enjoy your cruise either way!! Hal
  9. Reflection 10/31/2022 ta Aqua front $6779 to $5463 for a difference of $1316 savings Hal
  10. There is no rhyme nor reason why Celebrity reps say one thing to one person and something else to another. For example, our Silhouette cruise 12/13/21 was completely paid( before final payment date) for and today our ta had the price lowered over $500, back to our credit card. Then our Apex cruise, 11/4/21 was also lowered, and again after final payment. The reduced difference went back to credit card. Hal
  11. The other advantage to Aqua is that all the rooms are two occupants only; therefore no children in Blu. There might be children from guest in suites, but rarely! Makes the conservations at a pleasant level, and on S class there is a wall dividing the two rooms. Next Aqua cruise is in December on the Silhouette, Apex is in November, but the multiple dining venues are a must. Hal
  12. Have a safe and great sail! We are doing the same itineraries on the Equinox b2b but, on 1/30 & 2/11/22. Looking forward to your post, in the meantime. We are scheduled for the Apex 11/4, and the Silhouette on 12/13 - yes we miss cruising that much. safe travels Hal
  13. In addition to the b2b discounts, lunch - there is an “in-transit” pass that allows you to leave the ship ASAP. When on turn around we leave with the self disembarkation, get a cab and go out for a nice breakfast, shopping and return to the ship by 11am. Show our in-transit pass and bypass the new guest waiting to board. In Europe, we get off early and do an independent tour, usually with other b2b cruisers. Hal
  14. Most ta are able to put you into a group that their affiliates and they have; this results in a better price and a knowledgeable agent. We used to use that big online agency in NH, just for the extra perks, but talking to our agent was almost impossible and never on Saturday or Sunday(usual sail days). Switch to a local agent who has group affiliations and is available all the time to answer questions. In the Covid-19 era she has been on top of our cancellations, fcc and rebooking. Hal
  15. We’re on the Equinox for the 2/11/22 cruise and Bonaire has already been removed - Celebrity said port congestion. Hal
  16. We renewed our GE cards last month(both expire in October), mine went right thru but my wife’s requires an on site visit(both early 70s). Hal
  17. My wife also has mobility issues, we have been to all these islands many times.Since Bonaire has been mentioned many times and Bonaire cruisers. There tent is at the end of the vendors lineup which makes it a long stretch already. Then they will direct you to their cart location which is four more blocks down a road without sidewalks. - So here is what I do, leave about 15 minutes before my wife’s departure and get the cart and then bring it back to “near” the dock. Park it and go get my wife in a ship’s wheelchair, when returning do the opposite. (Do bring your handicapped plaque from home, might help to get closer to the pier. Curacao has two different piers that are far apart. The newer and further down the shore, has a shuttle to the junction of both pier paths, there are some tour operators there or a taxi. From there it is a level walking, or wheelchair cobblestone path (but mostly smooth)into the town area. The moveable bridge is about a 15 - 20 minute walk(mall & casino and McDonalds on the left side) , and across it is the town shopping and restaurants. Aruba’s piers depend where docking is. If your lucky there is a pier right in front of the exit to the street(lots of tour vendors), or if not so lucky there are pier docking that are really far to get to the exit. Hopes this helps, Hal
  18. We stayed at the Hyatt House in the late summer of 2019 and found it to be clean, comfortable and had the nicest breakfast and seating area. Location wise it was perfect, across the street from the Space Needle and Chihuly gardens(glass)walking distance to a number of eating place that have been in diners, drive ins and dives. All of the tour buses start and finish opposite Hyatt, including hop on hop off. The hotel had two cars available to pick up and drop off near the hotel, including the market and pier. Hal
  19. The local government in the Falklands has decided that no large cruise ships will be allowed as of last Friday, 6/18/21 https://polarjournal.ch/en/2021/06/08/no-large-cruise-ships-for-the-falkland-islands/ Do you think cruise lines will have second thoughts about round the horn cruises if the Falklands is eliminated? We are booked on the Diamond Princess for 3/5/22, and this was one of the primary reasons to book this cruise. Hal
  20. We were booked on the June 5 sailing of the Millennium, but due to medical reasons we cancelled the last week in May. The cruise fare will be returned as a fcc for the full amount, and the air, booked thru Celebrity, will be refunded to our credit card. Hal
  21. 5/21/21 We received a bid offer today for the Millennium for the June 5 cruise. Outrageous minimums! Hal
  22. I wonder how many crew members since arrival in St. Maarten on April 27th have experienced symptoms of COVID-19? Celebrity is again cutting their time schedule close, most of us have waited till a completed inspection of the ship was done by port/health/Coast Guard/etc before any egress to the ship. Assuming everything is cleared and inoculations( J & J) and provisions are completed by Wednesday, that leaves a little over two weeks till passengers are on board. Hal
  23. The Millennium is/will be in TX to get the crew vaccinated with J & J - wouldn’t it have been easier to hire a medical team and fly them to St. Maarten? So that give the crew just slightly over the recommended time period for effectiveness, Celebrity needs better planning for our safety. (Though the J & J vaccine didn’t work very well for the Yankees!) Hal
  24. Celebrity has the Millennium sailing out of St. Maarten, beginning 6/5 - would not be hard to shift it to a US port by July.
  25. We booked as soon as booking opened, 2A for $1699 + there special air - fine but, there special air dropped to $half of what we paid on Flights by Celebrity. Could not get an adjustment. Hal
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