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  1. This is very upsetting to hear. Were you on the new Vantage ship, the Explorer? We are scheduled for a trip onboard that vessel next year. Has anyone else heard more about these trips and would be willing to post more experiences?
  2. Dear Vantage, Many thanks for doing the right thing. You are giving us more reason to hope that you come out of the COVID doldrums and again offer quality travel experiences as you have in the past.
  3. Thanks for the encouraging words but Im waiting for a response from Vantage. I'm probably being too optimistic to hope that customer oriented response!
  4. Interesting...I looked at a different page of the online deck plan and in some instances Vantage has "rebranded" their cabins. The one I had booked originally is $400 per person more than the cabin they are now giving us.
  5. I am still quite concerned about the business practices of Vantage. I am hoping that someone can help me navigate this one. We booked a cruise with Vantage for autumn of 2022. At the time of booking I was told that I could have cabin #708. Over the last few months, my online reservation information disappeared. Most of it has reappeared. As I checked my reservation, my cabin number has been changed to #621. I sent an email requesting my original cabin, I was informed that cabin #708 is no longer in this category. What might my option be? 1. Ask for a full refund, because they changed my reservation? 2. Ask for a price reduction, because they changed my reservation? This below is a quote from Vantage's terms and conditions. "Vantage, at its option, may substitute accommodations of an equal or superior class or provide a full refund of the fare actually paid by you for such cruise, or substitute accommodations of a lower class and provide a refund of the difference, if any, between the booked class and the substitute class for such cruise, but Vantage shall not incur any other liability for failure to provide the reserved berth. " Vantage is giving me a cabin that is the same category in some respects, but only because they are changing the designations. My reserved room has been upgraded to another category evidently, but that is not currently reflected on their webpage. C'mon, Vantage. Why do you keep trying to drive your loyal customers away by treating them like this! I wish someone would call me from Vantage so we can discuss these issues. My invoice is still not available online either!
  6. I don't know. I wrote them an email over the weekend. I received the information about the "audit" today in an email. I hope they come out of this okay but I have my doubts.
  7. This information from Vantage does not appear to be accurate. "My Portfolio" is no longer working properly. As I checked my information, the cruise I have booked for next year is listed, but the ship, my cabin number, etc. are all gone. My invoice is gone. When I contacted Vantage they have indicated that the website is undergoing a three month "audit." I've never heard of a website being down for three months. Are they being bought out or going bankrupt? Should I apply for a refund now?😔
  8. Does anyone know if Vantage will ever sail again? Like many others I have been on the "trip moved to 2022" merry-go-round. There are many Better Business complaints that are showing up online against Vantage with no resolution or refund listed.
  9. Our cruise to the British Isles on Vantage was cancelled. I tried moving the cruise but the price has increased drastically for next year. I was told I can get a refund on the money that I paid. I also purchased travel insurance through Vantage. Do they legally have to refund my travel insurance premium? Thank you.
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