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  1. Before flying, passengers should have a covid test and only if negative should you be able to fly. Come to Australia and you’ll be placed into hotel quarantine for two weeks (without exemption) until you have a negative covid result even if you were negative when you commenced your journey and on arrival. Before boarding a Princess ship, passengers should have a “travel passport” that confirms; vaccination dates, covid test results and travel history. I think what we would all like to see is a rapid covid test kit. Then Princess could test Passengers on a regular basis. This co
  2. The buffet should be turned into an “Anytime Dining” venue.
  3. I doubt they’ll get rid of the Sea and Sun as they’re very popular especially in Australia. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Of course, international waters between Australia and New Zealand.
  5. I would like to see an International Cafe on the Sea Princess. i imagine there will be changes on both ships to accommodate social distancing. Perhaps the Horizon Court should become an Anytime Dining Room. Menus on line on Princess at Sea and allocated theatre seating.
  6. How about some funny “quarantine photos” to keep us laughing? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. I have cruises already booked but if I buy CCL stock now, can I apply for the OBC before sailing in a month? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Not all vegans are “judgemental”. “The guilty fleeith where no man persueth”.
  9. Bottom line ..........nobody starves on a cruise ship.
  10. One is by choice and the other is not !!!!
  11. I’ve been bringing my own coffee with a French press for years and it’s great to pop down to the International Cafe and enjoy my own good cup of coffee. Hubby prefers to buy their tea. Sometimes the staff are happy to clean the French press afterwards (if they’re not too busy). I usually take a pre-ground coffee like Illy coffee because it’s in a sealed tin. I ask the staff to fill it with their steamer because then it’s super hot and then just bring me a cup and saucer.
  12. A few years ago Princess used equal parts of the Bombay Sapphire gin/Grey Goose vodka and Cointreau. It was delicious but then they reduced the Cointreau and now it’s awful. Well, it’s not to my taste !!
  13. That's the first time I've heard of B2B passengers having to take all their luggage off between cruises. 😯 Many Australian cruises are sold with multiple embarkation points ie the circumnavigation of Australia is sold as Top End and Bottom End cruises as well as the full circumnavigation. At the moment those cruises stop at Alotau (PNG) but used to stop in Indonesia. Having to pack twice on a cruise would be seriously annoying. We've been on cruises where we've had to clear immigration, with a zero count, at Brisbane or Hobart after international ports but h
  14. In Fremantle in Western Australia they have what is called a “zero count” if the ship has been in Asia before docking. Everybody off with all their luggage to clear Customs and Quarantine. You can then leave your luggage with the porters to put it back on the ship. Make sure you have luggage tags on your suitcases. When you return to the ship you do not have to wait for any particular boarding time because you will have a card that says you are “In transit”. if the ship is going to a foreign country afterwards you will have to clear Customs on your way back to the ship (don’t forget
  15. One of the BEST features on the Sun is the promenade deck which extends right around deck 7. Great for walking under cover. The Diamond is bigger and has more features and I love Skywalkers. The theatre on the Diamond is bigger so I guess it comes down to personal preferences.
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