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  1. Thanks to everyone who suggests to watch the fares, we have been doing that, and it is amazing how fast they change from one minute to another. My question is, when I now go to the Airline web site to check this message is there, and has been for about 2 weeks now. Do I need to contact Princess or the Airlines about this? We didn't have this on our earlier flights we had booked.
  2. How do you get on the upgrade list?
  3. We just had the experience of redoing our EZAir flights and saved about $115 for each of us. What happens if prices go down again after we make our final payment do we get a refund to our credit card, or on board credit?
  4. We have flexible flights on American Operated by BA, with the flight home being an AA flight. When trying to request our seats EzAir says we need to call the airline to book. Do we call AA or BA? Can we request and pay for premium seats or do we need to wait until they are ticketed?
  5. Thank you, These are our first international flights. Outgoing we were told we check in with Lufthansa not United and the first leg of the trip is check in with BA.
  6. our flight out bound would be United operated by Lufthansa and our return flight would be American operated by British Air and American, does this make a difference
  7. Can we pay for the cruise with one credit card and request that the air fare be charged on another card? How would it work if we use two different airlines United/Lufthansa going and American/British Air returning? We have credit cards and miles with both airlines, which credit card would we use? We understand that we can’t use miles with EzAir, but would our free baggage apply, and would we earn miles with both airlines? Thank you
  8. If we pay for our seats now and rebook the flight because the price has gone down, do our seats stay or do we need to pay for them again? Is it worth it to pay for seats? The flight is Untied operated by Lufthansa, do we get United miles for this flight?
  9. what is a casino rate? is this something that effects the price of cruise, OBC we were given when we reserved the cruise?
  10. It is an international flight, and I checked both the United and Lufthansa sites and got the same information, that I could not select seats until ticketed. Were you able to make the changes after the flights were ticketed?
  11. Doesn’t anyone fly Economy anymore, it seems that everyone flies business class these days. We booked our flight for our pre-cruise and it is a United operated by Lufthansa. I understand that with experienced travelers there is a love/hate relationship with this airline. We tried to select seats, but apparently we can’t until 23 hours before. Princess said if I pay now, they would ticket the flight, and I might be able to choose our seats. At that point I would not be able to take advantage of lower prices if they occur. I thought with EZAIR, changes could be made until 45 days before the trip, whether the flight has been paid for or not. If we wait until 23 hours before, will we be able to sit together? Is it like this for economy class on all airlines?
  12. Have you ever taken one of these flights that connect through Canada on Air Rouge? What does it mean when you say Air Rouge is NO frills?
  13. Thank you Stan. When you say not frills what does that mean? It was suggested to me to fly Lufthansa, but if it is an Air Canada flight, maybe not. What is the preferred airline to fly to Europe?
  14. Happy New Year! We are booking our air through Ezair for our Mediterranean cruise, but since we have never flown internationally before I am getting confused. It looks like there is a United flight that is operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge, for one price, an Air Canada flight with the 2nd leg operated by Air Canada Rouge for another price, and an Air Canada/ Lufthansa flight with the Lufthansa portion being operated by CANADA ROUGE FOR AIR CANADA, for yet another price. There was also an United/Lufthansa flight listed. All these flights look the same to me. We are leaving LAX on 10/18/209 to Venice, if that helps, and leaving Barcelona on 11/6/2019 back to LAX. I called United, and they confused me even more, so I am asking the experts, all of you on CC that have done this before. Thank you for your help!
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