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  1. HUH? Wasn't aware of that. My soda of choice is Diet Mt. Dew, sure hope they will have it. John
  2. We got an email saying our Radiance cruise was canceled. But, when I went to the page to request our refund, I saw that it was for Radiance cruises through 1 Nov 2020. Our cruise is later in November, over Thanksgiving. Guess we will have to wait to find out the real status of our cruise.The Victory is currently sitting in the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain. They are sending the crew home until further notice, but not sure if they can get out with Spain on lockdown. John
  3. I agree a tutorial would be very helpful! I really like many of the features of the new board, but less computer savvy folks are having a hard time. Our Roll Call has not been nearly as active since the change. Maybe one has been created since Bob posted this 3 months ago. Anyone know? John
  4. So sorry to hear of the problems you had on the Epic! We were on her for 22 days in Apr 2018 and loved her! We enjoyed it so much that we have 4 more NCL cruises booked over the next 14 months. One thing that impressed me with the Epic was the accessibility of the senior staff. Nelson was the Hotel Director and I would have spoken to him about any issues. We did that on 2 occasions and got the problems fixed and a deluxe plate of chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room with a note of apology. We had only been on 1 other NCL cruise before that; thus, we had no status, but it didn't mater. John
  5. I've been using this to see the threads that I follow. It is the closest to what I used with the old system. But, it doesn't have the page links that allows me to go to the last page. Is there a better place to go to follow the Roll Calls that I am on? UPDATE: I think I found it - Under Activity I found Activity Streams with a multitude of options. I'm getting a LOT more info than I want. Someone who is following a lot of threads, whould be inundated with information. SIGH! I like most of the changes, but I'll bet a lot of folks would like a [SIMPLIFY] button.
  6. Hi Karen, Great to run into you on here! I was thinking about you the other day and wondered how your budget cruising was going. We ended up getting really sick the last few days on the Horizon. Took 3 weeks to get back to normal. We are doing 14 nights on the Pearl in Dec. Now about the coupons. Since we will both be making Platinum, then we should both get a set of coupons to the restaurants, which would be 4 visits. If not, that really stinks! John
  7. As shof515 said, you can mail them in port. I've seen shops that sell post cards that also have postage. Since you already have the cards to mail, it would be best to find a post office branch. Having a foreign stamp and postmark would be neat. John
  8. We were on the Epic for 22 days in April this year and got off of the Adventure of the Seas 2 weeks ago. I had trouble finding something interesting on the MDR menu on both ships. We actually found the food to be better at the buffet. Maybe it is just me as I might be tiring of cruise ship food after 36 cruises. John
  9. Thank you for posting this info! We are on track to be Platinum after our Greek Isle cruise in next May. We are glad to learn that it is for 2...so, we each will get the perk. We are Diamond on Carnival and got ONE trip to the steakhouse for hitting that level of 200 days, not each cruise. The NCL perk is so much better! John
  10. Folks have failed to mention the one item that I went wild over - Roasted Pineapple! Can't make a meal off of it, but it was unbelievably incredible! We experienced Moderno for the first time on the Epic TA this past April. The salad bar was excellent! I hope it is as good on the Pearl, which we have booked for Dec. John
  11. We had the fastest embarkation ever getting on the Adv. of the Seas, but that created an almost unbearable crowd at the elevators and Windjammer Cafe (lunch buffet.) On port mornings it was hard to find a place to sit in the Windjammer and navigating around the tables was maddening. It was just too crowded in there, but only in that area. Most other places were fine. The entertainment was great. Our cabin location was likely the best we have ever encountered. Having the unlimited drink package on NCL made a huge difference. Also, the number of dinning venues far exceeded what they had on the Adv. RCL had Johnny Rockets, but charged $11+ for a hamburger, while on Carnival Guy's is free. A fountain coke in a glass full of ice was $3.84, but you can order a 6-pack of cokes from room service for $14.18 (both prices included gratuities.) Any cruise is what you make of it and your expectations play a big part. So, you should be fine on the Symphony. John
  12. We did the Epic TA this year in April. There were folks of all ages and plenty in their 30's and 40's. I was surprised to find a group of folks who do that cruise every year, a couple of them were doing it for the 8th time. We are Diamond on Carnival and took the Epic TA to catch the brand new Carnival Horizon. We ended up really liking the Epic more that any ship we have been on with Carnival, so much so that we have 4 more NCL cruises booked over the next 14 months. John
  13. Hi klfhngr, Interesting and entertaining review! Two years ago we booked the brand new Carnival Horizon for a 10 day Med cruise, followed by a TA back to the US. After booking her, I realized that we could take a ship over since the Horizon was coming back in the Spring. So, I booked the NCL Epic for a TA and 7 day Med cruise. We liked the Epic so much that we now have 4 NCL cruises booked over the next 14 months. BTW, I am also a fan of the wings at O'Sheehans. The day after you got off of the Escape, we boarded the Adventure of the Seas for a similar cruise, only we continued past Halifax to Quebec City. It was a great cruise, but Adv. of the Seas made us appreciate NCL that much more. John
  14. The "Fill A Bag" option is MUCH better than with Carnival. They actually sort your clothes, fold them nicely and put them in a wicker basket with tissue over the top. We are Diamond with Carnival and get free bags of laundry, but have had many things ruined. Now all I'll send in is underwear, socks and jeans. John
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