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  1. Did a FO cruise a year ago and never again Balcony cabin was expensive and awful - bedside tables at foot of beds: they allow smoking on balconies which is a big no no for me. Could not sit on the balcony at night inport as very bright spotlights there Staff seem to have many outfits which I felt degraded them somewhat Quality of food better than P&O but less international choice. No speciality restaurants open on our 8 night cruise Terrible system to get a shuttle bus - you had to queue at reception to pay or get a card stamped that you didn’t pay then queue at another table for a ticket then wait to be called. System chaos and a whole load of us waited over an hour to get off the ship yet buses were waiting Security staff never greeted you on and off - very unfriendly House wine like vinegar Show lounges uncomfortable and difficult to see the stage Equivalent of headliners tried hard but were really not very good i could go on. We were not alone on our view - our neighbours told us that they had never spent so much time in their cabin on a cruise i would never cruise with them again which is a shame as they have some good destinations Per night it was the most we had ever paid for a cruise but it was by far the worst
  2. The food in the MDR in Aurora seems to me to be of better standard than before but still too much fish for my personal taste we have eaten in the Glass House a few times and in my opinion it’s miles better than the Beach House think they have some new staff though as whilst they are all lovely and friendly some of them don’t know much about the menu
  3. Was there yesterday and I would say it was only so so. I think we may have made the wrong choices from the menu. Other thing I didn’t like was the lighting. It was really really bright and in no way atmospheric. They said that will be addressed at the refit
  4. Adam Thank you very much for a great review. We are based in the UK and don’t really do sun cruises but I love the S class ships and was intrigued by Edge. It sounds to me like the Magic Carpet is a bit of a gimmick and probably not worth the premium prices. glad you both had a great trip - set you up nicely for Christmas
  5. Thanks everyone for the very helpful tips We are on the Christmas cruise (don’t usually like saying which cruise for insurance reasons but house not empty this time!) Have been everywhere before so have carefully managed expectations. Indeed we got such a bargain price for this cruise that I can live with a few disappointments Decided to do the P&O trip in case weather not great and public transport on a Sunday not so good Obviously fine with euros for Amesterdam and Bruges but will take a very small amount of Danish and Norwegian currency for tips and use cards for meals / shopping
  6. Have been on Azura once and didn’t like it for various reasons. However it was over Easter and there were hundreds of kids on board and I have to say they were no trouble at all (and I say that as someone who is often intolerant of children)
  7. And I forgot to mention that smoking allowed on balconies - big no no for me
  8. One Fred cruise was enough for me. Worse than an OAP home. Most I have ever paid per night for a balcony cabin and worst balcony cabin ever. They seem to think it is fine to have your bedside table at the foot of your bed - doesn't work for me. Could not use the balcony at night some nights in ports as it had a very bright light on it which apparently had to stay on - and as I like to sleep with curtains open this was awful Staff seemed scared and were not friendly - I had read that staff on Fred's ships were friendliest at sea but this was not my experience. If I pass an officer or member of staff I always smile and say hallo - I was ignored which was just odd. Entertainment woeful. Lounges awful and really uncomfortable. Quality of food good but very old fashioned choices. No speciality restaurants open Not for me On Aurora in a few weeks after 18 months away from P&O. I am not one for bigger ships so hope I will like Aurora and go again. Celebrity is my first choice but as they don't sail from the UK in the winter months P&O still of interest
  9. Yes that’s the one havent cruised with P&O for a while so will be interesting
  10. We are going to be in the Tivoli Gardens just before Christmas and they will have their Christmas market. Has anyone been there at this time? i am just wondering how much kroner to take as I don’t anticipate doing much more in Copenhagen. Don’t want to take too much currency but want to have enough to buy anything I want in the market. Or would cards be accepted? if anyone has been at this time would be grateful for their thoughts
  11. I rarely drink any alcohol drinks except white wine and on our first and last Fred Cruise I thought the wine was awful. One night I bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio at the dining table and it was not pleasant. I donated it to our young waiter and even he said to me the next night he couldn’t drink it. We didn’t have the drink package on Fred and actually didn’t spend much on alcohol the whole week. I did have a pina colada one night - cheesy I know - and again it wasn’t especially nice. Badly made and stringy pineapple juice. I left most of it.
  12. Not at all. You can want to use the internet without being addicted Does using the restaurant make you addicted to food? Does having a drink in the bar make you an alcoholic?
  13. That sounds a tad offensive, hopefully I am reading it wrong I don't think P&O entertainment is up to much so rarely use it - so I am paying for others to be entertained. At present internet is not free so whats the issue ?
  14. Whilst I quite agree that I don’t want people on their phones in the dining room, it’s a personal choice to pay for internet on board, and it’s not harming anyone else I like keeping up to date with news, with a sick friend, with the office. That’s my choice and doesn’t make me a “sad” person. I’d rather do that that sunbathe. I also research future ports, organise tours; send photos of speciality meals to friends. My choice, my money. It’s a better use of my money than wasting time on shore looking for free wi-fi
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