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  1. Our new booking on the Crown- Alaska for July 17, 2021 would not allow the FCCs to be used as the deposit. I had two FCDs for my deposit. . Since the cabin category we booked requires an $800 deposit l only had to use $200 in FCDs, get the OBCs from them and Princess had agree to the promised 25% goodwill FCC posting. One really needs to be extremely versed in these Princess policy as well as extremely organized to keep track of your credits. I have a separate file from three cruises for airline credits, refunds, FCCs, FCDs, OBCs and goodwill credits. I don't even want to talk about the gift c
  2. A negative covid certificate at the airport and cruise ships will be welcome after Oct 30. Quote in article "At the moment there are no cruise ships sailing to Panama as there is a voluntary suspension on operations by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) through October and a CDC No-Sail Order in place through September 30, 2020. Once cruises do resume Panama will be able to welcome ships as its borders will be open.." But we know date is Oct 30 now.
  3. Hot off the presses in Google new feed. We are booked for Emerald For Feb 8 th .
  4. Another hint which may be obvious from the shrimp Caesar salad suggestion is from the everyday menu. I request the Alfredo and ask them to add shrimp or any version of protein. I also need to confess the I bring a small container of Old Bay seasoning for my daily shrimp cocktail and Alfredo at least once each trip! Last time I did this l had several waiters stop over who wanted to taste the Old Bay spice. Can't remember but one of the ships we sailed on had the Old Bay spice on hand. I was raised crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay each summer and McCormick spice Co. was a Maryland institution.
  5. Sorry if I wasn't clear . Was referring to the percentage fcc perks.
  6. Canceled March 6 for cruise for April 7. Asked for option 1 got option 2 no rhyme or reason how this happens???? Full refund June 17 to CC to the penny! Was made whole and fine with me but not a single perk as promised. Won't be drinking there coolaid BS. Caveat emptor!!
  7. Thanks, googled clarifyed story from the one I read. Order expiring July 27 2020 still. 😊
  8. Regent Navigator has a Montreal to New York September 26 2020 sailing. Canada only banned cruise ships with 500 passengers or more. Navigator carries 490. Canada current date for crossings is July something. Plans on ships are being developed and protocols for medical care and testing kits are being developed. Vaccines are being developed and tested via several companies as early as July and August release in other than the USA maybe expedited. Things are settling down to a new normal with hand washing and masking along with personal distancing too. Each port of call will need to get permissi
  9. Something no one nor Princess has touched on is stocking treatment medications that they do in hospitals and test kits.
  10. This is ludicrous. How are they keeping taxes and port charges on a cruise that did not happen and cost not incurred. It's not like you won't be paying appropriate taxes and port charges on the next cruise. Just an invention to keep our funds hostage. How are you supposed to keep track of one's balance of some arbitrary figure to match your next cruise. The FCC is only on the percentage of the cruise fare, the rest of it is your money. The degradation of the options continues to the point were the only thing the these cruise lines will have is their reputation, which will be nil!
  11. Navigator was due for drydock work the end of August 2020 in Marseille too. Logistically may not be possible. If she is over the pond maybe but then due to start T/A and Canada, New England routes. The schedulers must be pulling their hair out repositioning these ships for restarts. Then restaffing. Then restocking. Then ..... Etc
  12. Has anyone figured out Princess Cruises official calculation process for option 1. Counting on those tech folks in the valley to developed the logic. 😄 Get your if, then, else on! Would love to have some idea what to expect when the coveted email comes.
  13. Emerald Panama Feb 8. If they are not sailing by then- Lord help us. Of course you need to measure your own risks.
  14. Received all our refundable dollars in two days Feb 12 for April 7 canceled cruise on the Star. No FCC 's yet, due $930. Over 30 days and counting. Hoping expectations at least equal reality!! 25% of what. I have no idea!!!
  15. We booked those same destinations (domestic flights) waiting for our FCC's. R\T LA Alaska!
  16. Has anyone gotten their FCC spontaneously posted and corresponding email without prompting Princess. I am on week 4 waiting and trying to figure out their processing schedule. Am really trying to be patient but getting so many other emails from Princess makes one wonder about their focus. Plus curious what number they will come up with.
  17. No big mystery. Just wondered the details of the work involved. Love sailing on a ship just redone. Especially Navigator.
  18. Yes, wondered about a private charter too. Regent rearranged their originally published schedule, to an unpublished time gap. The shipyard was scheduled but the port excapes me right now. Regards.
  19. Booked on Navigator Sept 26 2020. Does anyone know the details of why this second gap in service when she was just refurbished for June 2019 and now will we in "dry dock" so soon again Aug 2020.
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