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    Disembarkation in Barbados

    Thank you for the information. With regard to the drink package and with the discussions re the changes, I decided to check our booking conditions for the Restaurant & Bar Package. It was booked in August 2018 and it clearly states that the package is not valid on disembarkation day. Regards tjwa
  2. The ship docks in Bridgetown at 8.00am and Virgin flight back to UK is at 5.25pm. I’ve only experienced the system used by P&O so can anyone assist with the following questions:- a) Is your luggage collected the night before, transported to the airport and you don’t see it until arrival in the UK. b) Do you have the option to pay for the day use of a cabin on the ship until transfer to the airport. c) Having bought a drinks package is this still valid on departure day. Thanks
  3. tjwa

    MSC Preziosa - Dry Dock Nov 2018?

    MSC PREZIOSA is now underway - destination Palermo DD.
  4. tjwa

    MSC Preziosa - Dry Dock Nov 2018?

    Marine Traffic forecast for Preziosa is Palermo.
  5. Totally agree and I don't think the photos can be turned off.
  6. tjwa

    MSC hotels in Genoa and Barcelona

    My TA(UK) booking for a Fantastica cabin included 3 nights at the said hotel in Genoa. I have been unsure about this hotel as I wouldn't have booked it by choice. Tripadvisor reports have given me some degree of confidence that it will be ok.
  7. tjwa

    MSC hotels in Genoa and Barcelona

    GENOA - Hotel Vittoria Orlandini
  8. Slightly? I would say irrelevant.:)
  9. That is what I intend to do.
  10. They've got nothing else better to do.:D
  11. tjwa

    Candy for Crew

  12. tjwa

    Cruise Disaster

    Nothing wrong with BRITISH AIRWAYS.
  13. tjwa

    Ship Captains, Who is in charge

    Totally agree. I just wish they were all fluent in the English language.
  14. tjwa

    Drinks package gone.

    MSC UK is different to MSC USA. I have spoken to MSC and if you have booked through a TA it has to be booked through your TA. It will not reappear on the MSC site.