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  1. Trying to find out how long out does Oceania do their schedule. Looking at doing a transatlantic end of 2023.
  2. We had our one and only cruise on Koningsdam in 2016. It is the only HAL ship we dislike. Our two biggest complaints where the promenade deck ( or lack of ) and the long 20-30 minutes wait for the MDR EVERY night. Our favorite cabin on HAL is a Lani with the associated deck chairs. Koningsdam does not even have deck chairs. The MDR appears to be sized to drive guests to the specialty restaurants. With the sell of Prinsendam and then four more of their smaller ships last year (our favorite Rotterdam) we are reassessing our future cruises with HAL.
  3. I guess I worded the question wrong. What I want to know is if we can bring a 1.75L plastic bottle of premixed spirits onboard. We have cruised with HAL the last few years and they allow no plastic bottles. As of their latest change , they now only allow 12 canned sodas and canned water. Now, as for a Margarita. I agree with Reposado, but V&H and I prefer a frozen not shaken Margarita with Grand Marnier🍹.
  4. This will be our first cruise on Oceania. We are curious about whether Jose Cuervo Margarita in a plastic bottle is allowed to be brought on board. Margaritas are our favorite drink and on other ships we have been less than impressed. The premixed Jose isn't great, but it is better than what we've gotten previously and would be really good on the balcony.
  5. We are booked for a 21 day cruise in March 2022 onboard the Statendam. We will be in the same cabin for both legs. What is the procedure for Ft Lauderdale between the two legs?
  6. We are looking at an ocean view under either the bridge(deck 7) or crows nest(deck 11). Anyone stayed in these rooms and what did you think?
  7. We made an online reservation with HAL a couple of days ago. Is it possible to transfer that reservation to a travel agent?
  8. HAL cancelled our Apr 5th cruise. We received the email on 14 March. I called on 18 march to see if we could use both cabins we payed for as FCC, but they said only the one in our name, not the one in our grandsons name. (cruise for his graduation) So we emailed the form while on the phone with them. 1 cabin with FCC (my wife & I) and full refund for second cabin(grandson & friend). Said refund in 5-7 days. Called 3 weeks ago and spoke with a very nice rep who said that it was going to be 60 days because they were all working from home. We received our FCC on 7 May like a lot of others, but no refund for the port taxes or other cruise. Then as you saw from my post I called today and it was not the same pleasant professional call as the other two.
  9. Today is also my 61st day since cancelling. I also called HAL, but unlike 3 weeks ago when the rep could not have been nicer, this rep could have cared less. She was not rude. Just could care less and said they were working on it. She could not say when the tickets would be refunded or the port taxes for the other cruise we took FCC on. Said they were working in order of cancel date, but could not tell me what date they were at now. Called bank and disputed charge.
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