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  1. I got the Australia cruise offer also. Going to pass.
  2. I have also been denied on a casino rate They made plenty of money off me on that cruise so it was not a hardship for them.
  3. The door hanger has free and $5 items.
  4. Marineland looks great! Thanks for posting.
  5. Depends what is close for you. I like Baltimore because it is only about 3 hours away. There is only one ship per day that leaves from there, so it's never crowded. Plenty of inexpensive parking right next to the ship. I would leave from Philadelphia if they built a port there! I understand winter weather is a problem.
  6. Make sure you ask for wheelchair assist when you get to the terminal.
  7. Guys Burgers. Was never on the Sunrise so I don't know if they have the barbecue place.
  8. I stayed there and it wasn't bad. You could hear it in the hallway but not in our room. I did not feel any vibrations.
  9. There are cruises that go out of NYC and Baltimore. They go to the Caribbean and Bermuda.
  10. Don't get your hopes up.
  11. Since Dumbo is a Disney movie I don't think it will be shown. It was very good. IMO
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