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  1. Your last sentence sums it up.
  2. I can book 8/18 also. If anyone can book on 8/17 please let us know the available dates. Thanks! Sue
  3. That is because the hospitals are not doing elective procedures. That is why people are being laid off.
  4. The people in the health system would have to take care of, and be overburdened by them. I would be OK.
  5. Let the anti vaxers stay at home so they won't harm others.
  6. Is it an Elite Cruise? That gives drinks anywhere on the ship.
  7. Thanks. I thought I missed something. When do you think they'll tell us???? It's like they are ignoring it.
  8. Has a decision been made on Alaska? I have one booked for June 8.
  9. Carnival's decision on Alaska is now backed up until March 30. I have a cruise booked from SF June 8 so I will be watching for it to be cancelled.
  10. I was told by my PVP that an announcement will be made on Friday.
  11. Thanks for that info. Maybe they will let me rebook the one they will cancel because it was supposed to stop in Vancover.
  12. You will not see the OBC listed for this. It will show up on your account once you are the ship. Just be patient! Carnival phone lies are SWAMPED right now.
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