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  1. Thanks for taking a hit for the team! WE look forward to your reports!
  2. Did you find with most people that the boarding pass time was not a solid time. We are now supposed to board at 4:30 but the people we were going to share a water taxi with board at two pm. Do you think they will turn us away?
  3. nice. Yes I know gps is not dependent on wifi or cellular. I didn't know whether all map apps would place you in their maps as i only use maps.me but that is good to know. thank you.
  4. I really like your spreadsheet. I just have a list on my Notes right now. I do notice that you are on the Zuiderdam with me next february. I call it my snorkel fest and cant wait!
  5. I have always used maps.me and not only do the maps download ahead but you can use gps on your phone without wifi or cellular so IF I am wondering around a storage city and get lost I can open the map and it tells me exactly where I am!!! Nice for someone traveling solo.
  6. Thank you for clarifying in such a succinct manner. It helps. and thank you to all on here who have contributed to this discussion. I really appreciate it.
  7. Just read the 2020 benefits book and it is really confusing and seems to contradict themselves. I will have to call before I count on it but I will use my CSR for everything anyhow.
  8. It is the total. that is the great perk of the CSR.
  9. probably three years ago. I dont think they have changed. I guess I better check.
  10. Good to know about the 10K. I would just have to decide if I wanted to gamble on that. I assume your trip wasn't over 60 days? I wonder if they would just prorate the cost of the trip to 60 days. Mine is 74. CSR covers the entire trip even if only a portion is on the card. CSP covers only what was actually charged on the card. When I had to cancel they wanted to know if they should include my father and stepmother in the claim as they were traveling with, even though they were on another card and another reservation. It never got to that as they had their own insurance but the guy said they would. He also asked if I had any airplane tickets to the port to add to the claim I didn't. The port was too close.
  11. This has sort of been my policy for cancellation. people talk about the perks of CSR and how it pays back the big AF but they never talk about the travel insurance in those cases. For me the amount I have saved in travel insurance each year more than pays back the AF. Everything else is perks. I dont know, and should call them, if when a trip costs more than 10k and you have to cancel for a covered reason whether they reimburse up to the 10k or they reimburse nothing. It has not been an issue yet but traveling as a solo it is getting there. A trip that costs 5k per person for a couple can cost 10k for a solo. I have had emergency evacuation insurance in the past but really CSR covers it and once I had an annual travel policy that covered more medical but dont know if I need either of those coverages. My medicare supplement covers up to 50k of emergency medical overseas. I cant imagine anything costing more than that overseas. Here it would be nothing but overseas costs are much lower. Another advantage I see of using just CSR is that it covers 100% of costs for the trip even if you only paid for the air with your card it would cover cruise, excursions and anything else. Normal policies won't do that and often won't cover 100%. The big reason I am pondering this is because i am booked on the 2023 Grand South America. A 71 day cruise with HAL. I think I might have to do something to supplement my CSR insurance for that.
  12. Thens for the input. It covers 2.5k in emergency medical. this is a good point however. I haven't really travelled since I have been on medicare and back when I was going with just the CSR, I had overseas medical in my insurance. Something to check about my medicare coverage. I think it may have a minimal amount. most medical won't cover if you change your mind and cancel for any reason will not cover for 100% like CSR does. They would have covered my travel partners who also had to cancel that cruise if they had not had their own insurance and they were not paid with my card nor were our reservations hooked together. They were family members and the reason for my cancellation. I do like CSR coverage but something more is always a good idea. trying to figure out what gaps to cover and how to do it.
  13. I have struggled with this for a while but now with COVID it becomes a more pressing issue. Have others struggled with this? What gaps do you see and how do you fill them? I am coming up to some cruises that are above the 60 day travel limit and 10K cost limit for the insurance. How have you dealt with that. I have often gone exclusively with CSR and even found them good for reimbursing. They reimbursed 100% of a cruise I had to cancel at the last minute because a travel partner and family member needed surgery.
  14. I sail solo quite a bit on HAL and have on NCl. HAL is a solo friendly cruise line. oNly their newer ships have solo cabins but their staff and other passengers are really welcoming and friendly. In the Lido people will ask you to sit with them and everyone is friendly and chatty at breakfast and lunch. At dinner the MDR at open seating always has a shared table going so you can always sit with someone who is interested in meeting new people. I also meet people to dine with at the CC meetups and the first evening sailaway. When I have been on NCL at two different times, although they say you can share tables int eh MDR once I get there they tell me no one wants to share which tells me they are not doing their job. AT HAL when anyone come in for a table solo or not the main desk asks if you are interested in sharing. Also there are always tables available if you meet someone and want to go eat with no reservation.
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