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  1. Thanks bsammon for starting this thread, and Capt_BJ for the great information. We will be visiting Port Canaveral in April as a stop on our Oceania Sirena cruise. Should it be fairly easy for us to do Kennedy Space Center on our own? I can buy discount tickets through work, and will probably use Uber or Lyft from the cruise port. The excursion through Oceania would be more convenient, but costs $139.00 per person.
  2. Everyone was calm. Not sure why you would think otherwise. OP asked if others were experiencing the same problem with the website that they were having and people reported back that they also couldn't see their booked cruises. Just an exchange of information to help each other. Kind of what CC is here for.
  3. I just tried & couldn't see my upcoming cruise either. It was fine earlier today.
  4. Good to hear since we will be using this service in April.
  5. Is this definitely true of Oceania? In my experience Azamara reimburses the port fees if a port has to be cancelled with no replacement. That only seems fair to me.
  6. We will have to try another Azamara cruise to see for ourselves if we enjoy having the Den instead of a casino. As it is, we are looking forward to visiting the casino on our first Oceania cruise on Sirena (R class ship) this April. I guess we're in the minority in that we utilized the casino quite often on our Quest & Journey cruises in the past. Having said that, I will say that in my opinion the regulars in the Azamara forum are much friendlier & more helpful than many of the regulars in the O forum. I also realize how great it is to have Bonnie in here to answer questions while the O forum has no such support from Oceania.
  7. We now have reservations to Smith & Wollensky & are looking forward to it.
  8. If this happens on our Sirena cruise I will politely ask the room attendant to refill when they clean the room. If that doesn't happen then I will bring it to the attention of their boss (head of housekeeping?).
  9. Great. Hopefully they have the same system for Sirena in Miami this April. Thank you for the information.
  10. Thanks. I should have mentioned that we already have reservations for A Fish Called Avalon for our 2nd night in SB. I'm glad to hear that you liked it when you ate there. I'm trying to decide on a restaurant for our first night. Possibly Byblos or Lario's On The Beach, although we are definitely open to suggestions.
  11. BlueHerons, As always, I enjoy reading your recommendations here on CC. We will be staying at The Hotel of South Beach this April for 2 nights before a cruise. Are there any restaurants in that area that you would recommend? We enjoy all types of food.
  12. Interesting. People sometimes complain that the table & chairs are too large for the veranda on the Azamara R-Class ships. However, the table was roomy enough for us to enjoy our room service breakfast. We usually have the food delivered to the cabin & then bring our own plates out to the veranda. We have a Concierge veranda on Sirena in April, so we will see if eating room service breakfast is doable on the veranda or not. There are definitely worse problems to have. We will figure something out!
  13. How about the balcony table? That is where my wife & I have normally eaten our room service meals on Azamara. Is the balcony table on the O ships (specifically R Class) too small? For me, eating a nice breakfast while watching the scenery from our balcony is one of life's great pleasures.
  14. Thank you to those who participated in this thread. I didn't know we could make special requests for soft drinks. Our TA has now requested that Fresca be stocked in our stateroom fridge for our cruise on Sirena in April. I haven't seen a list of what soft drinks are normally stocked. Since Fresca is a Coke product it may be one of the ones normally available, but it seems obscure enough that it probably isn't.
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