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  1. We finally received the last piece of our refund this morning. Ship - Sirena Sail date - April 1, 2020 Oceania cancelled this cruise on March 13, 2020 We requested a full refund through our TA March 14, 2020 Cruise was paid in full December, 2019. The final 2 pieces of the refund (it ended up being refunded in 4 pieces total) arrived in our credit card account this morning, 93 days after receiving the cruise cancelled confirmation from Oceania. It would have been nice if O had paid out refunds on a first in first out basis.
  2. April 1 cruise Cancelled by Oceania on March 13 Full refund requested by us on March 14 & Cruise Cancelled Confirmation received on March 15. Still waiting for the final piece of our refund (about $725). I will contact our TA on Monday since she kept quoting the "up to 90 days" whenever I asked her to find the status of our refund. Today makes 90 days for us.
  3. Still waiting for the 3rd piece of our refund for our April 1st cruise which was cancelled on March 13th & refund requested on March 14th. Over 80 days waiting now.
  4. Exactly. The fact that Oceania hasn't processed refunds on a first in first out basis has only added to the angst & frustration of customers like me. The lack of communication is also frustrating. Just stating "be patient" or "we're slammed" isn't good enough.
  5. Glad to hear that you now have all of your refund. Hopefully the remainder of our refund will arrive soon as well.
  6. I certainly don't rate Oceania's responsiveness as stellar. We are on day 65 waiting since we requested a full refund on March 14 for our April 1 cruise that was cancelled on March 13.
  7. Just to add another data point, we are on day 58 waiting for our refund to be completed for a canceled cruise. We did receive 2 credits a while back but are still owed about $725. Our TA says Oceania has acknowledged that they still owe us the money.
  8. Pster55, Thank you for starting this thread. I check in every day in hopes that CC members will start reporting that they are receiving their refunds from O for canceled cruises. With NCLH recently securing over $2 Billion, I am hopeful that the refunds will start coming through soon. I still have a little over 5 weeks before the 90 days is up from when we requested our refund.
  9. Land vacations? That's what we may end up doing, although it could be a while before we feel safe traveling anywhere outside of driving distance. I do know that I won't even consider booking another cruise with Oceania if they fail to refund all of the money for our canceled cruise.
  10. We're still waiting for the final $725 piece from our canceled 4/1/20 Sirena sailing. We asked for the refund on March 14th and received all but the $725 in 2 credits to our credit card on April 3. This is for the paid cruise fare only with no extras or excursions involved.
  11. I still find it strange that some people are getting their refunds in one lump sum while others are getting theirs in bits & pieces. I only used one credit card, no optional purchases, no tours involved, and almost everyone getting a refund in one lump sum likely paid an initial deposit. Like I said, I am just stating my refund experience to this point in a thread about refunds. I see nothing wrong with that and will continue doing so.
  12. Yes I have been reading the threads. I just posted this to chronicle my refund experience to this point. It may be helpful to someone going through the refund process themselves.
  13. Our April 1 cruise was cancelled on March 13th and we requested a refund on March 15th. We received 2 separate refunds to our CC account on April 3, but it was about $725 less than what we are owed. Today I asked my TA to contact Oceania. They acknowledged that I am still owed money and said they are in the process of refunding. My TA asked that we be patient, but it just seems strange that some are receiving their full amount owed while we are getting ours in pieces.
  14. The excursion was the only one we booked through Oceania, and up until O cancelled the cruise our itinerary hadn't changed at all. I looked through all of my transactions since cancelling the excursion and there are no refunds from O. I'm not too worried about it at this point. If a week goes by and the rest owed to us for the cruise especially hasn't shown up then I will contact our TA & ask her to check with Oceania.
  15. I appreciate others who have posted their refund experience so far so here is mine: Our April 1 cruise was cancelled on March 13 and we requested the 100% refund on March 15. This morning my credit card account shows 2 refunds that total $725 less than what we paid. Hopefully the $725 shows up in another refund over the next week or so. The date on the refunds show as April 3 although they just showed up in our account this morning. Also, we cancelled an excursion on Feb 28 and received a refund this morning for $31 less than what we paid. I know this refund is for the excursion since it was charged on a different credit card than the cruise itself. I will also wait a while for the rest of the money to show up before inquiring about this one. My guess is that the amounts yet to be refunded are the tax portion which may have to be refunded by a different department.
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