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  1. Same here. We would probably spend more time relaxing on our balcony with a book & a glass of wine.
  2. There is a youtube series by a couple that took an Oceania Insignia cruise that I enjoyed watching. This is a link to the first in their series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-RQnjEy96E
  3. Yes, I figured 7116 would be a bit smaller than those on deck 6, but still longer than the average balcony with close to the same view.
  4. That aft view looks fine to me, especially if we can get some of those recliners. I look forward to our cruise in cabin 7116 on Insignia next year to find out for ourselves.
  5. Thank you very much for checking. We will make the request if the lounger isn't already there when we arrive.
  6. That is great to hear. I have always wanted to try one of the aft cabins, so we booked 7116 on Insignia for our first O cruise. With the deeper balcony, do they routinely have loungers? Or would we need to request them after boarding?
  7. I really hope our Oceania cruise scheduled for September 2022 boarding in New York sails out of Manhattan. We sailed from Manhattan 2 years ago on an Azamara cruise & the experience was spectacular. I don't think we could ever not be thrilled by the sights sailing so close to the Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers, and under the bridge.
  8. We have sailed with Azamara twice, enjoying both cruises. Most of their ships no longer having a casino is one of the factors that made us decide to book with Oceania for our next cruise. We enjoy visiting the casino at least a few times as part of our overall cruise experience. Thank goodness we have choices.
  9. Sounds interesting. I will have to give that a try on our first O cruise next year.
  10. Thank you to all who answered my question regarding upgrading the drink package. We will most likely head to guest services soon after boarding to upgrade.
  11. We plan on upgrading from the House Select to Premium beverage package once onboard. Is this normally done at guest relations so a new card can be printed? Or, do you just upgrade at one of the bars?
  12. I also very much enjoy the Azamara forum for the overall helpful attitude and good discussions. I follow another forum because I had a cruise booked with them (cancelled due to Covid) & am still considering cruising with them in the future if the itinerary & price are right. Some posters in that forum seem to relish the opportunity to pounce on a poster to let them know just how stupid their question is. Then once someone makes themselves feel superior by denigrating the OP others feel the need to chime in to also make themselves look superior & add to their all important post total. I'm sure the atmosphere in that forum doesn't help the cruise line associated with it. I have often hoped I wouldn't end up on a cruise with some of these surly, self-important people.
  13. Thank you. I asked the CBP officers if they could waive the fine since my father fought for this country in the Korean War, but they wouldn't budge. Oh well, at least we were somewhere where it was easy to fly home quickly to be with the rest of our family.
  14. In April 2019 DW & I were on Journey with Captain Johannes in charge. On the 3rd day of the cruise as we approached Charleston Harbor I started receiving calls on my cell phone letting me know that my father had died back at home. Of course we needed to leave the cruise to get home to help with the arrangements. The crew members were fantastic in helping with arrangements for us to meet with Customs & Border Protection to get permission to fly home since we were in violation of a US Maritime Act that stipulated we could not board in one US city (New York) & then disembark in another US city without first visiting a foreign port. We had to pay a fine, but they allowed us to disembark & go home. I sent a message to Captain Johannes on Twitter letting him know how much we enjoyed the limited time on Journey and that he would be proud of how kind and helpful his crew had been. About 3 months later I received a call that said it was from South Carolina. I answered even though I didn't recognize the caller and it ended up being Captain Johannes. He said he had read my message and was calling to see if I was doing OK after the passing of my father. Who does that? Apparently Captain Johannes does! Needless to say I was very touched, and still tear up when thinking about his kind gesture. It is now a goal of ours to sail with Captain Johannes again in the future.
  15. They are competing for my cruising $$ in 2022. We will choose to book a cruise with the one that offers the most interesting itinerary (for us) along with the best value for our money. And yes, we really enjoy late stays & overnights as a way to get a better feel for the places we are visiting.
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