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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies. Buckeye Mark, that Aeropress looks fantastic. I'm in New Zealand & don't think I've ever seen one, but you can bet that I am going looking for one now (not for the cruise, but just because it looks like something I would use). Mdpseattle - Starbucks do instant sachets?? Wow we are really missing out down here in NZ...I am on the hunt for those too. You all have no idea how much I want a Costco in NZ!!!! Sending my sister for coffee would go down wonderfully (ha ha) - she doesn't drink hot drinks so she would probably arrive back with a Danish!.
  2. Hi everyone This will be my first trip (mini) on Princess (December on the Ruby). Just a 3 nighter with my sister. She only travels on Princess and I have never travelled on Princess (only NCL, Cunard & P & O). I have noticed that I cant see any coffee makers in the room (we are in a club class mini suite). Are there no coffee or tea makers in the rooms? Can you request one? I love a coffee/tea first thing in the morning - are my options to either bring a flask down from buffet the night before or ask for room service ?
  3. I loved this ship. Perfect size for me. The shows were excellent - their new show Velvet was amazing! Never felt crowded & hardly ever had to wait for a table in the main dining room. All staff were lovely
  4. On day 8 we arrived in Fiordland. This was a stunner of a day. Shame in a way that there hadn't been any rain as the waterfalls were not as spectacular as they could have been. The dolphins playing in the wake were so cute... I wish we had been here longer. I put some Kiwi music on my phone, stuck on my headphones & enjoyed the experience from my deck. They opened up the front of the ship for people to take photos (there was a decent breeze so don't forget to pack a jacket!).
  5. Hi guys Here are some more dailies (think day 10 is page 1).. trying to scan & post at work & my boss keeps coming into my office ...ha ha...I must still be in holiday mode! On day 7 I took part in the Canvas by you. This was a hilarious exercise and I know you will all be amazed at the stunning likeness to the original (no alcohol was imbibed during this class...:-) ). What was even more amazing was that every single painting in the class was different...some even had woodland animals (well I think that's what they were...….). Oh and heres a random picture of the deck...nice to have the "fake" wood rather than the spongy stuff...although I think there should be notices asking people to pick up their chairs rather than scrape them across the deck Day 7 pg 1 001.bmp Day 7 pg 2 001.bmp Day 7 pg 3 001.bmp day 7 pg 4 001.bmp Day 8 pg 1 001.bmp Day 8 pg 2 001.bmp Day 8 pg 3 001.bmp Day 9 pg 1 001.bmp Day 9 pg 2 001.bmp Day 9 pg 3 001.bmp Day 10 pg 2 001.bmp
  6. Christmas day photos... I wore some Christmas leggings (white...what was I thinking!!) plastered with candy canes & santas & snowmen however I way SO outdone by Cruise Director Dave & his stunning outfit for the day...…. I went to Cucina for dinner on Christmas ---sorry I ate my risotto appetiser & forgot to take a photo...but here is my prawn pasta which was lovely (risotto very salty) I
  7. Here are dailies for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. All a bit of a blur really :-) Went to the Christmas Day service & the Parade. Went to the Christmas show - another wonderful performance in the Stardust theatre. I drank quite a bit of prosecco over these two days at sea... found the casino (but the machines are a bit loud PLUS I lost my $50 so I did not stay here long...the spa area seemed to be calling to me much more....oh, and did I mention the bubbly & relaxing with a book on the balcony. I seemed to spend hours mesmerised by the ocean (surely I didn't drink THAT much bubble. It is so relaxing and I found myself catching up and relaxing after the crazy busy year...just what I needed! Heading to New Zealand (home) and I am looking forward to cruising Fiordland as I have only seen it from land & on a small boat in Milford Sound! Day 5 pg 1 001.bmp Day 5 pg 2 001.bmp Day 5 pg 3 001.bmp Day 6 pg 1 001.bmp Day 6 pg 2 001.bmp day 6 pg 3 001.bmp
  8. Goodness... I don't know why the attachments are not working. I do have dailies & so will try to post. It takes me so long as I can only scan one page at a time & I am trying to sneak it during work :-) I am so excited for you...I loved the ship and cruising through the sounds was beautiful. Not sure what cabin you are in but I was in a balcony but wish I had been further aft to get better glimpses of all the dolphins playing in the wake
  9. Hi Marian The hotel director was Steven Jacobsen. Not sure who you mean by concierge...the cruise director was David Klooster. Oh - I think concierge may have been Rodney Irodistan. I am trying with the dailies & will put more up soon :-) I am envious of your sailing! Enjoy, I did!
  10. I loved the Jade. I am not so keen on the larger ships & the Jade is just right (for me).
  11. On day 4 & 5 in Melbourne, we had both Maasdam & Seabourn Encore parked next to us. I did lots of shopping therapy in Melbourne! Cant get enough of those truffle fries & the pretzel rolls! day 4 page 1 001.bmp day 4 page 2 001.bmp day 4 pg 3 001.bmp
  12. Dailies Daily 2 page 1 001.bmp Daily 2 page 2 001.bmp Daily 2 page 3 001.bmp Daily 2 page 4 001.bmp Daily 3 page 1 001.bmp daily 3 page 3 001.bmp Daily 3 page 4 001.bmp Daily 3 pge 2 001.bmp
  13. Day 3 we arrived in Burnie. As we were in an industrial port we needed to be shuttled off the pier. This seemed to take forever to start but once it was set up things started moving. This morning I made it to the stretch & abs class...I needed to stretch so there was more room for food & beverages!. For diner I had a wonderful prawn & pasta dish followed by apple cobbler (which was okay). Tonights animal was an elephant! We had a beautiful sunset !
  14. Its sad that NCL couldn't assist you & gave you such conflicting responses especially as the period in question is 1 day outside their terms. I can understand your frustration at their inflexibility even though I understand that they have rules/regulations etc. I wish you all the best for your new addition to the family
  15. Just got off the Jewel for a 16 day Christmas New Year cruise & we had an ongoing special that we could use, I think about day 4 it was initially offered & was ongoing up until 3 days before the end of the cruise
  16. Day 2 started with a fabulous coffee on the balcony awaken & watch the tenders being launched. I did not get off on this tender port but all seemed to go smoothly. Tonight I went to Velvet at stardust theatre & it was one of my highlights of the cruise! I did not make it to stretch & fab abs class & so my abs stayed less than fab today...however I made it up to them by taking them to breakfast at Tsars & "we" enjoyed a fresh fruit with cottage cheese (this seemed a weird choice to me as perhaps I am used to yoghurt with fruit) followed by salmon bagel with cream cheese...mmmmm. My abs enjoyed it as much as I did! I then treated my upper body to a facial. The rest of the da is a bit of a blur. After the show I was greeted in the cabin by (a puppy?). My head hit the pillow & the sea air & gentle roll sent me into sleep dreaming about soaring over the audience in an incredible aerial display (as I am as wide as I am tall, I am not sure those silks or rings could hold my body weight, especially as we didn't go to stretch & ab class this morning I hear a little voice saying)… maybe the audience were giving me looks of horror rather than amazement … :-) )
  17. Sorry I am back tracking but now I am home I can access things so much better. Day 1 (official full day dailies are here). I also checked out O'Sheehans Daily Day 1 page 1 001.bmp Daily Day 1 page 2 001.bmp Daily Day 1 page 3 001.bmp Daily day 1 page 4 001.bmp insert 1 001.bmp insert 1 pg 2 001.bmp
  18. This is what we were handed as we boarded the ship - I was so excited! Welcome aboard 001.bmp ship map 001.bmp
  19. Hi everyone Well as you can tell by my lack of communication, it all became a bit too hard with the speed of the internet along with the cost (horrific!). I am back home now(sniff) and so will start updating from work (when the boss is looking the other way...ha ha). Herdingdogmom - the evening shows were fabulous! I think my favorite is their new one called Velvet! It was on the 2nd night. I had been to a show on NCL Jade and had absolutely hated it & thought I would not go to anymore but I am so glad I did. I went to the 7.15pm show &, if I hadn't been in the middle of dinner I would have gone to the 9.15pm show as well! The last nights show was called Cirque Bijou and that was great as well. I will mention a couple of others later. Muckyduckway - the tender process at Akaroa (I was asleep when we dropped anchor sorry, but it seemed to take a while before I saw the first tender leave). The tender trip is 20-30 minutes, the longest one on the trip I think, but Akaroa is a lovely port. As for a side table (haha) on the left hand side of the bed there is a small narrow table bout the size of an A4 piece of paper. It fitted my book, my ipad, 2 pairs of glasses & a cup or glass of water (just) - photos of usb under bedside lampq
  20. I must remember to take a photo of the USB port underneath the bed side light... so handy!! Please let me know if anyone wants a photo of anything in particular. I am keeping the dailies and will post them all on my return as Wi-Fi is patchy. Crew are lovely on board and ship is looking great.
  21. Went to main dining room for dinner as we left Melbourne and had the grilled salmon followed by a raspberry Napoleon (yum). This lil fellow greeted me when I got. Back to the cabin
  22. Scorcher of a day here in Melbourne . Just sitting in the spinnaker lounge with my book
  23. Sorry but I am typing on my I phone and I can’t see what I have written .... I need bigger glasses!!!! I went to Cagneys last night ... yum. I have seen people comment that there is no rib eye anymore... they could be right however the servers are saying it’s sold out! Tuna tartare followed by seafood platter for me with a side order of truffle fries and broccoli.
  24. Sniff did not win anything and we sailed away from Sydney in a thunderand hail storm(didn’t get pics of the storm as I was in the gym ( a place I am not normally found... but that’s where they drew the raffles....sigh, yes I will come to stretch classes)
  25. Oh my iconciege doesn’t work so I would download the new ncl app. Went to muster drill at bliss lounge and then raced to back of the ship to meet some cc members. Brad had arranged an informal drink but I only stayed five minutes as the spa raffle was calling.....
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