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  1. So! Let me ask again. I know they put 3 drinks on your sea pass cards for Diamond and above. Do they have a bar that serves Diamond members for the hours it is made available? Bob do you know?
  2. Ok! We are officially in the TEENS now. 19 days until we board Harmony Of The Seas!!!
  3. Now we are down to 26 days until we board the glorious Harmony Of The Seas!!!
  4. We are now down to 46 days until we sail on Harmony Of The Seas!
  5. Does anyone know how long this show is? We just reserved show time for 7:30 and have late seating. Will we be fine?
  6. Freedom class and also Voyager class for us. We are currently booked on Harmony for July 14th this year. This is our second time on an Oasis Class ship. We had a good time on the Oasis but felt you didn't quite get the personal touches you get accustomed to on the Freedom Class and smaller ships. That is our own opinion though. But lets face it, if you are cruising, how bad can it be. We just enjoy getting out there and watching the sea go by.
  7. Is Torre's Place still open on the beach at Isla Verde Beach?
  8. Does anyone know if San Juan has anything comparable to Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel?
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