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  1. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I had to book 3 rooms here - cannot believe there are no suites available at this hotel (or maybe they are already booked). Have a great day!
  2. Thank you so much! Off to check out the Marriott Waterfront!
  3. Hi everyone: It is our 1st time leaving out of Baltimore (coming in from VA) so I need your advice. We are looking for a pre-cruise Marriott Property (under $300/night if possible) that is an easy drive to the port (will park at the port). BUT, want something that we can safely and easily walk to a restaurant for meals, perhaps somewhere to grab a drink at night. From posts I've read - am I looking at the Marriott Waterfront Inner Harbor or would you recommend somewhere else? Thanking you in advance for your help! //Maria
  4. For a toddler - (2 years old)……….I am guessing a passport is necessary and the little one doesn't have a government issued ID?
  5. TY - have a feeling I will be buying them their passports for Christmas presents !
  6. Hi everyone: Have 2 US citizen new cruisers joining us for our Bermuda August 2020 cruise (US - Bermuda - US). Both want to use their birth certificate in lieu of a passport (yes, I know the issues using a birth certificate especially if they need to fly back to the US). RC website states that for US cruises they can use an "official" birth certificate and 1 government issued ID. Government website states a passport is required for entry into Bermuda and back to US. Will try to convince them to get passports but need if they actually need the passport or can use a birth certificate? THANK YOU so much in advance for your help!//Maria
  7. Thank you!!! I'm not holding my breath on what perks they will give us for canceling - although OBC would be FABULOUS. I guess it is best we know this far in advance versus just a couple months out from cruise date. Guess I get to have fun researching another cruise!
  8. We've been cancelled - awaiting the official "word" from RCI. TA said expect to receive the notice of cancellation and our deposit refund in about 4 weeks. Damn! Wondering about our Third Party Trip Insurance that I paid $700 - wonder if I can get any refund? Guess I won't know until I get the official notice from RCI to submit to the insurance company. I wonder what RCI will offer us for the cancellation - maybe $ towards a future cruise?
  9. We are also booked on this cruise (GS) with a small group (about 100)…….so we are also waiting impatiently to see if the cruise is a go/no-go. Our travel agent told us not to book hotel or airline unless she gets confirmation the cruise is a go for us. This also happened last year - but before we booked the cruise. We've gone ahead and purchased private trip insurance but it only covers 75% of non-refundable costs. Like everyone else, hate the waiting game. So, if anyone gets any reliable tips the cruise will be a total charger - please post. Would rather know sooner than later so that we can book a 2020 cruise.
  10. Husband loves to dress up...........has at least 1/2 dozen tuxes. He always looks forward to dressing up for dinner that night. Makes for great photo opportunities around the ship. Guess I'll just revert to a Little Black Dress w/ lots of statement jewelry so that I compliment him. Noticed that we are among the minority who dress to impress on formal night.........guess it must be an indicator of our age!
  11. Dang Dang Dang............off to Ross I go looking for something "formally" for me...........like I need an excuse to shop! Thank you all!!!
  12. Hi Everyone.........am packing and I seem to recall that there isn't a set Formal Night but rather just the Grande is formal every night? Can anyone confirm or deny a set formal night on 5 night Bermuda Sailing on Anthem? TYVM!//Maria
  13. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! Very sorry it wasn't all fantastic but you have an amazing attitude for dealing with the negativity - wish more people were like you!!
  14. If RCI is so horrible, and you would never book RCI again, I am confused why you would ask for help from the RCI Board versus another board?
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