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  1. We are in a Crown Loft and I was able to bid on all higher level suites - both the Royal Loft and the Ultimate Family Suite were a minimum of $1750 (x2 = $3500), maximum bid was $10K for both of these suites. NOT HAPPENING for us, but I am sure there is someone who would want and be in the financial situation to bid on them. I did bid on the Villa Suites & ATS 2 BR - $500 minimum ($1000 total). I figured if I won the bid then I would be reimbursed the cost of the Deluxe Beverage Pkg (3 people - $1485) so I would be ahead of my original cost by $485. Believe my bid is too low, but nothing ventured nothing gained!
  2. I'm also trying to understand the process......if I had to guess (and trust me I'm probably incorrect) the process would be the "actual price paid for current cabin" and then some mysterious formula that would generate the minimum bid for an upgrade? That way if I paid $100 for my cabin my minimum upgrade would be $500 whereas someone who originally paid $200 for a cabin then their minimum upgrade bid would be $400??? Someone posted on the Royal Up thread that it looked that the Royal Upgrade was only 1 level up. No idea how they came to that conclusion? I'm positive there are others on this site who could enlighten us. (Also, don't know about others but it seems I'm checking my Royal Up bids and cabins remaining in possible upgrades several times a day - especially as it gets closer to our sail date.)
  3. I LOVE the chilled fruit soups - especially the banana! The Prime Rib is amazing. Don't get me started on deserts!!
  4. Capt_BJ: WOW thank you!!! Will pass it along to him. Have a feeling he will take public transportation - he is the adventurous type.
  5. Would his final stop be "Brickell"? (have never done public transportation in Miami - always used Uber or Taxi). Thank you!
  6. Adventurous adult son is thinking at it may be faster for him to take Public Transit from MIA airport to our hotel (he arrives at airport 5:30 on a Friday evening) versus taking an Uber. He will only have a carry-on bag & small back pack. Can anyone recommend "yes" or "heck no"? If "yes" can someone give me a clue as to what he public transit he would take from airport? Thank you so much!!//Maria
  7. Paid $9K for Crown Loft (3 people - Symphony 10/2/21) 16 months out. I never had a price drop but have seen the price climb. Believe current price is right around $14K. I know there are plenty of Crown Loft available at this time. My rule of thumb is for a cruise & cabin that I want - "book it when you see it and hope for price drops along the way"
  8. Here - local health departments & selected pharmacies are doing 3d boosters for Pfizer & 2d for J&J provided you had your last shot 28 days ago. DH and I got our 3d last week (no questions asked other than general health) and several of our young (in their 40s) employees got their 3d today - again, no questions asked (I know because I drove them to their appointments today). I guess it depends upon where you are located....if anyone in the Hampton Roads area needs a location for the 3d shot - let me know & I'll give you the location.
  9. Great photos - thank you for sharing. Will be there soon!
  10. We get free WiFi (suite), but really don't use it. As soon as we get onboard we'll put our phones in the safe. However, daily, (we are business owners), we will check to see if there are any phone calls or messages from work. We actually do give our business employees, as well as the kennel where we have our pups boarded, the emergency number to the ship so they can contact us when we don't have our phones available.
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