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  1. She pulled up to the port, turned away and is now picking up speed.
  2. She's doing 22.2 Knots according to one of the popular naval traffic sites, destination still showing Cozumel.
  3. Thank you for confirming, this is great news. Was on Carnival Magic over New Year's and the internet was abysmal.
  4. How’s the internet on the Carnival Sunrise? Was it upgraded during dry dock?
  5. Mr305


    Had cabin 2262 for the New Year’s cruise, no problems whatsoever. Room was dated but everything was clean.
  6. I was on this cruise as well, had a great time. Food was good, portions have gotten a bit smaller since I last cruised with Carnival (Vista/Horizon). As the OP stated, this ship has an incredible amount of rust. I mostly cruise Carnival and have never seen so much rust on a ship while cruising with them. There's no effort to paint, they mostly spray a cleaning solution to remove the rust stains. We had a Cove Balcony, rust was all around you when sitting out on the balcony. Our room was dated, rugs had stains but it was clean. The ship is definitely long overdue for a dry dock. Great staff, always smiling and quick to assist. We had anytime dinning, I. Komang and I. Ketut as well as Agusto were incredible. Room steward was Darvin, he took care of a few issues (sink/shower not draining) and loud fridge right away. Besides these issues, room was spotless throughout the trip. Went to the steakhouse the second night, as always, good service and tasty food. Guy's and Blue Iguana were also good as well as Bonsai Express. Pizza lines were incredible long throughout the cruise, not something I really care for but all I can say is that it was busy. WiFi was horrible, don't recommend you spend a lot of money on it. The further we got from Fort Lauderdale, the slower it got. We got the value plan, should have gone with social and saved some money.
  7. We did a two day on Horizon and had a great time, it goes by quick though. The only gotcha is the price, some two day cruises are more expensive than a 3 or 4 day. There's not much to do at Nassau, water is cold at this time of the year and you might also encounter jelly fish. We ended up doing an excursion to see the Atlantis aquarium, also gives you access to walk the property which was nice. Go for it, better than staying in town.
  8. Chef's Table is great, recommend you try it at least once. Not sure about the Carnival Magic but some ships host it in the library and the presentation isn't as good. If you travel on Vista Class, they have a dedicated dinning room within the galley just for this event and I have to say the setup is fantastic. Even for those that were hosted in the library, the food was tasty. Steak House is always a solid experience on Carnival, just sailed twice with Royal and I was completely disappointed when visiting theirs.
  9. I've mostly cruise Carnival and recently tried Royal, Mariner of The Seas and Rhapsody of The Seas. Found the MDR food to be boring and very repetitive, had better luck with Windjammer. While on Mariner, decided to give the Steakhouse a try, it's definitely nowhere near what Carnival offers. What finally sealed the deal for me was, seeing our waiter step out to the Windjammer to grab our dessert. Shows were also a disappointment on both ships, guessing the Oasis class is a different story. Carnival has done a good job of improving their entertainment, enjoyed all shows aboard Vista and Horizon as well as the Breeze. Plan to try Celebrity next, leaving the kids at home to enjoy some adult time, looking at the Edge. NCL is another cruise line that we plan on trying, like Royal, they tend to nickel and dime you for a lot of things. Found Royal to be pricey for what they offer, at least on the two ships I've been on. With regards to the earlier rust comments, I had to laugh. The two times I've booked a cruise via Royal's sales department, their agents have ragged on Carnival and labeled their ships as rust buckets. The funny thing is, I boarded Mariner shortly after its $125 million dollar refurbishment and my balcony was full of rust. Rhapsody was no better and the way I see it, it's going to happen, its steel at sea. Would like to try an Oasis class ship one day but they need to get their pricing under control, for what they are charging, it should be an all inclusive cruise. At least give credit to NCL, they charge a premium but it is mostly all inclusive.
  10. Thank you everyone for the tips and for sharing your experience, appreciate it. I'll definitely start looking into your recommendations.
  11. She was headed to Amber Cove. Another odd one, Magic headed to HMC but it is taking a longer route, navigating North of Freeport.
  12. I'll be doing a new year's cruise on the Carnival Magic out of Fort Lauderdale. Have a couple of questions for those that have sailed her recently: What was your internet experience like? Plan to buy prior to boarding, don't want to overspend if everyone is reporting a poor experience. Any recommendations, as far as excursions, for Grand Turk or Amber Cove? Considering going for an ATV like excursion. Open to suggestions. How was anytime dinning for you? Was there a long wait to get a table? If you have done a new year's cruise with Carnival before, any tips? I'm sure it will be completely sold.
  13. We did a family cruise out of Venice in July, large group. While the crew does a good job of taking care of the ship, found our room to be extremely small for today's standards. There was hardly any closet space, drawers were falling apart and rooms looked dated. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't great either. Public areas were in good shape, hit or miss. On the return to Venice, we ran into a strong thunderstorm at sea while having dinner at the Windjammer, some of the windows were leaking. I'm sure if you get a junior suite things would be completely different, however, that wasn't our case. There's little to do on the ship, we had two sea days and found ourselves bored by the end of each day. Food was repetitive on this ship and not very tasty, I know it is subjective but I wasn't the only complaining. I'm guessing most folks that sail her are older and looking for a quiet cruise, with lower expectations. But for the younger generation, it's an ok ship at best. I definitely would not book again, prefer to try something else even if that means a small ship. Agree, she's not a two star hotel but let's be honest when it comes to describing how she looks these days. Shows were dated, you don't get the wow factor that you do on newer ships/productions. Single dinning room, could be a problem for your time dinning if you plan to do so with a large group, tables go quickly.
  14. As a last note, the ship was in port by 4:23AM since it docks in the last terminal.
  15. I just got back from this trip. My recommendation is to self-debark, take the luggage off the ship with you. To do this, you must go to the mid-ship elevators and head down to Deck 1. They allow you to self-debark starting at 7:30AM, plenty of time to do breakfast at the Windjammer then head out. Also, not sure what you plan to use for transportation but I highly recommend Aloshi Bros. They are a private taxi/limo service, very reasonable and were waiting by the door as soon as we got off the ship. We made it to Marco Polo Airport in less than 20 minutes. Their vehicles are all Mercedez Benz, very clean and the staff was excellent. They work with and were recommended by Royal Caribbean. The transportation you can buy from the ship seemed disorganized, saw a lot of folks wondering outside the ship asking where to go. This is just the local transfers that you can buy at the last minute (day or two) before debarking the ship. Good luck, you will have plenty of time if you follow the recommendations, we had a 10:55 flight and made it with plenty of time. FYI, find out which counter your airline will be at, the airport is a bit confusing. Also, some counters don't open until 2.5 hours before the flight, not saying this will be your case but FYI. We made it to the airport so fast, we were the first ones in line when the counter opened. By that time, we had about 50-60 people behind us. Good luck and enjoy your cruise, let us know how it goes with food, we didn't enjoy it at all. Besides that, all else was ok.
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