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  1. We will be on the Harmony, May 2020. Not sure what to do there. Is there anything walking distance in port to do. MAYBE a excursion— my husband and I are in middle 60’s. We might consider going to a beach or something relaxing.
  2. I’m a little “confused” about the bartenders not getting much tips because of the $18 price. How does the system know what I paid & someone else paying more for drink package. It seems to me it would be on the drinks they prepared. I don’t think RC systems/computers know how much each & every person paid. With that being said, I fully agree to tipping extra—we add a tip to paper we sign OR I carry cash (normally at pool) to give to bartender
  3. My point is on drink pkg is that RC blames a “GLITCH” in system when something goes wrong. Not them owing up to the mistake. AND this “glitch” went on for several hours even after they knew about it. At one point they said they were going to honor the price, then no—/ now not sure. Also, it was reported you would receive a refund/credit which takes 5 to 7 business days, but also during that same time (while waiting for your refund) you can purchase a drink pkg at the higher rate. Now RC could have that extra $$ sitting there.
  4. RC blaming a "glitch" in the system--prevented the card being turn off after the $100 has been reached. Just like the "glitch" they are now dealing with because yesterday the drink package (includes alcohol) was on sale yesterday for $18 per person. Lots of people bought it----now RC is saying there was a "glitch" in the system. So they are canceling anyone who bought drink package -and offering them a whopping 30% off shipboard price. Which is what the July 4th sale is anyways. Problem it was out on their website for 7 to 8 hours, even after they were aware of price. People were calling in, and were told---Yep thats the right price. Then RC said they were going to honor price, than they said no. Right now last I heard they are "rethinking" what they are going to do. But, again RC blames a "glitch" in system. Well they better get a better system!!!!! Good luck getting your "glitch" taken care off
  5. I agree they should honor the price and move on. The problem is that it was out there for quite a long time. Even after they were aware of the "glitch". They could of shut it down much sooner, they continue to let many more people sign up or call in to get the deal. AND to be told---yes it was the right price. The 30% is what the July 4th sale was going to be anyways. A glitch would of only lasted a much shorter time. IF some IT person put it in wrong, isn't things looked over BEFORE going on the website? I read somewhere they are "rethinking" what they are going to do. I hope they think LONG and HARD. And also think about ways to improve their website
  6. Last week we book a group cruise (for a wedding) on Harmony. Paid the deposit—it’s been charge to our charge card. I’ve been trying to get a copy of our invoice—-called Royal—- they referred me back to travel agent. Travel agent finally was able to get Royal to send us a copy of original invoice today (said it wasn’t easy). I look, and as of today deposit is NOT reflected on invoice. Even though my credit card shows the $500 a few days ago. 😡. TA will contact them again—-
  7. We like deck 8— because of Central Park.(but get a balcony) We get the drink pkg—- so when I’m getting ready, my husbands gets a drink, brings it back to room. Love Central Park
  8. We toured the Oasis 2 years ago—- loved it. We will be going on the Harmony in May 2020 —- thinking about doing it again. Just remember to wear long pants and close toe shoes—- it’s a requirement. Had one person in our group that had to go back and change.
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